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I Used Loe to Treat My Injury


“It is a terrible injury.

I don’t know how you are still conscious…”

“That bad…ouch… Ah, now the pain is fading away.”


Apparently, the injury was a lot worse than I had realized.

After being bludgeoned by the broken spear, the skin had torn away… Once I was aware of how bad it was, the pain seemed to get worse.

But then Johanna applied the Loe and it immediately started to subside.

At least…my skull hadn’t cracked open… Then I would have definitely been dead… The thought filled my mind for a few seconds.


“It’s done.

You are now healed, and without a scar.

How do you feel”

“Not bad.

The pain is all gone.

…Loe really is effective… Thank you.”

“Oh, I didn’t do anything.”


Johanna stepped away then.

Thanks to the Loe, there was no more pain.

And I didn’t feel any other side effects.

No effects from blood loss either… I was stunned by how quick the Loe was…

Though, it did explain to me why it was so expensive.

Well, I had made a similar herb to help Sherry before, but that was probably special.




In the future, you must be more careful.”


…There was no reason for you to come out here with such an injury…”

“Hahaha… Well, I wasn’t really aware of it myself.

It just seemed like a little pain…but nothing I couldn’t bear.

Besides, you wouldn’t have been able to recognize them, right”

“Perhaps, but…”


Well, they would have to be satisfied with that for now.

Though, there wouldn’t be many people traveling here at this hour.

So they would have probably been able to catch them without me.

But I suppose I wanted to see the merchants captured with my own eyes.

That was how angry I had been over what they did.

…Though, it also made me feel a little pathetic for not being able to catch them with my own power…


“Well, that’s fine.

We should return to Range village.

There is a lot that must be done, isn’t there”

“…Very well.

But please don’t do something like this again.”

“All right.”


While Sebastian nodded, it was clear that he would not stop warning me about it.

I did feel bad about causing them to worry… And I was glad that there were people who felt such concern over me.

Johanna was nodding as well.

I felt a little happy.




And I’m sorry for making you worry as well, Leo.

There, there…”


Now that the horses were calm, Leo saw that my wound had been treated, and she rubbed her nose against me.

She had been so worried, and so I petted her and thanked her for the help.


“Now, let’s take these men back.”

“To Range village first”


It will be too difficult to go to Ractos at this hour.

It would be better to keep them in the village for now.”

“Very well… Ah, I will follow after you later, so please go on ahead.

Leo and I will catch up in no time.”

“…What are you going to do”


Sebastian and Johanna tied the merchants together and placed them on one of the horses.

I saw them whisper threats into their ears, so that they wouldn’t move, and then they would glance at Leo.

They were strapped to the horses so that they wouldn’t fall off, and then the other horse was attached as well.


As I watched them, I told Sebastian that they should go ahead of me.

And then Sebastian looked at me suspiciously.

Well, perhaps I had not shown myself to have the best judgment recently, and he thought I was going to do something reckless again… Of course, I had no intention of doing any such thing.


“Some of the villagers were wounded as well.

And so I’m going to make some Loe here before returning.

…After all, I don’t want them to know about Weed Cultivation.”

“I see.

Very well.

Just be carefull…”

“We’ll go on ahead then, Mr.


“Yes, see you later.”



And so they took the merchants and left.

As the horses were connected, they moved much slower than usual.

And so I would have no trouble catching up with them after making the Loe.

I would have to be very secretive if I used Weed Cultivation in the village, so it was easier to do it here, where I didn’t have to worry about being watched.

I suppose I could have gone to Mr.

Hannes’s house, but that was in the far corner of the village, and it would be best if I could treat the wounded as soon as I arrived.


“…All right… I think this should be enough”



I counted the Loe that I had made.

Leo was nodding… Perhaps she had counted the number of people who were wounded and would require the Loe.


“Well, let’s catch up with Sebastian and Johanna.

Thank you, Leo.”



After putting the Loe in my breast pocket, I climbed onto leo.

It had not taken much time, so they would not have gone too far yet.

…Though, the thorns of the Loe leaves were…prickly… But it could not be helped, as they were fresh.


“We’ve returned.

How is the situation, Phillip”


We reunited with Sebastian and the others and returned to Range village.

There were still some orc corpses around the entrance, but it seemed that things were going smoothly.

The smell of blood was a lot more mild than before.

We dismounted and then Sebastian started to talk to Phillip, who was giving orders to the villagers near the entrance.


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