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Chapter 1138 Dao Attainment Through the Family

“This kid is not bad.

“Hmph, the Han family actually has such a vile descendant.

Youre courting death!

“Sigh, how pitiful.

Youve been alone all your life.

Fortunately, I saw it and came to save you.

“This child is not bad, either.

He knows how to endure.”

Han Yunjin muttered to himself.

It was quite funny in Han Jues eyes.

After a long while…

Han Yunjin was still immersed.

Seeing that he probably wouldnt end his spying for a long time, Han Jue coughed lightly.

Han Yunjin was frightened.

He turned around and saw that it was his father.

Stunned, he immediately knelt down to kowtow.

“Greetings… Father…”

Han Yunjin was extremely nervous and regretful.

Did his father see his ugly state just now

His father rarely came to see him.

He didnt expect to see him spying on his descendants.

boxn ovel.


Han Yunjin was extremely embarrassed and wished he could find a hole to hide in.

Han Jue didnt tease him.

After all, the father and son werent as close as he was to Chu Xiaoqi.

He began to ask about what he was doing recently.

Han Yunjin became more and more excited.

Was his father visiting him

He knew that his father was the strongest person and would not visit him for no reason.

After chatting for several hours, Han Jue began to preach the Dao.

The Dao voice of the Creator Lord directly

made Han Yunjin, a Great Dao Sage, fall into a

state of enlightenment.

After a certain period of time.

Han Yunjin opened his eyes and felt that the

entire world had changed.

He thought that his father had already left,

but he discovered that he was playing with his mirror in the distance.

Han Yunjin hurriedly walked over and bowed.

He scratched his head and said, “This is a Dharma treasure I created with the Han

bloodline karma as the foundation.

Its useless.

I just can see the descendants of the

Han family.

Sorry, Father.”

With Han Jues ability, he didnt need such a Dharma treasure at all.

He could see all his descendants scattered in the myriad worlds at a glance.

Although Han Yunjin was so flustered and uneasy in front of him, he was in the Heavenly Dao.

His dignity did not belong to the older generation of Sages.

Han Jue smiled.

“Not bad.

Speaking of which, its all thanks to you that the Han family can prosper.

Although you dont have the

cultivation potential of your brothers and sisters, Ive always seen your efforts.

Im very


Youre the one Im most satisfied with and looking forward to among my children.” These words made Han Yunjin extremely excited and even brought tears to his eyes.

He was not acting.

He was being sincere.

Ever since he was young, his father had never praised him like this.

He had also been

looking forward to this.

He didnt lack anything now.

What he lacked the most was his fathers recognition, the recognition of the strongest.

Han Yunjin tried his best to control his

emotions, feeling that his hundreds of millions of years of hard work had not been in


Han Jue left after giving Han Yunjin a Chaotic Supreme Treasure.

He didnt order him to do anything in the future.

This kid had already done well and didnt need to be taught.

After his father left, the hall fell silent.


Yunjin took a deep breath and his eyes became firm.

He understood what his father meant!

His father wanted him to continue developing the Han family and praised him for handing

over the power of the Han family to him.

Perhaps this was his method to attain the Dao.

Others used the world to attain the Dao, but he might be able to use his family to attain

the Dao!

The Dao Mystic Realm was surrounded by thousands of mortal worlds.

These mortal worlds all overlapped.

Above them was the Immortal World, and they were all cultivators above the Mahayana Realm.

Below them was the mortal world where all living beings


In the center of the myriad worlds, countless

rocks condensed into a land that kept


In an Immortal World.

Chu Xiaoqi rode the clouds and mist, roaming

the world.

He looked around for Tang Wan after


However, there were countless women with this name in the Immortal


According to their looks, they were still useless.

Chu Xiaoqi traveled the Immortal World and

searched for hundreds of years but did not

find any traces of Tang Wan.

However, he was not disappointed because he had obtained many opportunities and his strength had been increasing rapidly.

Even he felt that the experiences over the

years were exciting and legendary.

They were even more soul-stirring than the stories his grandfather had told.

On this day, Chu Xiaoqi came to a land of immortals.

All the Immortal Worlds had immortal orthodoxies that were responsible for ruling the Three Realms.

This Immortal World also

had them.

The immortals were collectively called the Divine Race.

The Divine Clan was about to recruit immortals in this immortal land.

Chu Xiaoqi felt that if he became an immortal, he might

be able to find Tang Wan.

At least, it would be easier than his current identity.

Immortals could see through the three worlds.

It was not difficult for him to become an Immortal God with his cultivation.

However, what surprised Chu Xiaoqi was that

he was not the most outstanding one.

The most outstanding person in this Immortal Ascension Meeting was a man younger than him.

His name was Chen Jue, and his cultivation level far exceeded his.

This was the first time Chu Xiaoqi had encountered such a genius.

He had broadened his horizons.

After becoming an Immortal God, Chen Jue

was still extremely glorious.

Chu Xiaoqi often heard legends about him.

Unknowingly, surpassing Chen Jue had

become Chu Xiaoqis goal.

He wasnt even in a hurry to find Tang Wan.

Above the white clouds, the palace was like a sea of stars in a courtyard.

Han Tuo and Han Yunjin were drinking.

Han Yunjin asked curiously, “This Chu Xiaoqi

is your disciple His potential is average.” Chen Jue and Chu Xiaoqi met because of their manipulation.

Han Tuo smiled.

“Yes, this childs talent is average, but his fate is extraordinary.

Chen Jue is extremely talented, but his temperament is not good.

Let the two of them become their own whetstones.”

Han Yunjin smiled.

“I only dared to agree

because you said so.

Third Sister thinks highly

of Chen Jue.

She stopped the Heavenly Court

from recruiting him.”

Between Big Brother and Third Sister, he still knew who had the highest say.

Han Ling would probably not blame him.

Han Yunjin changed the topic and asked, “But

then again, the Dao Mystic Realm is controlled by the Formless World, after all.

Could it be…”

Formless World wouldnt reject other mighty figures from stuffing geniuses into the Dao Mystic Realm.

He couldnt wait for this.

Han Yunjin was worried that Chen Jue would die in the Dao Mystic Realm.

Han Tuo said, “Dont worry.

I have a good relationship with Formless World.”

Formless World was someone under the Formless Transcendent Deity and was loyal to Han Jue.

Formless World naturally wouldnt go against the Han family.

Han Yunjin did not know about the Dao Creator level, so he was worried.

However, he was relieved after hearing Han Tuos promise.

Han Tuo was still very reliable.

At least, he was more reliable than his other siblings.

At this moment, a figure flew over and knelt down beside the two of them.

“Sage, Sage Concubine Yuan is in trouble.


have to save her!”

Han Yunjin frowned.

Sage Concubine Yuan


was a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal.

How could it be difficult for her to give birth He immediately bid farewell to Han Tuo and left with his subordinates.

Han Tuo originally did not care.

However, he suddenly frowned and turned around.

“This feeling… How can this be…”

He wasnt the only one.

The other descendants of the Han family also felt it.

Primordial Chaos.

In the dark hall.

Han Huang, who was meditating, suddenly opened his eyes.

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