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Some People Were Badly Wounded


“Ah, Mr.

Sebastian and Mr.


Welcome back.

…As for the situation in the village…it is not very good…”

“What’s the problem”


Phillip noticed us, but when asked about the village, his expression turned dark.

Indeed, I had seen that there were some who were wounded…but was it really that bad

Perhaps I had been too relieved after hearing that there were no deaths.


“Well, it’s almost miraculous that no one died, in spite of it being a monster attack on this scale… But a few of the wounded are…”

“Yes, we were quite lucky there.

…It is all because of Mr.

Takumi’s efforts and good Leo’s aid.”


That’s true.

However, some of the men are badly wounded.

Though, they will likely live…”


It wasn’t so much due to my own efforts, but the efforts of the villagers who worked together.

I didn’t know much about monsters, but even I could see that we had been very fortunate to come out of this without any deaths.

In the end, it was mostly because of Leo… Had she arrived any later, I and some others might not have made it.

In any case, according to Phillip, there were problems with some of the wounded…


“Some cannot move their arms after being cut… While others…”


So according to Phillip, some of them had been wounded to a point where they could no longer move their limbs.

That could have grave consequences.

It was no wonder they didn’t feel like celebrating.

After all, some of these men may no longer be able to work.


“I see.

But you need not worry about them.”

“There is something that you can do then”


Takumi has prepared some herbs.”

“I see.

Then you can help them…!”


Sebastian brought up the herbs, and Phillip sighed with relief.

He had become quite friendly with the villagers after drinking with them, and so he seemed to be especially concerned about their state.

Obviously, I had also been treated very well here, and could not abandon them.


“Please gather all of the wounded into one place.

That way, I will be able to treat their wounds quickly.”

“I understand.

Right away!”

Ah, please call Mr.

Hannes as well.

We need to think of a place to hold these two.”



Phillip replied as he ran off.

The two merchants had given up some time ago, and just sat still and quite limp.

Or perhaps it was just that they were tied up so tightly now that they couldn’t move an inch.

…It hadn’t been like this when they were first put on the horses… I glanced over to Johanna, who had a satisfied expression.

I suppose she had made adjustments to the ropes after that…


“Sorry to keep you waiting.

The wounded are now being gathered at the center of the village.”

“Thank you.



As for these two, we mean to escort them to Ractos tomorrow, but do you have a place where we can keep them tonight”

“…Indeed… There is a building on the outskirts of the village that is not being used.

However, it cannot be locked, so they might escape…”

“You don’t need to worry about that.


“Yes! Phillip and I will keep watch.

Besides, it would be very difficult for them to escape in their current state.”

“That is true… Very well then.”



Hannes had returned to the village entrance after being called by Phillip.

And then Sebastian asked him about a place to hold the prisoners.

And while it was not the most ideal place…it was decided that it would be fine as long as Johanna and Phillip kept watch.

Besides, they had been tied so tightly by Johanna that they resembled bagworms now.

…But how would they use the bathroom …Well, that was not my concern.


“Well then, Johanna.

Take these two and follow Mr.



Takumi and I will go to where the wounded are kept.”



“Very well.

Come this way.

Ah, you’ll find the wounded in the same spot where we held the feast.”


And so Mr.

Hannes and Johanna left while carrying the two merchants.


Hannes had more reason than most to hate them, but I felt that he was holding back.

At least they had been caught.

He would keep control of himself while these visitors from the duke were present.

…Though, I really wouldn’t have minded if he cursed them aloud… Well, perhaps he was just not the type of person.


“Ah, let me know if they start to struggle.

I’ll send Leo to deal with it.”


“I understand.”




I said to Mr.

Hannes as they were leaving.

Leo nodded, and Mr.

Hannes nodded back.

And upon hearing Leo’s voice, the merchants tensed up with a whimper.

…That should keep them from attempting to escape.


“Now, let’s go and see the wounded.”



After seeing Mr.

Hannes and the others leave, Sebastian and I took Leo and went to the village square.

We had to help those who were in pain as soon as possible.


“Right here, Mr.

Sebastian and Mr.





We arrived at the village square and met up with Phillip.

Just then, Rosalie saw Leo and ran to her.

Obviously, she had not participated in the fight, but was now helping to treat the wounded… I could see that her hands were covered in blood.


“Leo…so many are…”



She was not her usual cheerful self.

Leo rubbed her face against Rosalie and tried to comfort her.



It will be fine.

I will heal them.”


“You will Mr.



“I mean it.

So cheer up, Rosalie.”


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