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When his words fell, Ji Qingying quickly changed her attitude, “Hello, Auntie.”

Ye Qing smiled and her brows filled with softness, “Theres no need for all this formality.”

She looked at Ji Qingying and gently said, “Are you used to this kind of thing yet”

“So and so.”

Ye Qing quickly understood, so she gently added, “You dont need to force yourself if you arent used to it yet.

Its not like every designer needs to be socially active.”


The more Ye Qing looked at her and got to know her, the more satisfied she became.

“Are you tired”

Ji Qingying felt her care and answered her every question, “Im okay.”

Ye Qing then pointed to a nearby sofa, “Lets go and sit there.

Wearing high heels is always tiring.”

So the three of them went over to sit on the sofa.

Ji Qingying instantly felt relaxed as soon as she sat down.

Fu Yanzhi sat on the side of the two, so from an outsiders perspective, Ji Qingying was simply having a chat with Ye Qing, which definitely was the case.

It was just that instead of talking about design, they were talking about everyday life.

Ye Qing looked at her and softly said, “When you have time, you must come to our home with Fu Yanzhi for dinner.”

Ji Qingying smiled and nodded.

“I will.

Thank you, Auntie.”

Ye Qing continued to watch her, but since she was mindful that she might put too much pressure on her, she began to praise her cheongsam designs.

Fu Yanzhi, who was sitting at the side, felt that Ji Qingying had finally relaxed completely, so he asked, “Do you want something to eat”

Ye Qing simply glanced at him, “Go and bring juice for Qingying.

While youre at it, bring some cakes as well.”

Fu Yanzhi then looked at Ji Qingying.

Ji Qingying nodded, “Anythings fine.”

Fu Yanzhi smiled, “Okay.”

And as soon as he left, Ji Qingying couldnt help but get nervous once again.

Ye Qing was amused.

She smiled and said, “Dont be nervous.

I dont actually eat people.”

Ji Qingying felt embarrassed.

“I didnt mean it that way.”

Ye Qing just patted her back to reassure her, “I know.”

Then she laughed, “You know, our family really doesnt have that many rules.

As long as you and Fu Yanzhi are fine, you dont have to care about anything else.”

Then she took the initiative to reveal something, “Actually, I already knew about you for quite some time now.”


Ye Qing smiled, “Zhenzhen really likes you a lot and would often talk about you at home.”

Ji Qingying was stunned for a moment before acknowledging the statement with a smile, “I like Zhenzhen a lot too.”

Ye Qing nodded, “I never would have thought that when Zhenzhen talked about you back then, that you and Fu Yanzhi would be brought together by fate.”

She added, “You clearly didnt meet when they went to Jiangcheng, so that means you met during Beicheng.”

Ji Qingying was taken aback and subconsciously asked, “They were at Jiangcheng”

Ye Qing was surprised and nodded, “You didnt know”

Ji Qingying shook her head in confusion.

She only knew that Fu Yanzhi had heard about her because Ye Zhenzehn was majoring in fashion design and that she mentioned her name from time to time.#pleasereadthischapteratfoxaholic.com

But she really didnt know that the two had gone to Jiangcheng.

Hearing her say this, Ye Qing couldnt help but laugh, “Then, that must mean that Fu Yanzhi was too embarrassed to tell you.”

She added, “During last summers semestral break, I really didnt know how Zhenzhen knew you had a studio in Jiangcheng, but she made a lot of fuss about wanting to go and meet you and buying a cheongsam while shes at it.”

Ji Qingying nodded in disbelief then turned her head to look at a man that was seated not too far away.

Ye Qing then sighed, “But Zhenzhen said that she wasnt fortunate enough to be able to meet you back then as it seemed that your studio was closed that day.#pleasereadthischapteratfoxaholic.com

Just as Fu Yanzhi came back, their conversation ended.

He put down the desserts and looked at Ji Qingying suspiciously, “Anything wrong”

Ji Qingying just shook her head.

Ye Qing glanced at her son, “You two can talk.

Ill go over there to say hello.”

And as soon as she left, Fu Yanzhi plopped down beside her and gently asked, “Still nervous”

“…Thats not it.”

Ji Qingying looked at him and hesitated, “Ill tell you when we get back home.”

Fu Yanzhi readily agreed, “Lets eat something first then.”

Ji Qingying simply nodded her head while resisting the desire to ask him outright at that very moment.

She then took a bit of the desserts laid in front of her and filled her stomach a bit.

After eating, Ji Qingying found that she couldnt keep staying with Fu Yanzhi for too long, as she pointed to Xu Bingyings side, “Ill be going to where Bingying is now.”

Fu Yanzhi just nodded, “Go.

But can you leave earlier”

“Ill ask.”

So Ji Qingying got up and walked towards Xu Bingying, but as soon as she arrived, she was pulled by Xu Bingying to gossip.

“I hear that hes President Yes son.”

Ye Qingying nodded, “Yes.”

Xu Bingying curiously glanced at the both of them then carelessly muttered, “I feel like youre quite familiar with each other.”


Ji Qingying looked at her in surprise, “What made you say so”

Xu Bingying shook her head, “I dont really know.

But, just now, when you were talking, his gaze on you was quite warm.”

Ji Qingying asked, “…Doesnt he look at everyone like that”

“No no no.” Xu Bingying looked at her, “Its definitely not the same for everyone.

As a woman, Im very sensitive to these things.”

She lowered her voice and whispered, “He looks at most of us indifferently, like he would a stranger, but when he looks at you…” Xu Bingying racked her brain to try to describe it and said, “Theres a bit of adoration.”


Xu Bingying looked at Ji Qingyings dazed look and muttered, “Dont know if I was able to describe it adequately, but it feels right.

Could it be that he has feelings for you”

Hearing that, Ji Qingying burst into laughter.

She raised her eyes and glanced at Fu Yanzhi, “That cant be.”

Xu Bingying followed her gaze before looking at her again, “Though I think its very possible.”

She then seriously added, “Just look at you.

Most single men must have fallen in love with you at first sight tonight.”

Ji Qingying: “….”

She didnt know whether to laugh or cry, but she softly replied, “Youre exaggerating.”


Although the two were competitors, Xu Bingying had to admit that Ji Qingying was superior to her in every aspect.

And shes found that she respects her fellow females that are more capable than her.

Although, occasionally, she does feel a little bit jealous, but she mostly feels admiration for them.

Honestly though, not many women can make her jealous.

Even if there was one, shell try her hardest not to feel that way.

They continued their hushed conversation, not realizing that someone was walking towards them.

Suddenly, an unfamiliar voice sounded in their ears.



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