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I Treated the Villagers


I talked to the unhappy Rosalie as well.

It was hard to see a child so young be left like that.

But after hearing me and seeing Leo nod, Rosalie recovered a little.

Now, I had to treat the wounded so that the children wouldn’t be so worried.


“Ah, pharmacist… Thanks to you, the village was saved.


“It’s fine.

Leave this to me.” 


The first one was the man who had fought near me and injured his arm so that he couldn’t hold a sword.

His right arm was covered in bandages, but they were soaked red with blood.


“Here, with this…”

“The pain…it’s fading away…”


After Sebastian unraveled the bandages, I pressed the Loe against the bleeding arm.

The effect was instantaneous, and the wound closed up completely.

And after a few seconds, there wasn’t even a scar left.

The only proof that there ever was a wound was the blood.


“I…can move my arm! Pharmacist…how can I repay you…”

“You don’t need to.

Now, you will be able to continue to work in the village.”



He had probably been in despair over the prospect of not being able to use that arm anymore.

His eyes filled with tears, and he nodded with gratitude… Yes, he would be fine now.


“Onto the next…”

“This way, Mr.


“Are you all right, Phillip”


Phillip immediately brought the next wounded person.

He was carrying the man on his back… When I looked closely, both of the man’s legs were bandaged.


“Yes, I’m fine.


Takumi, this man can’t move his legs.

But while the injury is bad, he has no feeling in them…”

“I see.

Sebastian, if you will.”

“Of course.”


Phillip laid the man down on the ground.

I felt bad about having him lie on the dirt, but I needed to get a good look at the injury.

Sebastian then unwrapped the bandages, and I pressed the Loe onto the wound.

…Perhaps the nerves in his legs were cut…

I had no medical knowledge but I had heard of such things happening.

It was so bad that he couldn’t feel it…


“…Ah…I can feel pain…ah…but now it’s gone…”


Blood was still flowing as I pressed the Loe into him.

After a short while, he could feel his legs again, which meant feeling pain.

But after grimacing for a second, his expression turned to surprise.


“All right.

That should do it.”

“I can feel my legs again…is such a thing… Thank you so much, pharmacist! And you too, Phillip!”

“No, I’m just glad that you’re better.”

“What a relief!”


Now that he could feel his legs again, and there wasn’t even a scar, the man jumped to his feet and cheered.

He seemed to be pretty close with Phillip.

Perhaps he was one of the villagers Phillip had gotten drunk with after hitting it off.

Which meant he was one of the people who suggested Phillip drink that wine… Well, I suppose it was a good thing, as we discovered the glass sphere because of it.


“Next is…”


And so with Sebastian and Phillip, and the help of those who were healed, we went around and treated the wounded with Loe.

Upon seeing the villagers recover, Rosalie hugged Leo with tears of joy streaming down her face.

She must have been incredibly worried.

What a gentle child.

Leo enveloped Rosalie in her fur, as if to soothe her.


“Phew… There was enough Loe after all.”


Loe could not be used more than once.

Sebastian did say that they were still somewhat potent, but they were covered in blood and grime…

And I didn’t want to take any risks of spreading diseases now.

I thought it would be safer to just use one Loe per person.


We treated nine people in all.

There were others with mild injuries, and there was no need to use Loe on them.

Unless they were in danger of losing limbs or being paralyzed, they should be fine.

In the end, considering how many orcs we had been up against, the damage had not been great.

…Though, it didn’t make me hate the merchants any less.

No part of me felt merciful, like I had once with Nick…



Takumi, thank you so much.”

“I would like to thank you as well, as a representative of the duke.”

“No, but…”

“If you weren’t here, Mr.

Takumi, this village would have been destroyed by the orcs.

And there would not have been a single survivor.”

“On behalf of my master, Lord Ekenhart… Thank you for saving Range village, Mr.



After all the work was done, we had gathered in the living room of Mr.

Hannes’s house.

Just as I was about to drink the tea that his wife poured for us, Mr.

Hannes and Sebastian bowed their heads and thanked me.

…As for the tea, it was not quite as good as the tea Ms.

Lyra made at the mansion.

Such rude thoughts flashed in my mind, but it was only to escape reality.

…Because it was a little awkward to be thanked by people like this…


“So, Sebastian.

Why did you come back with Leo”


Once all the uncomfortable business of gratitude was over, and things relaxed again, I asked Sebastian why he was here.

While both he and Leo had helped in arresting the merchants and dealing with matters in the village, I was still curious.

After all, he was supposed to be busy with matters related to the store.

And so I couldn’t help but wonder.


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