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the sound of the bell could be heard indicating that it was school over for the day.


A boy in a White top and blue pants said as he stood up from his site.

" I can now go and buy the game card," he thought as he ran out of the classroom not even minding exchanging pleasant with the other student.

running out from his class, and speeding up in the hallway.

The boy has black bushy hair coupled with a wine-red eye that sparkle.

one looking at this will know that what so ever the boy was hurrying like this for, is surely important, at least to the boy.

With the current speed at the boy traveling, he was coursing a lot of havoc on the other students that were still about to come out from their class.

but even at that, he did not even care to stop and apologize and kept on running, even increasing his space slightly.

but quite unfortunate for him, one of the people he almost dump into was one of his nightmares in the school.

it all happened that Kai, a six and a half feet boy with flat brown hair, was coming out from his class when Nate almost dumped into him, but kai bent backward and dodged Nate that instant, but did not forget to set his leg for Nate to step on and fall, which Nate did fall for.

he stumbled onto the leg and staggered a bit before falling...

" can someone tell me where this good-for-nothing, is running to like a madman?" Kai asked no one in particular as he walked towards Nate...

"where else if not to go and send his last cash on those stupid games of his" a tall boy, with blue hair, said as he comes out from the classroom, with his hand hung on the napa neck of a pink-haired girl not that telling, not taller than Kai, just average in height.

" what, who told you that he has any cash, I bet you that this boy can even afford any meal in this school cafeteria," said in a mocking tone, making the students present themselves to bust in laughter.

laughing over some stupid unfunny thing... this power could be only attained by rich, wealthy, and socially influence people thought Nate as he get up from the ground.

Nate has been facing this type of treatment since the day he stepped into the school to secure his scholarship.

" look at him, running like he could afford to attend a school as big and popular as this" kai said.

" his scholarship was given to him, not because of his academical achievement, but from winning a game challenge... what a shameless way to get a scholarship" kai muttered. making the students burst into laughter.

" at the list, he is good at playing games, and can also send himself to an expensive school such as ours" even in a case such as that of Nate, they are still someone from the crowd, that sparked up for Nate, still he has overshadowed the dagger starring at him.

Nate did not need the help of anyone after all he was the one that chose to start at the school he is currently in now.

"Have you seen it, this place is not for a low life like you your life was charged by a rich fellow who picked you up from the slum and place you in a school like ours," kai said coming a little bit closer to Nates ear.


" at least, you admitted that I am good at gaming but what about you?" Nate said leaving Kai with a confused face.

"and what about me?"

Nate took a deep breath and showed a shivering smile on his face.

" you are not good at grad, gaming, nor are you good at fighting," Nate said out loud so that everyone could hear him.

Kai was left burning with rage on hearing all the three important things he couldn do.


Kai arched his fist and thrust then forward.

but Nate courted it with his hand and then, sent out his palm on Kais chest.

he made sure not to infuse much strength in it to avoid coursing a serious injury on Kai.

Kai staggered a few steps backward.

" last time I checked, I was told not to fight you, but they said nothing about self-defense" Nate muttered as he took a fighting stance.

the group of students seeing this knew rightly that they might be witnessing an epic fight as they start to cheer and buy at the same time.

Kai was ready to go for more after receiving the book from the student but was stopped by Mai.

"I don think it is a good idea to fight, remember last time," Mai said trying to warn his best friend.

Kai pulled out his hand from him and strummed off the hallway.

no one dears to block the path for him.

Of course, Kai will never forget a fateful event, where Nate beat him to the pool.

though Nate on his side, almost lost his scholarship, kai was still the one that felt the pain the most.

he was only still going against Nate because he found out that Nate was from a poor background or the slum before finding grace in the eye of a game programmer.

Kai could not even walk out long when a blog went past him as he saw Nate running towards the distance.

This boy Kai clenched his fist.

meanwhile, Nate was running out of the school compound in hurry.

Even if Nate was to be considered trash at everything but they are one thing he is good at.

playing all types of games. video games, virtual reality game shows, and several more.

he is good at all of this but among all the games he knows of, he loves playing virtual reality games more than any of the games he has played so far and thats why he is heading in a particular direction.

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