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As soon as the notification ended, all of them looked at Leo as Wish spoke "if we don logout we might be kicked out, but what if after the update all our rewards are gone, what should we do?". Leo said "Lets run towards the rewards room and just pick up whatever you can see first, we can distribute the rewards later".

They ran towards the rewards room as Leo tried to push the rewards door, it popped up a notification stating, "Cannot open the rewards door, you can enter once the update is complete". Looking at that notification Leo spoke, "Well, I guess thats it, will see you all on the day when we can log in, Nice to meet you all, see you all bye". Saying this Leo logged out.

After logging out Leo looked at the time, it was 2:45 am in the morning, he used the watch on his hand and sent a text to Dard saying "I will sleep and will see you in the morning for breakfast!!". Sending the text Leo went to sleep after a few tiring days Leo slept instantly.

Its morning and sun is almost on the top of the head as the birds kept chirping, as Leos room door opened, as he walks out to the living room, seeing as it was empty, he had a thought that Dard was still asleep, he sat on the couch near, still trying his best to wake up fully when he sees a note on the table near to him, he picked up the note, it was from Dard the note read, "Sorry bro about the breakfast, there is this cute girl who wanted to have brunch with me, I can say no to her well sorry not sorry See YA Enjoy the two days, I probably won be home if you know what i mean hahaha".

Leo just smiled reading the note, as he knows Dard is usually a ladies man. Throwing the note away Leo decided to freshen up and decided to make coffee, while it was almost lunch time he decided to skip breakfast and have lunch straight away. While he was enjoying his coffee, he received a text, looking at the text Leo smiled, drank his coffee and went to his bedroom to change and he threw some clothes into a bag pack and he left the house into the parking lot in the basement of his building.

In the parking lot, anyone who knew Leo would know his means of transportation, it was an old retro Java motorcycle, whereas motorcycle this day would hover rather than having wheels. Leo sat on his motorcycle and off he went from area 017 to a whole different area, Leo entered Area 052, this was an area which was fully developed or more advanced than the area 017.

He kept riding and then stopped in front of a 160 floor building, looking at the motorcycle the watchmen opened the door of the building as quickly as he could to not disappoint the person on the motorcycle, Leo took the motorcycle inside the building and parked it.

As he left the parking lot and appeared in the reception area of the building, Leo was met with an average size man, who was wearing a neat suit, with a warm smile looked at Leo and said, "Welcome back home sir, let me carry your bag". Leo politely declined and replied, "I am not home Henry, by the way how are you man?, you doing okay".

Henry answered with, "Im quite alright sir, please tell me how were you all this time?". Leo replied with "Well lifes going pretty good as it is satisfactory for me". "Ive known you for quite some time now, sir, knowing your life isn satisfactory, I know you are planning something more that head of yours, no offense sir", Henry instantly replied with a smile on his face.

Leo just chuckled as they reached the top floor while having a pleasant little chat, as the Lifts door was opened, a girl came running and hugged Leo with all her might, Leo could head, her cry a little, Leo took her out of the lift, and in the house before lifting her face and wiping the tears. As soon as Leo wiped the tears, the girl punched Leo straight in the gut with all her might and spoke, "Why did you take so much time to come back home", "its not my home and I am only here for the weekend because of you, Lucy".

Lucy pouted and ran to the room, "Just leave her be, you know she can stay mad at you for long, how are you anyways?". Leo turned and looked at the voice,and said "Mrs. Kawashima, I have been great and you look amazing, so no need to ask how you were".

Both Leo and Mrs. Kawashima laughed and then Mrs. Kawashima said, "have a seat Leo, i am going to make some coffee for you just like you like". Thanks said Leo and sat on the couch while Henry offered him some snacks as he was having some snacks He asked Henry, "Hows the work place?". To which Henry replied, "Ive been dealing with the orders and the meetings on time and when I heard from miss Lucy you were coming, I rescheduled the meeting to tomorrow".

Leo asked, "Who was the meeting with?". "Turners" replied Henry, giving Leo a weird and concerned look. Leo stood up and asked "What time is the meeting?". Henry stared at Leo and replied "10 am in the morning".

"Henry, have a suit prepared for me, we will show the Turners who they are dealing with". Henry was delighted as he quickly agreed and went to prepare a suit.

Leo was about to enter Lucys room when a voice was heard calling Leo, as Leo turned to look a figure came running hugged Leo tightly as Leo couldn force the hug to end, he waited till the person would end the hugging.

"Lisa, are you done?" Leo asked sarcastically. "Nope" Replied Lisa hugging Leo more tightly than before.

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