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Chapter 999: Rock Star

Mu Feichi glanced at Si Wenxuan, and his cold, handsome face remained indifferent.

“Si Wenxuan, because of you, the team has had to endure collective punishment.

You dont reflect on your mistakes, but instead accuse your instructor.

Did a dog eat your upbringing and common sense”

“Brother Feichi, you…” Being scolded by Mu Feichi so terribly in public, Si Wenxuan could no longer hold back her emotions.

She bit her lip indignantly, and her eyes reddened.

She almost cried on the spot.

“If you dont want to participate in military training, you can go back and tell your father.

I wont force you.

Dont put on the airs of a spoiled brat in front of me.

Everyone on the military training field is equal.

I will treat everyone equally regardless of your identity.”

Mu Feichi reprimanded her curtly and completely embarrassed Si Wenxuan in public.

She ran away with teary eyes.

The entire team that had been punished also experienced a change in mood because of Mu Feichis arrival.

His harshness and refusal to give Si Wenxuan special treatment had made them feel very happy.

They were dissatisfied with Si Wenxuan, and, because of her status, they could only secretly curse her to release their anger.

However, Mu Feichi was different.

As soon as he arrived, Si Wenxuan could not get away with her behavior.

He was too cool!

He was too domineering!

“Ahhhh… Young Commander.

He is the Young Commander!”

In the crowd, someone recognized Mu Feichi and screamed uncontrollably.

“It really is the Young Commander!”

“Young Commander…”

The calls of Young Commander echoed one after another throughout the riled-up crowd.

Mu Feichis prestige in their generation was the same as superstars who only appear on TV, and he was equally popular.

It was not only because he was young and handsome, but also because he had already achieved many commendable military accomplishments at his age.

A man who defended his home and country always possessed a unique charm.

Standing in the crowd, Yun Xi could not help but smile when looking at the group of obsessed fangirls who were crazy about Mu Feichi.

That outwardly nice but inwardly evil guy could have come much earlier, but he had waited until Si Wenxuans team was about to finish their punishment.

As soon as he appeared, Si Wenxuan would certainly throw in the towel, and everyone would be punished again.

He was too cunning!

He was torturing her clandestinely.

Mu Feichi turned to look at Qi Yuan, “Continue the training!”

“Yes, sir!” Qi Yuan answered.

A whistle sounded, and the whistles of other instructors followed.

Qiao Ximin had originally come to see the military training.

She had caught a whiff of the news that the Young Commanders subordinates were going to come to provide military training to the freshman.

She wanted to try her luck, but she did not expect to see the Young Commander.

At the beginning of the training, Mu Feichi had stood silently in the shade of the trees and looked at the fresh young faces.

He fixed his eyes on an upright figure in the crowd.

Compared to the pathetic condition of the other freshmen, she was unperturbed and stood calmly.

Her cheeks were burnt red by the sun, and they looked pink and tender.

She looked cute.

Standing on the stairs, Qiao Ximin stared at the figure in the shade.

She held two bottles of water in her hand and hesitated whether she should walk over at this time.

Young Commander Mu had the hostility and sternness of a soldier, which made her heart palpitate and thrilled her.

Qi Yuans team was still standing in military position when Qiao Ximin finally mustered the courage to pass Mu Feichi a bottle of mineral water.

Before she could follow through, though, Qi Yuan took a bottle of mineral water from the ground and handed it to Mu Feichi.

Qiao Ximins movement down the stairs paused, and she stood awkwardly, watching the opportunity she had missed because of a moments hesitation.

Qi Yuan glanced at the figure standing behind him through his sunglasses and told Mu Feichi about it in a low voice.

Mu Feichi curled his lips playfully, and a trace of indifference crossed his cold, handsome face.

Without saying much, he turned and left the training area.

As he walked, he took out his mobile phone and dialed a number.

Si Wenxuan was studying at Jingdu University and had even caused trouble during military training.

If she was not properly disciplined, she would definitely get into trouble.

It seemed that he needed to have a good conversation with the President about this.

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