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Once Leo heard the notification sound, he continued on the path which led him to an area which had nothing but only bones lying in the area. Looking at the skeletons Leo felt as if he is in some real trouble, once scouting the open area Leo saw another path now this pathway didn have much lights like the other pathway but lit enough for Leo to walk through it as the pathway was reaching its end Leo could see a purple light coming through the end. Leo followed the light which led him to a treasure box with purple light emitting from it and purple smoke coming from behind.

As soon as Leo touched the treasure box, the smoke stopped and the light got brighter and once the door was opened the purple light emitting completely vanished and all Leo could see in the chest was an old tattered paper, a purple-colored sword, a skill rock and a black coat with a hood.

The first thing any Swordsmen would do is to pick up the weapon so did Leo but he couldn figure out anything when he checked the sword status all he could see are questions marks, so he understood that he is not that level to use them, so he picked everything up and stored them in his bag and went the way he came back from.

As soon as he climbed out of the cave and looked back down he saw the trap door disappear as if it was never there. Leo rushed out of the house and went to find Elijah but he couldn see Elijah anywhere, he asked around to the other place if they had seen a guy like Elijah everyone denied saying there was never a guy like Elijah to ever be there.

Leo was confused he instantly opened up the forum section of the game to find about Elijah but surprisingly there are no NPCs in the game named Elijah. Leo was shocked and confused first thing he decided to do was to go in a inn and book a room and look at the rewards properly, he couldn do it before because he wanted ti get out of the broken place. As he was about to leave he turned around to look at the house and maybe checking the house again for Elijah , maybe he is there Leo thought to himself, as he turned to look at the house he couldn see the house anywhere as if it was never there at the first place.

Leo confused, started walking to the inn, he went to the room and sat on the chair and laid out all the rewards on the table in front of him. He picked up the old paper all he could see was a regular paper with nothing written on it. Then he picked up the coat and wore it as soon as he wore it a notification sound popped up. "Do you want to equip the Dark Coat?". Leo replied yes, as soon as he said yes another notification sound popped up "You have equipped the Dark Coat, all other players won be able to see your profile or any details about you". Leo was astonished not because the other players couldn see his level but also the coat raised up his defense and attack power but the thing that attracted Leos attention was his increase in agility there was an increase of about 50%agility while wearing the coat. Not only that but the coat also gave Leo a chance to change it into any type of clothes choice he wanted but it had only one use, Leo without even blinking decided to go for a long hoodie so the Coat changed its form to a long black hoodie just like Leo wanted.

Next he decided to pick up the Skill Rock, skill rocks are small rocks that fit in your hands and to acquire the skill one has to break it with their hands and as it breaks they receive the skill and its information. Skills were divided into 4 ranks Basic, Rare, Advance and lastly Legendary. Basics were White colored where Rare were Orange Advance were Blue and Legendary were Golden. Leo took the Rock and applied strength in order to break the stone and acquire the skill but nothing happened, the stone didn break Leo kept applying more pressure as time passes and after using most of his strength and stamina the rock had a crack on it and it broke as the skill was acquired as soon as Leo received the skill, he could hold the shock he received after reading the skill info.,

Skill: - Eagle Eye (Mythic Rank)

Equipment Level: - MAX.

Using Eagle Eye, the owner could see the opponents stats and skills and all the information about the opponents.


Non-droppable represents that once a player dies the players equipment drops but the non droppable equipment does not drop even after the player dies

Leo was happy with the non-droppable part but the rank Mythic and the max level was what caught Leo by more surprise and as it could help Leo detect anything it was worthy of being a Mythic rank. Leo could understand what Mythic rank was maybe it was a rank which would be introduced later in the game that would be after legendary rank and the color of Mythic rank was Red.

Now that Leo acquired Eagle Eye, he could finally Look at the sword that had question marks when he tried to look at the information about the sword. He picked the sword and used an eagle eye to look at the sword.

[Shadow Blade] (Legendary Rank.)

Attack power: - 124

All attributes: - 50

Attack speed: - 70

Attacks have 20% chance of dealing 2× damage, having 10%chance of reducing opponents damage.

Equipment Level: - 0

Levels can be increased by feeding the sword 10 basic equipments. (Can be Evolved).

Additional skill 1: Doppelganger. Can create a doppelganger and it will have 50% of owners attributes. You can control the Doppelganger. Time limit 1 minute.

Cool down time: 10 minutes.

Additional skill 2: Shadow Bind. Binds the opponent and reduces the defense by 100%. Time limit is 10 seconds.

Cool down time: 30 seconds.

Additional skill 3: Multiple slashes. The slashes keep coming one after another and more slashes more the damage will be. Time limit is 20 seconds.

Cool down time: 5 minutes.

Looking at the attributes of the sword Leo thought this weapon was nothing more then Gods weapon. Leo finally thought he could fight off the level 30 monsters in the wild easily.

Now he kept the sword on his waist and he took the last paper that was left on the table. Now he had the Eagle Eyes he could use them to look at the paper after activating the Eagle Eye he could see some writing on the paper. "Tear the paper to use it."

Leo tore the paper and just like the rock the paper vanished and a notification popped up.

"You have Unlocked the Hidden class Shadow Master".

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