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Leo walked forwards while not taking his eyes from the trees in front of him, all the while thinking about how to use his newfound shark tooth spear. The system had told him that he could use the water element but what it didn tell nor would tell him no matter how hard he tried or how many times he asked was how to actually activate it. So as he was walking he was trying different things.

Leo pointed the spear forwards and said,"Water!" and like all his other attempts nothing happened, making him frown in disappointment. So far he had tried chanting, which felt like it activated something but produced no notable affect, he tried calling forth water just like now, but again nothing happened and finally he tried just pointing it in front of himself and thinking about water. Everything he tried did absolutely nothing and he was starting to get antsy about his upcoming fight with the two wolves.

Leo thought about it as he kept walking towards the wolves area, trying to grasp what it was that he needed to do. He then remembered the name of the weapon was called "Shark Tooth Spear", so he figured that maybe the name was a hint or phrase of some kind.

Leo pointed his spear in front of him and said,"Shark tooth spear!" and unlike his other attempts this time the spear released water in a powerful stream from the end of the weapon. Leo held it upright and the water continued to flow from the spear, looking like a majestic water fountain. Leo now had an idea where to go with his new weapon so he tried saying,"Water sharpen!"

After he said this the water came out much faster than before and it looked like another blade made purely from water formed at the the end of his spear. This new water blade looked all kind of sinister and now that Leo had figured out a new way to hone his combat skills and create new techniques he confidently started to walk towards the wolves area.

The wolves noticed him walking towards them, surprised that he was seemingly giving himself up to be eaten! The two of them jumped out from behind the trees and started to circle around him, glaring the teeth and giving him a sinister look.

Leo could tell that one of the wolves was female while the other was male, so obviously they were a couple looking for food. However, Leo was not about to become food on this day and so he got into what he could only assume was an appropriate stance and waited until one of the wolves made their move. He had turned off the water blade as he wanted to use it as a surprise to quickly cut the wolves down.

Suddenly the male wolf lunged from his spot and Leo quickly turned around and shouted,"Shark tooth spear! Water bullet!" From his spear a fast moving water projectile came flying out, hitting the wolf in the shoulder but not killing him. The wolf quickly retreated and then the female wolf came running as fast as she could towards Leo, trying to catch him off guard.

Leo reacted quickly and turned around, shouting quickly,"Water Blade!" As he turned the spear once again let out a sharp roar of water and Leo sliced in an upward fashion, slicing the female wolf in two!

The male wolf roared in anger and quickly rushed at Leo after seeing him cut his partner in two pieces. He once again lunged at Leo who turned his spear at the wolf while backing away, yelling once more,"Water bullet!"

This time however Leo did not miss and managed to get a clean headshot on the wolf, eradicating its head from existence! Leo fell to the ground in exhaustion, panting heavily. He had just killed a living animal for the first time ever. It might have been him if he was any slower, but he had just harvested two souls for the first time in his life.

Leo looked at the two wolf corpses and sighed, thinking to himself,"That was so scary, lets practice a bit before I do that again! If I had been just a little slower I would have been dead meat!" Leo started to cry a little as he started to realize what he had done to those poor wolves who were just looking for something to eat. He now realized that he had plenty of food, he couldve just shared it and let the wolves be at peace, but no, he had a quest to kill.

While he was silently crying the system voice came to him once more.

[Lord Leo has completed the quest "Beginning of Blood" and has received 1 wooden chest and the free building "White grade Recruitment center"]

[Lord Leos Innate skill has activated]

[Lord Leo has completed the quest "Beginning of Blood" and has received 10 stone chests and the free building "Blue grade Recruitment Center"]

Leo suddenly looked up after hearing those notifications, astonished as he had forgotten about how quests were affected by his innate skill as well. Leo quickly rushed back to the center of his territory and told the system,"Place my stone chests in front of me" while wiping the tears from his eyes and face.

In front of his eyes 10 medium sized stone chests appeared, looking better than the wooden chests but still not the greatest. However in Leos eyes they were worth everything, as he knew that from now on he would need to get stronger no matter what. Leo bent down and opened the chests 1 at time, listening to notifications go off in his head.

