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Magic System in a Parallel World Chapter 2: Coming Back From the Dead

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Chapter 2: Coming Back From the Dead

Chapter 2: Coming Back From the Dead

“Take a seat.” Miss Camille pointed at one of the beds in the infirmary.

Leo subconsciously picked the bed closest to the window.

Miss Camille smiled inwardly when she saw that hed picked the bed the previous Leo used the most.

“First and foremost, lets talk about the nature of this world. Like youd just witnessed, magic exists in this world. This is possible because of the mana that fills this world. In order to use magic, you must convert the mana in the air into your own energy.”

“Does this mean I can also use magic!” Leo immediately asked, his voice filled with excitement.

Miss Camille silently stared at him with a pondering face for a moment before speaking, “Probably not.”

“Eh! Why not!” Leos heart sank the moment he heard that he might not be able to use magic, something he has fantasized about since he was a child.

“Because not everyone is born with the ability to use magic. Even in this world that is highly reliant on magic, about 60 percent of the worlds population are unable to use magic. As for you, who was born in a world without magic, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to use magic.” Miss Camille explained.

And she continued, “Furthermore, the previous Leo was also unable to use magic.”

“Ah, this sucks…” Leo laid on the bed with a dejected look on his face.

“I was really looking forward to using magic, too… I really want to go home now.”

Seeing his dispirited energy, Miss Camille spoke, “Even if you cannot use magic, you can still use magic artifacts that are infused with mana, and they even have magic spells stored in them. This is what the previous Leo did. However, magic artifacts are very expensive, and they have limited durability.”

And she continued, “We can talk about magic later. There is one very important thing beside magic that exists in this world that you must be aware of— vampires.”

Leos eyes widened with shock.

“D-Did you just say vampires Like the ones that suck your blood and stuff” He asked in a trembling voice.

“So vampires exist in your world as well The vampires in this world suck on mana instead of blood, though.” Miss Camille said.

Leo shook his head. “Yes and no. Vampires exist, but only in movies and fiction.”

“Is that so Anyways, vampires here look exactly like us humans, but they have a very distinct appearance. White hair and red eyes. If you see one, run away, or youll die.”

“Theyre like animals but with human intelligence, and their instincts tell them to hunt humans and absorb our mana.”

“What happens if they suck our mana Does that also mean humans without mana are safe from them” Leo asked.

“All humans have mana in their body, including those that cannot use magic. If someone loses all of their mana, they will die a very slow and painful death. However, that rarely happens unless it is done by a vampire.”

Leo swallowed nervously, and he raised his hand, “Another question. Do vampires just wander around the street looking for their prey”

“No. Most major cities in this world are protected by a barrier that prevents all vampires from entering. However, the barriers arent perfect, so vampires sometimes sneak into cities. Once again, this rarely happens. As long as you stay inside the city, youll be safe.”

“Any questions”

“A lot…” Leo sighed.

“You can save them for another time then. Well now talk about your existence in this world.”

“As Id mentioned not long ago, youre already dead in this world. But since they have never recovered your body, we can just say that youd managed to survive. For your own safety, do not tell anybody that youre actually from another world, do you understand”

“Can I ask why” Leo asked out of curiosity.

“Do you want to be put in a prison cell and become a lab rat” Miss Camille narrowed her eyes at him.

“Of course not!”

“Then it would be in your best interest to keep your mouth shut. Until youre strong enough, do not tell the truth to anyone— not even those you trust with your life. As for your backstory, well say that youre suffering from amnesia, hence why you do not remember anything done by the previous Leo. Do you understand”

“I do.” Leo nodded earnestly.

“Good. Now I have a question for you. Do you have any experience with combat”

“Uhh… Ive fought a couple of class bullies in my life, but besides that…” He shook his head.

“Then youll need to learn how to wield a weapon. If you wish to stay as a student in this school or survive this world, youll need to learn how to fight.Leo used a sword, so youll also learn to use one.”

“What about magic I know theres a good chance that I cannot use magic, but I still want to try.”

Miss Camille sighed and said, “Fine, we can try later. However, even if you can, by some miracle, use magic, you still wont be able to use magic freely.”

“What do you mean” Leo tilted his head.

“Did you already forgetLeo cannot use magic. If you suddenly start using magic, people will start questioning you, which will cause plenty of problems. Although we can use magic artifacts to disguise your magic, we can talk about that later— if you can even use magic.”

“I understand.” Leo nodded.

“One more thing.Leo is known for being cool-headed and always calm, and based on our conversation so far, youre quite the opposite.”

Leo shrugged, “Actually, Im usually quiet and reserved. However, Id just been transferred to another world where magic and vampires exist. I cant help but be excited, you know Furthermore, youre special to me, Miss Camille. I only act this relaxed whenever I am with you. Although you may not be the same Miss Camille from my memories, you look, sound, and even act like the Miss Camille that I know.”

“…” Miss Camille stared at the smile on Leos face with a profound expression, her thoughts unknown.

