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Zombie Game A trip to the past

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Nates eye led twinkled a few times before his

consciousness was restored.

opening his eyes, Nate was greeted with the sight that he had long forgotten a long time ago.

" Ahhh...!, why does my head hurting?" Nate muttered holding his head that was hurting.

he currently laying on the floor with a cloth covered with blood all over his body.

seeing this sight, for some reason, Nate was not disgusted like someone that sees blood on his body would be. instead, I felt more natural to him.

but that was not the case here, the main thing is that the sitting room he is in now is where can never forget.

"am I in some type of dream or what?"

"This place is my former House in the slum" Nate could not help but mutter in his breath.

it was just a room that barely even fit the things inside it.

looking around, Nate could see that the room looks like they were a fight that had gone through the room.

The refrigerator was stuck into the wall with its handle on the ground.

Then beside the refrigerator handle, lays a body its head is crushed like a tomato, making it difficult for Nate to recognize the owner of the body.

regardless of that, Nate was still finding things a bit strange.

But wait, am I not supposed to be in the game, why am I here? Nates brain started to run wide to find anything meaningful about what is happening.

[Congratulations to the host for obtaining the zombie apocalypse game system]

[host status will be quickly presented]

[Host status]

[Name = Nate way]

[Age = 18]

[Race = undead]

[Class = zombie]

[Level = 0]

[Exp = 0/50]

[Horde members = 0]

[Strength = 5]

[Agility = 5]

[Endurance = 0]

[Intelligence = 0]

[Energy = 100/100]


wait... don tell me this is the game I bought

" but how is it possible, or is the game programmed specially for me?" Nate could not still believe that this is the game he bought.

it is understandable because not only did it not start with his family story life, but also more realistic, that if not for the system massage, Nate would never believe that he is inside a game, not like he believes even after seeing the massage.

They are still doubts in Nates mind.

Nate tried to get up but felt something on his chest.

"a knife?"

Nate noticed a stuck knife on his chest, but the thing that amazed him is that he felt little to no pain at all.

it was like dey was nothing stuck into his chest.

"Just what happened here ?" Nate could not help but ask.

This is a game right, and just from what I think from the storyline, this might be me transmigrating into someones body, so shouldn I have a bit of memory of the host thought Nate.

Although Nate is someone that loves playing games.

regardless of that, he still did a few things except play games, one is to program games that are still related to games. But for him to program a game, he needs fantasy to do so.

which he gets from reading novels, and watching action movies.

So he still has an idea of what happens when someone gets transmigrated into someones body.

grabbing onto the knife, Nate pulled it out, and a river of blood spilled out from the spot the knife was stuck to.

Just then something appeared in front of Nates line of sight.

[First quest]

[Consume a flesh in the next one hour]

[Reward = instant level up]

[Countdown starts now]

[59:one hour]

" well I still have some time"

"let me go and check out the appearance of this host Im wiring his body"

with that thought in mind, Nate went straight-up stairs.

when he stood up, he smelt the sweet smell of blood, but he ignored all of them and went upstairs.

The upstairs was just two rooms.

Nate went directly to the room he and his brother usually use.

Inside the room, Nate found out that nothing has changed, the room is still as plain as it was.

No fancy design, just a one-bed that he shares with his brother then the bag of clothes in the opposite direction of the room.

The first thing Nate did was to change his cloth.

then before taking a look at himself in the mirror.

Just after taking a look at himself, Nate was left shocked.

"I have a real bulky body in this game, such a cool thing" Nate starts to flesh out his muscle in the mirror till something appeared.

[10% energy remain]


Nate did not understand why such things were happening till some things pop into his mind.

" low intelligence zombies can steer at the mirror, how can I forget such a thing even after playing the apocalypse game for so long" Nate blamed himself as he quickly went downstairs to look for the flesh he saw earlier.

Nate found the dead body, and without wasting any time, he digs into the body and bit out a full mouth of flesh.

[quest complete]

[Level one]

[host has been granted two attribute points]

[100 exp = level two]


[horde builder]

While the system was busy sending many notifications to Nates interface, the latter was still busy enjoying the sweet taste of the flesh.

but soon he stopped feeling the sweet taste.

they were replaced with a sour taste.

Nate could not help but spite it out.

" Why the sudden change in taste?"

but soon, he starts to smell another sweet smell.

Nate follows it with his sense of smell and soon found out the source of the smell.

Not even taking a look at what he was about to eat, just like the previous body, Nate dug into the by starting from its neck. but something strange happened.

[host has successfully created its first horde member].

" what the ** is this"

this time, Nate was able to notice the notification, because shortly after he bit down on the body that was emitting a sweet aroma to him, they all disappeared.

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