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kinetic_energy Chapter 30 Carriage Ride

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The night went and morning came. Leo got out of his bed and put on his new uniform. 'It fits me perfectly Did they guess, or do they have a way of knowing Well whatever, I'm glad it's at least comfortable to wear.'

Leo walked over to a mirror that was on the wall next to the desk. The mirror is just large enough for Leo to see most of his body, it cuts off at the shin area.

' I must admit, I look good in this uniform. I wonder if every... ' Leo's eyes widened "What the **! Why are my eyes blue!" Leo quickly moved closer to the mirror to get a better look.

'How long has it been since my eyes changed colours! I didn't notice since this is the first time I've seen my reflection in a while...'

"I should really check my body every couple of days from now on." Just then, there was a knock at the door. Leo walked over and opened it.

Standing outside was Sir Thompson, "Good morning, leofalor." He said.

"Good morning... I need to ask you a question." Leo said with an urgent tone. Sir Thompson raised one of his eyebrows out of curiosity and Leo continued, "Have my eyes been blue the entire time you have known me As far as I know, until recently my eyes were not blue."

Sir Thompson laughed, "Yes, they have been blue this entire time. You don't need to be concerned, it's natural for ability users to have their eyes change colours. Some only have the change occur when using their abilities. Others have their eyes change permanently, this seems to be the case with you. Your eyes match the colour of your power as far as I'm aware."

Leo felt better after hearing Sir Thompsons answer. He had panicked slightly." I see... I feel at ease now. Thank you."

Sir Thompson nodded. "We should get going." He then gestured for Leo to follow him as he began walking. The two walked down several staircases and hallways before coming across a set of doors that were 5 meters tall.

Sir Thompson opened the doors and walked through them with Leo behind him. The doors led outside. After walking down 3 steps, there was a paved road that extended all the way to the castle gate. Along the road were several statues and a beautiful garden filled with flowers of all colours. Together they all created a lovely path out of and into the castle.

Sir Thompson noticed Leo looking at the scenery and commented on it, "This is the main entrance for the castle. Since you aren't a prisoner anymore, I thought you might want to see it at least once before leaving."

After several minutes had gone by a luxurious red and golden carriage drawn by 2 horses stopped in front of Leo and Sir Thompson. The carriage was being driven by a young man in his early twenties wearing a similar suit to Sir Thompson, only his was black instead of blue.

​ Sir Thompson and Leo climbed into the carriage and after a few seconds the carriage began moving. Sir Thompson began speaking after they had reached the gates, "All of your Ven, as well as your spare uniforms, are within the chest on the back of the carriage. Your Ven has been split up into 30 gold plates and 200 silver plates, for ease of use."

"Is it uncommon for people to use gold or platinum plates when purchasing items" Leo asked.

Sir Thompson thought about his answer for a moment, "It's not uncommon. To put it simply, most items are not expensive enough to warrant using gold or platinum plates. If an item were valued at 30 Ven, there would be no need to use a gold plate, since it's worth so much more. In the end it becomes bothersome for shopkeepers to constantly provide the difference in Ven."

" I see, I can imagine it could be quite frustrating for the shopkeepers. Is there perhaps a place where you can exchange your plates for a different increment but of the same value "Leo asked.

" Yes. Within the center of the city is a place known as The Treasury, you will be able to exchange your plates there. " Sir Thompson replied.

'I'm going to need to aquire a map of the city. I can't rely on those around me to provide directions all the time.' Leo thought.

After several more minutes passed, Sir Thompson looked out the window and spoke," It appears we have arrived at the academy."

When the carriage stopped, the driver opened the door and Sir Thompson stepped out, followed by Leo.

The academy was a large building. It is 4 stories tall with grey walls. There are windows all over the walls, indicating the locations of the rooms within. The rooftop is made of tiles and is shaped like a triangle. The entrance has 2 large doors that are currently ajar.

Sir Thompson tells the driver to bring all of Leo's luggage inside. He then tells Leo to follow him and walks inside.

Leo was impressed by the size of the building, he wasn't expecting anything grand, since it was only an academy. Though what he was seeing was of a higher standard than the expectations he had.

Upon entering, Leo can see a staircase shaped like an T leading upwards about 30 meters ahead. To the right was a man sitting behind a counter.

The man is wearing a red military uniform with a single rope attached to it, indicating he holds the rank of Private.

The only ranks Leo is aware of is the trainee's, who have no ropes, and Privates, with one rope. He is unaware of the ranks above Private.

The Private looks up and sees who is approaching him, "Good day, Sir Thompson, how may I assist you" he asks.

"I'm here to assist Private Leofalor with enrolling at the academy." Sir Thompson gestures towards Leo standing beside him.

"It seems you're an ability user." The Privates eyes widen with surprise for a moment before his gaze becomes resentful. "What type of ability do you have I need to place you in a group." He asks Leo.

The resentful gaze did not escape Leo's notice, but he chose to ignore it since he didn't want to cause problems for himself or Sir Thompson.

Leo looks at Sir Thompson. Previously Leo had told him that he could fit into both the enforcer and manipulator categories. Since then, Leo had given it some thought and made a decision. "I'm an enforcer."


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