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292 Mu Dis Interest was aroused

Qin Xi only took a glance before retracting her gaze.

Her gaze was very calm, as if the person in front of her was just a stranger.

In fact, for now, Mu Di was indeed a stranger.

Qin Xi did not stay in the sanatorium for long.

However, before she left, Qi Xiong found her and gave her a phone number.

“Miss Qin, Old Master asked me to pass this to you.

He said that the people you want are already here.

Theyre under your command.”

After putting away the phone number, Qin Xi took out two pills with a smile and instructed, “Tell Old Master Mu later that if he cant get anything out of those people, he can feed them these pills.”

Qi Xiong took the pill in confusion and asked hesitantly, “Miss Qin, this is…”

“Its called Truth Pill.

It can make people speak the truth.

However, this pill does have a time limit.

It will lose its effect after five minutes.”

“That magical” Qi Xiong widened his eyes in shock.

Qin Xi smiled and said, “Ill come to visit Old Master Mu in two days.

Please inform him.”

Looking at Qin Xis departing figure, Qi Xiong was extremely excited.

He knew that with Qin Xis ability, if she could return to the Mu family, the Mu family would change because of her.

Even the status of the Mu family would change drastically.

Unfortunately, Qin Xi and Old Master Mu had their own plans.

He was just a subordinate and was not qualified to be part of it.

He turned around and was about to return to the ward when he saw Mu Di standing behind him with his arms crossed and leaning against the wall.

His eyes were curved as if he had seen through everything.

He seemed to be joking, but he also seemed to be implying something.

“Uncle Qi, Ive never seen anyone who can make you treat them so respectfully.

Uncle Qi, is that the young divine doctor you mentioned”

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Seeing that he was asking the obvious, Qi Xiong did not say anything else.

He just nodded.

“The young divine doctor is still young and doesnt want to be in the limelight.

Besides, she has something to do, so she left first.”

Mu Di looked in the direction Qin Xi left and said meaningfully, “Uncle Qi, dont you think this little divine doctor looks like someone I know”

The reason why he said that was because he wanted to test Qi Xiong.

He had an inexplicable sense of closeness with Qin Xi, especially when they looked at each other just now.

He seemed to have seen that pair of eyes somewhere before, but he couldnt remember where.

That was why he followed her out.

However, Qin Xi was wearing a mask the entire time, so Mu Di did not really see her face.

Qi Xiong was very guarded against his second young master, who looked cynical but was actually very smart and meticulous.

No matter how much Mu Di tried to probe, he only smiled and did not answer or dodge.

He knew that the more he said, the more mistakes he would make, so he did not say anything.

As for what Mu Di could guess, it was none of his business.

Of course, even if Mu Di could guess something, he wouldnt go around shouting.

Qi Xiong knew that Mu Di was someone who wouldnt push his luck.

Mu Di looked at Qi Xiong deeply and felt bored.

He shrugged and turned to leave.

Seeing him leave, Qi Xiong heaved a sigh of relief.

As long as Mu Di did not ask further, he would pretend not to know!

Qin Xi did not know that Mu Di was already interested in her.

Of course, even if she knew, she would not take it to heart.

At this moment, she could not wait to get into the car arranged by Wan Shiyue.

When she arrived at the newly renovated clinic, she looked at the plaque above her head and was excited.

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