[Stone chest opened - Gained 10 units of cooked pork]

[Stone chest opened - Gained 10 units of cooked beef]

[Stone chest opened - Gained 100 units of wood, 100 units of stone]

[Stone chest opened - Gained 10 units of Green grade fire crystals]

[Stone chest opened - Gained 1 Blue grade Plant Elemental Shield]

[Stone chest opened - Gained 1000 units of wood]

[Stone chest opened - Gained 10 Green grade recruitment scrolls (Military)]

[Stone chest opened - Gained 10 Green grade recruitment scrolls (Production)]

[Stone chest opened - Gained Gained 1 Blue grade recruitment scroll (Production)]

[Stone chest opened - Gained 10 Green Grade Blueprints (Elderwood Sword)]

Leo was astonished at the haul he gained from just 1 quest and he started to ask the system about the different things he had gained from the quest rewards. "System, how do I use these Recruitment Scrolls?"

[Lord Leo can use the Scrolls by taking them to the corresponding recruitment center. For example, if Lord leo has 1 white recruitment center he can only use the white recruitment scrolls at that center, if the Lord gains a green grade recruitment center then he can recruit both white grade and green grade at that center]

Leo paused after that explanation, realizing that his gift had already given a blue grade recruitment center and he could get every single grade that gotten from the chests! His smile started to get bigger as he asked,"Ok system, now tell me what these fire crystals do please"

[Fire Crystals are one of many elemental crystals the lord can gain from monster and treasure chests. They do several things, 1. They boost the users affinity and immunity to those elements, making it easier to use and resist when in battle, 2. They raise the Lords grade, 3. They can be used as materials for enhancing weapons of the same element.]

Leo listened to the system in fascination and in a confused tone asked,"The Lords have grades too? What Grade am I at now?"

[Lord Leo is currently at 0% white grade. Every crystal that the Lord cultivated will raise his grade and his abilities. Every Lord grade is 10 times harder than the last. Example: 1,000 crystals to go from white grade to green grade, and 10,000 to go from green to blue]

Leo then asked the system"What is this grade? These fire crystals are a green grade, does that not matter when cultivating?"

[Correct. All crystals are the same when cultivated. A white grade crystal and a legendary crystal would have the same exact effect on the lord grade. The only difference would be the affinity rating, the immunity rating, and the crystals affect when used to enhance the chosen weapon]

Leo contemplated that for a few minutes as he thought about what to do next. This world seemed to have some very weird ways to go about getting stronger. He then asked the system,"System, How do I place the recruitment center?"

[Simply say "Land Management" and an interface will appear that will show you how to place it and where you can place it, as well as how many units of land you have. For your recruitment building it is free since it is your first, however future building unless won by luck, fortune, or at auction will require materials such as wood, stone and more]

Leo nodded his head in appreciation of this knowledge and brought up his land management tab like instructed how to do so. He saw that just like he remembered his territory had 50 units of available space, and this recruitment center took up 4 units of that space. He selected 4 of the units near himself and clicked on the icon for the recruitment building.

Almost instantly a giant stone building with giant trusses, columns and a domed roof appeared next to Leo, seemingly generated in an instant. It wasn there a second ago and now it was, like it had always been there and Leo just hadn seen it yet. Though Leo seriously doubts he couldve ever missed something this big as it was massive!

Leo walked into the building to see a floating metal ring about 10 feet in the area above a platform made of what he assumed to be sandstone. In front of the large platform he saw a small cubby-like space where he assumed materials and scrolls could drop through. Just to be sure he asked,"System, is this where I place my scrolls?"

[Yes, Lord Leo]

Seeing the confirmation Leo Looked at his rewards once more and decided to first summon the 10 green grade military units, as he didn know if there were more monsters he just wasn seeing in his territory. He had gotten lucky with wolves being his first quest but he was sure that without a proper soldier who knew what they were doing he wouldn survive.

Leo dropped the 10 green grade recruitment scrolls down into the cubby hole and waited as the metal ring started to shine a faint green light. Then 10 soldiers, all holding onto white grade swords appeared before him on the platform. They all immediately got off the platform and stood in front of Leo, louding saluting,"We are here my lord!"

Leo would be lying if he said he wasn a little taken aback but he quickly regained his composure and said to them,"I have just killed 2 wolves within close proximity of the territory, 2 of you stay here with me and stand guard, while 2 groups of 4 go out and hunt. Remember to look for any monster near us and make sure to investigate anything that seems odd or out of place, especially if you find a treasure chest!"

The soldiers all saluted and went to their jobs as Leo had commanded. Leo was quite happy at the sudden development of more people so he quickly put his blue grade production scroll into the hole and waited while the metal started to give off a faint blue light. Then in the next moment an older man was standing on the platform, looking menacing with his bulging muscles.

Just as Leo was about to celebrate his new worker an announcement suddenly triggered.

[World Announcement: Lord Leo is the first Lord in the world to obtain a blue grade unit! His name shall be etched into the hall of fame and his units shall gain a permanent 10% efficiency bonus!]

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