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Sebastian Told Me Why He Had Come


“Last night, Leo and Phillip arrived at the mansion.”


In Mr.

Hannes’s house, Sebastian began to explain the reason that he was here.


“At first, Lady Claire and I were surprised that Leo would return without you.

But then Phillip told us what had happened.”

“And the glass sphere”

“He passed it on to us.

…And I dropped it off with Isabelle on my way here…”




She was an elderly woman in Ractos who had a store that sold magic tools.

That was where I had my magic energy and Gift looked into.


“Because we sensed magic energy in the glass sphere.

I thought that it was necessary to study it after hearing your theories from Philip.

…And that is not something we can do at the mansion.”

“I see…”


As she had a store that sold magic goods, she would be very knowledgeable about them.

And I suppose it was comforting knowing that it was in the hands of an expert now.


“But are you sure she will be alright I hope she won’t become ill…”

“I have thought of that as well.

And so it was placed in a box that seals any magic effects that it might have.”

“I didn’t know that such things existed.”


As long as it is inside, it should have no effect and be of no danger to anyone.

Besides, even if she did take it out, she would do so with the proper safety measures.”


Sebastian clearly had a lot of trust in Ms.


When I had visited, the two had talked as if they were good friends.

Perhaps they had known each other for a long time.

Regardless, it seemed that she would be capable of learning what the glass sphere was without spreading the disease everywhere.


“But we’re getting side-tracked… After hearing everything from Phillip, I accepted the sphere and listened to your theories.”


“And I quite agreed with them… And since both Leo and Phillip were tired, I had them rest.”


Leo had done her best, running all of the way back to the mansion.

And Phillip would have been tired from just riding on her.

It would be exhausting just trying to stay on while Leo was running that fast.


“The next day, we were to send Leo and Phillip back to this village, but…”

“What happened”


Sebastian hesitated for a moment.

Did something happen before they left


“Something seemed to come over Leo suddenly.

She was restless in a way that I have never seen her before.”



She is usually so calm and quiet when around you, Mr.


“…So Leo was acting strangely…”


Yes, the Leo I knew had always been calm since coming to this world.

She never seemed restless like that.

…Unless it was related to food…


“We were not sure what to do about it.

We knew that she always listens to you, Mr.

Takumi… but there was no guarantee that she would listen to anyone else…”

“I think she would have.

She would listen to you and Ms.

Claire, at least.”


Leo had seen a lot of this world too.

And when it came to those who were friendly towards us, like Ms.

Claire and those in the mansion, she should be cooperative.

…Especially with Tilura, as they were always playing together.


“Yes, it turned out that way in the end.

But surely you can understand how we might have felt anxious about having such an agitated Silver Fenrir in front of us.”


Silver Wolves weren’t supposed to obey anyone.

And so it was no wonder they might worry.

And they knew a lot about Silver Fenrirs.


“But that is when Lady Tilura came.”

“She did”


And she was able to pet Leo and calm her down.”

“I see…”


I had just been thinking about it.

Tilura was the closest to Leo in that mansion.

Even if Ms.

Claire, Ms.

Lyra or Ms.

Gelda had ridden on Leo, they didn’t hug or play with her all the time.


“It was also Lady Tilura who asked Leo what was wrong.

As we could only get a vague impression of what Leo was trying to tell us.”

“I suppose Tilura has spent enough time with Leo that she can now understand her a little.”


I could understand Leo quite clearly.

However, it wasn’t the same for the other residents in the mansion.

That’s why I couldn’t just send Leo alone, and she had to go with Phillip.

Though, if Tilura could understand her, then maybe I could have sent Leo by herself after all… Well, I could only say that in hindsight.


“Thanks to Lady Tilura, we were able to hear what Leo was trying to say.

And that’s when we learned that this village was in danger.”

“Leo detected that this village was in danger”

“That is the case.

How… I do not know… Is it because she is a Silver Fenrir… Or because you two share a strong bond…”


According to Sebastian, Leo somehow knew that something bad was going to happen here.

As this was before they left the mansion, it would have been around midday…which was before the merchants arrived in the village.

Before even Mr.

Hannes and I knew that there was an approaching danger.

Sebastian could not explain it, and neither could I.

But I couldn’t help but hope that it was because of our strong bond.

Though, it could just be an innate ability of Silver Fenrirs…


While far away, she might have sensed the approach of many monsters… That seemed the most likely explanation.


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