After talking to each other for some more time, Miss Camille said to him, “Are you ready tocome back from the dead”

“Did you really have to say it like that” Leo showed a bittersweet smile.

He proceeded to close his eyes and take a deep breath.

“Alright, I am ready,” he said as he opened his eyes.

Miss Camille unlocked the door and began leading him through the long hallways until they reached the third floor.

This is… the Headmistresss quarters Leo thought to himself as they approached the end of the hallway on the third floor.

Miss Camille knocked on the door when they arrived.

“Headmistress, its me.”

“Camille Enter.” A female voice resounded from inside the room.

Miss Camille opened the door and walked inside with Leo right behind her.

Sitting at the end of the room before a large wooden desk was a red-haired beauty who emitted an overwhelming aura that demanded everyone before her presence to be obedient.

“Hey, Camille. Whats the—”

The Headmistress halted her mouth when she noticed Leo. In fact, she forgot how to breathe for the next few moments as she stared at Leos familiar yet foreign face.

“Headmistress, before you act all cra—”

“LEO!!!” The Headmistress suddenly stood up and slammed her desk, causing the entire room to tremble.

Leo swallowed nervously. The Headmistress in this world was countless times more fearsome than the one in his own world, and he was judging her by her presence alone.

After standing up, the Headmistress rushed to stand in front of Leo, and she started pulling on his face.

“Hey, that hurts!” Leo quickly stepped back and stared at her like a nervous child.

“Headmistress, please calm down.” Miss Camille quickly stood between them.

“Camille! Whats the meaning of this! Why is Leo here! I demand an explanation!”

“I wouldve done so long ago if you hadnt interrupted me.” Miss Camille sighed as she shook her head.

“Anyways, Im sure you already know this, but hes Leo.”

“Thats impossible! Leo died three months ago!”

“Let me finish. We all believed that Leo had died, but thats not the case. Hed actually survived, but for some reason, he wasnt able to return until today. I just found this out not long ago when I found him wandering in front of the school building.”

The Headmistress stared at Leo with her mouth and eyes wide open.

“L-Leo… Is that really you W-What happened during the past three months Where have you been”

“Dont bother. He has amnesia, so he doesnt remember anything about what happened. In fact, hes missing most of his memories.” Miss Camille said.

“No way…” The Headmistress staggered backward until she was stopped by her own desk.

“W-Wait! What about his combat abilities Does he at least remember how to fight!”

“Unfortunately, no.” Miss Camille shook her head.

The Headmistress began pondering with a frown on her face.

“Perhaps if we awakened his memories using magic, he might…”

“I have already tried that.” Miss Camille quickly said.

“As much as I hate to say it, theres nothing we can do but wait until he recovers his memories by himself.”

“What a disaster!” The Headmistress sighed out loud, and she continued, “Despite not being able to use magic, he was one of the strongest students in this academy! As a knight, hed surpassed all expectations! He even fought and killed many vampires! Without Leo, our academys prowess is greatly weakened!”

“However, not all hope is lost! Even if Leo loses all of his memories, his talent is still there! As long as we train him properly, he will eventually regain his former strength. And when he recovers his memories, hell become even more powerful!” Despite despairing just moments ago, the Headmistress managed to bounce back with enthusiasm.

Leo swallowed nervously, and he glanced at Miss Camille, who merely shook her head in silence.

Im screwed… Leo sighed inwardly.

“Headmistress, do you mind if I take care of his training” Miss Camille suddenly said.

“Huh What about your job as a nurse Youre the most experienced nurse we have!”

“Its not like I am going to train him for the entire day. Well do it after school.”

“Are you sure You dont have to force yourself. There are plenty of instructors—” The Headmistress frowned.

“As long as you pay for overtime.” Miss Camille calmly interrupted.

The Headmistress smiled and said, “Im not talking about that, but of course, youll be paid overtime.”

“Then its fine. I will do it.”

The Headmistress nodded.

Haaa… I cannot imagine how the academy will react once they learn that Leo has come back from the dead. She sighed inwardly.

“Anyways, if you need any help, you know where to find me.”

“Of course.”

Leo left the Headmistress room with Miss Camille shortly after.

“Now what” Leo asked her.

“Now you will go to class and truly come back from the dead,” she calmly said.

Leo swallowed nervously, “What kind of classes did I attend Magic classes”

“You cant use magic, so you only took ordinary classes.”

“As long as its not about magic and vampires, I should have no trouble with the materials and the examinations, so I wont fail any classes…” He sighed in relief.

“Why are you looking at me like that Studying is the only thing I am good at.” He said after seeing Miss Camilles weird face.

Sometime later, they returned to the second floor and stopped in front of the first classroom beside the staircase.

Miss Camille knocked on the door and waited for the teacher.

A moment later, a blonde beauty wearing a white cheongsam appeared before them.

“Camille Whats the—” The teacher halted her mouth when she noticed the handsome figure standing behind Miss Camille.

It took a long moment, but she eventually recognized his face and exclaimed in a shocked voice, “L-L-Leo!”


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