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Zombie Game Life and Death situation

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Nate and Peters e has never been so meaningful to achieve something.

It was quite understandable because their lives is at stake at this moment in time.

Nate knew that at a point in a moment he would have to face his father, but he never thought that it would be too soon. But even at that, he has to do what needs to be done and that is to place Chris his father at a place he would not be able to return.

Of course, they reported him to the authority, but Chris would always find a way out from the hands of the authority, and when coming back, it would be another nightmare for Nate, Peter, and his mother.

But today, after reporting him to the authorities, Nate and Peter had started to plot a plan on how to get rid of Chris.

their mother is inside one of the rooms in the house, though, Nate and his family live in the slum, but their father is still a well-known gang leader, which grants them a good life though they live in the slum.

Sending the door flying Chriss way, Nates father, stepped into the house.

Chris is just like his son just that he is bulky and tall than N and Peter.

"where is the?" muttered Chris as he scan the living room, with his eyes.

Still not getting a sign of anyone, Chris became irritated.

"Come out you mother fu*kers" Chris shouted on top of his longs.

But still, dey was no reply.

"Im so..are...d Nate" Peter e muttered in a low tone and shivering gursbornds appear on his, even taking a closer look, one could see the liquid substance that is dropping down from Peters pants.

"I know, but we have to do this, now or never" Nate replied in a low tone also to not attract Chriss attention.

But the truth is that Nate was also scared, he was even mustering up all the whole will in him to stop himself from peeing on his clothes.

"I have had enough of your hide-and-seek game, if you can run then she can " Chris shouted out.

on hearing this, Nates eyes condensed.

He out rightly knew who Chris was regarding.

"Remember our plans, I will be going to meet him," Nate said in a low tone to Peter e.

"mon.." Peter e let out a sound from his mouth.

but soon realized the mistake he just made.

Peter was a be naive about a few things like Nate who had a lot of experience in things of the world.


Just then, the couch, they were hiding behind was lifted

"they you two are, come to say hi to papa, and next time if you want to hide, you should try close your mouth..fools"

Nate and Peters te face paled.

With that, Chris tossed the couch, aside before stretching out his hand to grab Nate. but Nate slides on the floor away from him. Chris ended up grabbing Peter te instead, who was not able to dodge in time.

In between the latters leg is a stream of water, dripping out from his pants.

"I have not even started yet you are this frightening" scoffed Chris.

"let him go!" Nate shouted at Chris.

"And what if I don ? what will you do" replied Chris.

a word could not come out of Nates mouth. he of all people knows how strong his father is and what he is capable of doing.

" I can see you now have a backbone but unfortunately for you, I will be breaking them".

just after saying that, Chris sent Peter e flying by waving his arms in the other direction.

Though it seems like he was just towing a piece of paper away, Pete was sent flying to the house refrigerator, smashing his back on the cover of the fridge.


"too weak" muttered Chris as he tore his face to face Nate who throw out a knife dagger at him.

Chris was cut off guard, he never expected Nate to have the balls to strike first at him.

but Chris just swung his hand and deflected the knife, but right behind the knife was another dagger following.

Chris was not able to deflect the next knife, so it ended up stuck in his eye.


Chris let out a shout that rang so hard even in Nates ear.

This guy is a monster, but now that one of his eyes is blinded, I think I should take advantage of this moment Nate thought, as he scan Chriss body to find a place he could strike next.

"you fu*king son of a bitch! I will kill you once I get you" Chriss eyes start to blear.

Nate ran as fast as his leg can carry him toward Chris to finish him off.

But just then, right before he could come any closer, Chris stamped his feet on the ground before kicking off the ground and going directly at Nate.

although one of his eyes is blinded, he still can hear, and he followed the sound of the footsteps running toward him and the blurry figure that was in his line of sight.

Nate seeing them, bent backward and slides under Chriss wide-open leg.

instead of going after Chris, Nate ran in Petes direction.

