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It Was Ms.

Claire Who Sent Sebastian


“Apparently, Leo had detected the presence of monsters.

First, we decided to send Johanna back as well.

Because it would be best to have someone who could fight.”

“That’s true.”

“We wanted to send Nicholas as well, but… Lady Claire was against it.”

“She was”


Johanna and Nicholas were guards at the mansion, just like Phillip.

Of course, if they were going to fight monsters, it seemed like the right choice… So why did Ms.

Claire stop it…


“According to Lady Claire, he wouldn’t be assisting much, if Leo was already there.

And it would be better for me to go in order to help settle things and gain information…”

“…Hmm… It’s true that once Leo is fighting without holding back, the orcs won’t stand a chance.”


In fact, once Leo arrived, she had dealt with everything on her own.

She wasn’t there to cooperate with us.

She did as she pleased and defeated them all.

Considering this, I could understand why Sebastian had been sent instead.

He had more authority and could give directions.


“Besides, it would be best if I could talk to you directly.”

“Yes, but aren’t you also busy with other matters What about that store…”

“Lady Claire is more than capable of handling them for now.

After all, she was the one who was adamant about me coming here.”


Sebastian said with a smile.

Perhaps he wanted Ms.

Claire to do some of his work as part of her education.

As the daughter of a duke, there was much that she needed to learn… Of course, she was already a very capable person.


“And that explains my presence here.”

“I see.

…Ah, but how come I only saw Leo at first The rest of you didn’t seem to arrive till later…”


It was when I was about to be killed.

Leo jumped in and defeated the orc for me.

While I hadn’ gotten a good look, I very much doubted that Sebastian was on her back at the time.

He would not have been able to hold on.


“Yes, we got off of Leo before entering the village.”

“But…why Wouldn’t it have been faster to go together”

“Because…Leo started to act even more restless than before.”


“It seemed likely that something had happened in the village, and so we got off so that Leo could go on ahead.

That way, she would reach you faster.”


Leo didn’t run her fastest when carrying people.

Otherwise, people might get flung off.

And so they had gotten off so that Leo would be able to run her fastest.


“And judging by what happened here, that was the right decision.

I think Leo sensed that you were in immediate danger.”

“…I see.

Yes, it’s because of that that I was only injured.

…Had she been any later… I don’t really want to think about it…”


If Leo hadn’t arrived right when she did, the orc’s attack would have hit me right in the head.

There was no doubt about that.

And what then… A chill went down my spine.

Thanks to Sebastian’s decision, and Leo’s senses, she had been able to reach me in time.


“After that, we followed Leo to the village, as you know.

…Lady Claire was also right, and Leo had no trouble dealing with the orcs on her own…”

“I see.

That explains everything.”

“Leo really is amazing… She knew you were in danger and was able to help… If only I could be so useful as a butler…”


And this wasn’t the first time that Leo had surprised me with her ability to sense danger…

In fact, she was always helping me.

Not just her, but Mr.

Ekenhart, Ms.

Claire, Tilura and Sebastian helped me as well.


“I think you are doing enough to fulfill your role as a butler, Sebastian.

…If anything, you are doing more than that for everyone, including me.”


Sebastian had also helped me a lot.

That was why Mr.

Ekenhart and everyone at the mansion put so much trust in him.


“I do hope that you are right.”

“You really have no need to worry about that.”


I wasn’t sure why I was now in the position of encouraging him… Ah, we were talking about how wonderful Leo was for following and saving her master… Except Leo wasn’t a servant, but a friend.

So she wasn’t even comparable to someone like Sebastian.

Not that I wasn’t grateful for everything.

In any case, I should change the subject… Was there something that I needed to ask him

…Ah, that’s right.


“There is something else I want to ask you, Sebastian.”

“So you forcefully changed the subject.

Does that mean you think that I am not worthy of being a butler…”

“No, but let’s drop that for now.”


As it was obvious that I wanted to discuss something else, Sebastian made a show of looking disappointed.

But when he looked away, I could see the corner of his mouth curl into a grin.


“…I suppose I have no choice then.

What is it, Mr.


“No choice… Well, nevermind.

It’s about the Gift…”

“Hmm… Is it really so urgent…”


And then Sebastian glanced over to Mr.



“Ah…that’s right…”



Hannes just thought that I was an ordinary pharmacist.

As I had not told him about the Gift, I couldn’t talk about it here…


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