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Substitute Marriage (1) – “If I want it, then it must be all of it.” (1)

Black tiles, white walls, and endless stream of horses and carriages.

The wide streets were lined with caravans from all over the world, where rare spices, jewellery, ingredients and medicinal herbs could all be bought.

This was Cangzhou, the most prosperous and developed place in the world apart from the Imperial City.

[The progress of the host’s strategy has reached a quarter, and the task rewards will be issued according to the results of the strategy.]

[Rewards issued, any memory fragment *1, 20 taels of broken silver.

Overall rating: Medium.]

[Host, please adjust the direction, make further efforts and become self-reliant.]


Li Ruo Shui put down her teacup and covered her mouth as she coughed incessantly, seemingly choking.

What the hell She had almost died several times before, and the rating was actually only medium How come she didn’t know there was a rating thing earlier

[The rating is related to the emotion fluctuation of the target of the strategy.

Medium is not bad.

Please don’t belittle yourself.]

[The success of the strategy does not depend on each rating, but at the end, so the host shouldn’t be discouraged, but work hard to get home.]

After coughing for a while, a slightly cold hand reached over to pat her back, the white jade Buddha beads on his wrist jingled.

“Slow down.”

His voice was as soft as a warm stream, and when the others in the inn heard it they couldn’t help but sneak a glance, before turning back and whispering with amazement in their eyes.

When Li Ruo Shui had smoothed out her breath, he withdrew his hand and continued to pick up his chopsticks to eat the food in his bowl, then arched his eyebrows with interest.

“Are you sure the antidote is in Cangzhou”

“Sure.” Li Ruo Shui gave him a piece of roast chicken: “I also know where it is, I just don’t know how to get it.”

In the original book, Lu Fei Yue and Jiang Nian brought Lu Zhi Yao to Cangzhou.

Although they said they were helping him find the antidote, they were mainly here to carry out a mission, but they happened to find the fire grass in the mission target’s house, which helped him to cure the poison.

If he wanted to cure the poison, he could just wait for the right moment and finally complete the mission, then Lu Fei Yue would be able to get the fire grass.

But it was too slow, and in the meantime the poison would react, which was too painful.

The fire grass was in a rich merchant’s house and it was impossible to splurge money to buy it.

If she wanted to try to steal it, Lu Fei Yue was definitely not willing, and she herself did not know martial arts……

“Are you interested in taking the bounty order now and help me to fetch the antidote”

Lu Zhi Yao ate the food she gave, with his brow relaxed and his smile gentle.

“I volunteered to save you last time, but this time it’s going to cost money.

I’m very expensive.”

Li Ruo Shui covered the twenty taels she had just received, with a bit of hesitation on her face, “How expensive”

Lu Zhi Yao showed a number without a haste, and after hearing Li Ruo Shui’s inhalation sound, his smile softened even more.

“You’re too evil, aren’t you I blocked the needles for you, shouldn’t you help your saviour”

“Rather than talking about life saving, how about this.”

Lu Zhi Yao put down his chopsticks and looked serious.

“Give me your hair and I’ll get the antidote for you.”

Lu Zhi Yao speculated that his good mood was due to her hair yesterday, so if he could rub it every now and then, his mood would probably relax a lot.

“What do you need the hair for”

Li Ruo Shui covered her head and moved away from him like her tail had been stepped on, her eyes full of disbelief.

What the hell At such a time, it was either money or people.

What kind of psycho would want hair!

Lu Zhi Yao thought seriously for a moment, with a smile on his lips, “To make a doll, so I can touch it when there’s nothing to do, and also put it beside my pillow at night to sleep well.”

The sunlight on his body was warm, and his shoulder blades loosened up when he talked about sleeping well, as if the mere thought of it made him feel comfortable.

Li Ruo Shui bit her chopsticks and looked at him, couldn’t help swallowing, her eyes looked complicated.

So he wasn’t just crazy, he was also a pervert.

Her strategy path was too difficult.

“Do you want long hair or short hair” Li Ruo Shui felt that she could salvage a little more.

“If I want it, then it must be all of it.”

Wouldn’t that mean she had to be bald

“It’s impossible.” Li Ruo Shui sternly refused, “I’d rather be in pain a few times than shave my head.”

Lu Zhi Yao sat straight, the white jade Buddha beads on his wrist plated with sunlight, he was not surprised by this answer at all, instead he curled his lips.

“Remember to come to me when it hurts.”

They ate at the inn while Lu Fei Yue and Jiang Nian were in the main storyline.

Lu Fei Yue had received a confidential letter from the Case Patrol Division earlier.

The Zheng family of Cangzhou was a royal merchant, and the Case Patrol Division suspected that they were related to a corruption case and wanted Lu Fei Yue to search for some evidence.

However, the Zheng family was on guard because of the illness of Zheng’s second son, so they couldn’t infiltrate as their subordinates, but it happened that the Zheng family was recently matchmaking for the second son’s wedding, so they want Lu Fei Yue to seize this opportunity.

Two figures, one black and one green came to the door, but they were separated from each other, folding their arms and looking gloomy.

The people who came were Lu Fei Yue and Jiang Nian.

They sat down on the stools without a word, lifting their bowls to themselves and eating without communication between them.

The table was by the window of the inn, and on the window sill hung two cages of domestic sparrows, chirping in a lovely manner.

They were specially fed to amuse the guests.


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