"Peter are you okay?"

Peter was still recovering from the impact after being sent flying by Chris.

"Watch out!"

Peter grabbed Nate as they slide on the floor out of the way been hitting by Chris.


Chris slammed his head into the refrigerator. The poor refrigerator was already bent after colliding with Peter, but with Chris and his inhuman strength, the fridge was knocked into the walls.

"Quickly, give me the axe" Nate demanded.

shooking his head. and then looked at the place where Chris is standing trying to get his head out of the fridge.

lay below him is an axe that is at the length of a short sword, two to three inches long.

Once again, an opportunity to end Chris once and for all was missed.

soon, Chriss head was freed from the fridge. he did not waste time pulling the dagger from his eye socket and holding it in his left hand.

Nate and Peter stiffed on their position.

as Chris looks at them.

Nate throw out another knife, but this time, Chris was careful to dodge to avoid the mistake he made to repute itself.

slowly walking towards the two boys, Chris started to speak.

"you should have done this earlier before now, and maybe you might have the chance to win, but though it has not been made known to the public, they are now a group of evolutionary people. people who are stronger than average, human beings, and I am one of them"

on hearing this, it starts to make sense to Nate why Chris was still even standing up. and that is because he was no longer a normal human being.

one should know that Chris had lost a lot of blood from the eye injury yet he is walking as if nothing happened. but Chris is not finished yet.

"Everybody can be like them, even you Peter can be like me, but too bad for you two, I won allow that, you two will die first, them before you...."

right behind Chris, holding an axe and swinging it at Chris Kate, Nate, and Peters mother.

The axe was swung at Chriss nape.

"Mom!" right at this moment, Nate and Peter never expected to be saved by their mother.

Even Chris was also surprised, last time he checked, the woman standing before him was in the middle of life, and death condition, so how did she get up from her sickbed? but now was not the time for questions.

"it is you who will die first!" Kate shouted and arched the axe to swing it down against Chris, but I was court by Chris.

"you are sick, not only that, you are weak, and slow, how are you intending to kill me" muttered Chris before he use the knife in his hand to stab at Kates eye.

this time, it went deep into her brine killing her outright.

seeing this, Peter could no longer hold himself and acted recklessly.

he ran towards Chris at that moment and thrust his fist forward, not giving Chris any time to react, but even at that. with the axe in his right hand, Chris swung it at Peter.

it came too fast for Peter to retreat backward. as the axe hit him on his head side.

"Noooo!" with tears in his eyes, Nate shouted.

but I was already too late.

taking out the last knife in their pocket, Nate ran towards Chris, just like Peter, he couldn stand watching and do nothing anymore.

Chris was still holding onto Peter when he also saw Nate coming his way.

"a bunch of idiots" Chris scoffed at Nate and tried to pull out the axe from Peterss head, that was when he saw that Peter was holding tight to his hand, and for some reason, he was losing in the battle of strength against Peter.

"Whats this?" Chris was confused, but unfortunately for him, Nate was not going to give him the time to think through what was happening, he swung the knife at Chris diagonally at him.

Chris has no other choice than to free the axe and sent a kick at pater, sending him flying toward Nate.

Nate seeing this could not help but cancel that attack, but will be the mistake that will end his life.

Just when he was about to read, he saw Chris pick up one of the knives he had been thrown, and stabbed at his chest.

Nate could not do anything as he watch the knife penetrate his chest and stabbed his heart.

I lost, we all lost, Peter Im sorry I did not finish the mission was Nates last thought as he close his eyes.

Chris could not help but kneel to catch his breath.

"That was close" he whispered.

"but in your next life, just pray never to have someone like me as your father"

not long he dust himself and left the house, though he was staggering a bit.

Not too long after Chris exited the house. a light ball came landing on Nates body, and it glowed out a slight green light.

Some of Nates eyes were closed open the next instant.

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