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Chapter 973: Exam Hall or Bedroom

Liang Weimin had been completely distracted throughout the course of the meal.

He looked up from time to time, and he could not focus on his food.

They had been married for close to 20 years, yet this was the first time he had seen Chen Lixue being so caring and warm to someone.

The scene had left him stunned and had made it hard for him to accept this reality.

No matter what, he had to swallow his pride.

He had to accept the reality of their divorce.

Chen Lixues overt enthusiasm had been a surprise to Yun Xi as well.

However, most of the chill in the restaurant came from the restraint that Su Zongping displayed.

He was a well-known pervert, and his facade of conservatism made her skin crawl.

She had a good knowledge of the kind of man he was from her past life.

However, she felt that she was doing the world a service by sending Chen Lixue into the mouth of this wolf.

Liang Weimin didnt eat well, and neither did Yun Xi as she was worried he might explode and flip their table over out of frustration, so she had to eat her meal while staying on guard.

Liang Weimin had made her talk about her recent life.

He knew that she had been a valedictorian in three subjects and that she had even gone on a student exchange.

The awe and pride that filled him were almost as if his own daughter had accomplished all of this.

His own daughter hadnt been successful, yet his niece who he had brought up had accomplished much, and it made him happy in spite of all the other annoyances.

The meal had been emotionally draining, and, after they had finished, Yun Xi found an excuse to visit the bathroom.

Her break hadnt been very long as the door had opened and revealed Liang Xinyi coming to join her.

“Long time, no see, Yun Xi!” Liang Xinyi approached her haughtily and stood next to her at the sink.

Her tone was full of arrogance and mockery.

Yun Xi remained facing the mirror and washed her hands casually.

It took a while for her to reply, “It has been a while.

I heard you got into Jingdu University.”

Although her voice was calm and emotionless, to Liang Xinyi, there were hints of sarcasm in her tone.


It didnt matter that I didnt have the support of the Yun family or your brains, I got into Jingdu University anyway.

Whats the point of being valedictorian in three subjects In the end, youre in Jingdu with me.”

“But you see…” Yun Xi shook the soapy water off her hands and raised her eyebrows, “…I got in through the examination hall, and you got in through the bedroom.

I was using my potential and you were using your body.

Do you really think we are comparable”

“You…” Liang Xinyis face turned gray.

Yun Xis words had jabbed her where it hurt the most.

Her mocking gaze was transformed into a vicious one immediately.

“And what about it I still got in!”

HMMM! “Theres nothing great about getting into Jingdu University this way, so I naturally wont lower my status by comparing myself to you.”

“What status do you have exactly Your own mother treats you as a jinx.”

Liang Xinyi had thought that using the jinx nickname would be returning the jab that Yun Xi had given her, but Yun Xi retained her usual composure.

Her eyes continued to sparkle and keep their proud air as if she had not heard her at all.

“True, my mom cant compare to yours.

For the sake of your future, your mom is willing to be a mistress and seduce a widower.

She truly is willing to sacrifice so much for you.”

“Seduce They fell in love at first sight.

I suppose you dont know who he is He is the fourth son of the Su family, one of the four wealthiest families in Jingdu! If my mom marries him, we could be living a life of absolute luxury.

You wont be able to compare with us.”

Yun Xi casually leaned her body against the sink, and a teasing expression was on full display on her face.

“Of course, by that time, you will be a daughter of the Su family and will gain an official title to attend the Socialite Ball.”

“Of course, once I have become the number one socialite, I will make you pay.

I will definitely surpass you.”

In her mind, she had already surpassed Yun Xi.

She had gained the right to attend the Socialite Ball, but Yun Xi hadnt.

The more she thought about it, the more confident she was about her absolute advantage.

Standing before Yun Xi, she was brimming with self-confidence and pride.

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