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After naming the sword Erza from his favorite character from an Anime, He said Vanish and the sword slowly faded away. Leo started walking again in search of more monsters as he travelled some distance and heard some noise.

Leo rushed towards the noise if someone needed help thats when he found out bodies of giant spiders of level 45 laying on the ground, Leo decided to follow the trail he wanted to meet the group of players who can already fight level 45 monsters and kill this many with ease, after following the trail for some time thats when he heard screaming of a spider. Leo rushed towards the noise when he found out it was not a group fighting it was a solo Assassin fighting a level 60 mutant spider.

Mutant spiders are the spiders who are the leader of a specific spider group and have turned to a human spider mutant. They are faster than a usual spider and smarter and have good agility. Seeing the Assassin fighting the monster with twin daggers which were engulfed with black flames which Leo predicted would deal extra damage based on the damage dealt on the mutant which still had black flames coming from the wound but the fight was in the hand of mutant as the Assassin was crouching in front of the mutant spider, Leo used eagle eye to find out the remaining health of the mutant as it was only about 150000 left. As the mutant was about to kill the Assassin, Leo calmly whispered Erza and started running towards the mutant as Erza appeared in his hand he whispered doppelganger and activated multiple slashes Leo swung his sword and slashes hit the mutant one after another from both him and his doppelganger as the mutant was getting ready to attack Leo used bind and the hp of the mutant kept falling as the hp was 1% , Leo screamed Now as the Assassin came in front of the mutant out of nowhere and the two black flamed daggers were pierced in the chest of the mutant as Leo heard the Assassin scream "Ignite" as the flames from the daggers started to cover up the body of mutant as mutant spider started scream Assassin said "We need to leave, he is going to burst". Leo nodded and they both left the mutant to a safe area where they can see the mutant and be safe from the blasting of the mutant. Before the mutant blasted Leo told the Assassin "As soon as the blast is over, run collect the rewards put it in the bag and follow me we need to run away from here" "Why" asked the Assassin, Leo replied "Because of the blast all the other high level monsters will be attracted here, and we don have enough manpower to fight all of them" "Agreed" replied the Assassin.

Mutant blasted scattering the rewards all over the place . Assassin ran and grabbed all the rewards put them in the bag and saw Leo running. Leo was running according to the pace the Assassin could catch up and stay with him. As soon as Assassin reached behind Leo. Leo asked "Can you go faster? " to which the Assassin replied "We are known for the speed, lets speed it up".

After running they reached a quieter place where there were no monsters around. The area was dark so monsters usually avoided the place, Leo found this place while running and thought it could be a good place to rest. The only light in the place was from the moon. They sat near a rock, waiting for the Assassin to recover. This was the time when Leo could see the Assassin properly he knew the Assassin was a female because of the voice.

It was dark as the only light was moon light the Assassin stood up and removed the mask and the hood as her short blue hair started waving in the air where her face was just stunning those black eyes with a hint of moonlight glaring through them with the small pink lips and the stunning thin curved body which looked like a goddess body. All Leo could do was stare and as the Assassin saw Leo staring she smiled which made Leo blush and turn his head away in embarrassment.

"I am Black Rose," said the Assassin. "I am... I am X" Leo Replied embarrassingly. "Weird name for a character" asked Rose sarcastically while chuckling, to which Leo replied "It will make sense later, and also its easier to say".

After this brief conversation it was silent. Leo decided to break the silence, he asked "Want to join me for some hunting?". "I don mind, but before that lets split the rewards" replied rose. "But you did the final blow and you reduce the mutant boss health to almost 20% because of which I could hold the boss and you could deal the last hit." Leo said.

"Well u should take this it will be helpful to you as I have no use of this skill and those low level equipments" rose insisted and added "there are very few people who don leave the boss to someone who dealt the most damage and don ask for the rewards in return".

"Well thank you for sharing the skill and the equipment with me, I appreciate it". Leo looked at the skill as it was an advanced level skill. Before using the skill he called Erza and said devour, all the basic level equipments were devoured by Erza seeing the sword devour all the equipment rose was stunned. Now Leo saw the skill properly and it stated:

Skill: Fire slash

This skill deals fire type damage to the opponent and reduces opponent speed and resistance by 60% leaving the opponent unarmed for 15 sec.

Damage: 30

When used with other fire type skill the opponent can deal two times the damage.

Suddenly Erza started reacting in Leos hand, and a notification pops up in front of Leo.

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