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It was another dark night.

Every quiet night seemed to indicate that something ominous was going to take place.

Tonight was no exception.

Qin Gang, Qin Ling, Zhang Cuiyun, Lin Keke, Hu Xiaofeng, and Xu Wan approached the orchard from three directions.

In groups of two, they each held a bottle of extremely strong wine and a few pieces of linoleum paper.

They looked around and carefully took out the dry wood they had prepared beforehand and set it not far from the orchard.

“Second Aunt, is this okay”

Xu Wan looked at Hu Xiaofeng and looked around nervously, her face filled with anxiety and worry.

“Dont let us be discovered before the orchard burns down.”

Hu Xiaofengs eyes were filled with madness.

“Hmph, dont worry.

Ill turn this orchard into a sea of fire today.”

As she spoke, she lit the linoleum paper.

It instantly sizzled and melted.

Drops of oil fell onto the dry wood with the flame, and the wood was instantly ignited.

After that, Hu Xiaofeng took out the white wine, opened the cap, and poured the wine on a fruit tree.

She picked up the wood that had just been lit and was about to place it on the tree trunk that had been splashed with white wine.

At this moment, a shout was heard.

Immediately, beams of light shot out from behind the bush.

Hu Xiaofeng and Xu Wan stood rooted to the ground, not knowing what to do.

“What are you doing” Da Niu came to the two of them with a flashlight and asked fiercely.

Hu Xiaofeng avoided his gaze and said in a panic, “We, we, we just came to see if the fruit is ripe.

Is there a problem”

At this moment, Xu Wan also reacted and said righteously, “Yes, were just here to take a look.

This is our familys orchard.

Cant we come and take a look”

Da Niu wanted to laugh.

He pointed at the fire on the ground.

“Come and take a look Do you need to light a fire to see Do you think Im a three-year-old Also, we heard what you just said.

Its disgusting.

You even want to burn your own daughters orchard.

How vicious.”

He did not give the two of them any face at all.

Hu Xiaofeng and Xu Wan felt ashamed, but they were also indignant.

Hu Xiaofeng put her hands on her hips and argued, “Did you just accuse me of arson I lit the fire because I couldnt see clearly.

Besides, this is my daughters orchard.

I can do whatever I want.

It has nothing to do with you.

As for you, youre just a watchdog.

How dare you shout at me Be careful or Ill get my daughter to fire you.”

“Second Aunt, dont waste your breath on him.

Were just here to pick two fruits to eat.

We didnt do anything evil.

Xi definitely wont believe his nonsense.”

Xu Wan spoke up for Hu Xiaofeng.

After all, Hu Xiaofeng was Qin Xis mother.

Qin Xi wouldnt possibly deal with her mother for the sake of an outsider!

Looking at the two shameless people, Da Niu said frankly, “Theres no need to quibble.

Its useless to say anything now.

Lets go to the police station to talk!”

‘The police station

Hu Xiaofeng and Xu Wans faces immediately turned pale.

They were flustered and did not know what to do.

Xu Wan subconsciously thought of one word: run!

At the thought of this, she turned around and ran without thinking.

Seeing this, Hu Xiaofeng quickly followed.

When Da Niu reacted, he chased after them with his men.

“Stop, dont run!”

Hu Xiaofeng and Xu Wan ran away separately, so Da Niu and the villagers could only chase after them separately.

After looking around, he did not see anyone.

Helpless, Da Niu could only bring his men back.

Xu Wan, who was hiding in the tree pit, raised her head carefully.

Seeing that the lights had disappeared, she heaved a sigh of relief.

Just as she was about to climb out of the tree pit, her neck suddenly hurt and she fainted.

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