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Chapter 969: One Body

Yun Xi took a deep breath, and she closed her eyes to gather her emotions and thoughts.

She wasnt afraid of his mockery, nor was she afraid of embarrassing her instructor.

But she needed to be calm when facing this tricky situation in order to make the right decisions.

Also, based on Mu Feichis character, he wouldnt fool around with the lives of his comrades, even if they were using real guns and bullets.

Mu Feichi knew better than anyone else that there were differences between friends and enemies.

Yun Xi opened her eyes suddenly after shed thought about it.

She held up the laser rangefinder and binoculars.

She then began searching for the teams targets hidden at the high points around her.

She knew very well that her opponents would also be looking for her while she searched for them.

They were all aiming to spot their enemies faster and more accurately than one another and also to shoot to kill quickly and ruthlessly.

Before she could find where her enemies were hidden, a bullet flew through the air and hit the wall in front of them.

There were some dilapidated walls around the water tank.

However, the building had been abandoned long ago, and the walls had almost completely collapsed.

Only a portion of them was left standing in front of Yun Xi.

She could see that these thin red brick walls would fall over once they got hit by three or four more bullets.

Without the walls in front of her, that bullet would have hit her right in the thighs.

Their opponent had fired directly at the wall in front of her.

When the bullet hit the bricks, it stirred up a wave of dust.

Yun Xi closed her eyes a little when it happened, and her heart began pumping rapidly.

“Dont move!” Mu Feichi reminded her as he pressed down harder on her shoulders with the gun.

Yun Xi bit her lips, and she didnt dare to move at all.

Looking at where the bullet came from, she immediately tried to identify the position of their opponents.

Using her rangefinder, she scanned through the different levels in the building.

After looking around, Yun Xi could not find her target in any of the higher location points.

Then right at that moment, a second shot hit precisely on the same spot as the first shot.

Yun Xi initially stood calmly on the spot.

But after they fired at her twice, she felt her palms sweat, and her breathing became erratic.

She knew that Li Zilan wouldnt put a bullet through her head.

But Yun Xi started thinking that if she were in a real battle and bullets were flying over her head, would she still be able to stand still like a tree and do a proper job as a spotter

While facing the dangers of getting killed, having a no-fear attitude was pretty difficult.

Its no wonder that Mu Feichi said that if they didnt use real guns and bullets, no one would feel the real threats and pressures of getting killed.

Completing a task under tremendous pressure was not something an ordinary person could do properly.

Sensing Yun Xis nerves and fear, Mu Feichi narrowed his eyes, and a cold glare flicked across them.

The corners of Mu Feichis lips turned up into a faint smile, and he began speaking in a calm voice.

“The sniper is the puppet of the spotter, as they are only responsible for following the spotters orders and pulling the trigger.

When you are on a real battlefield, you must complete your task even if you get shot.

Because a spotter is the snipers second life, your abilities and observations will determine if I can kill our enemies or get killed instead.

Therefore, I have absolute trust in you, and I have placed my life in your hands.

Similarly, you must have trust in me too.”

Only when the spotter and sniper cooperate and have complete trust in each other can they indeed be one body.

When Yun Xi understood what he meant, she calmed herself and steadied her breathing.

She tightened her grip around the binoculars as she looked into them.

Very quickly, she found the reflection of their opponent on a window at one of the high points far away from them.

“They are 1,300 yards away.

Fire at your 3 oclock, slightly to the left and behind a window.

The wind speed is about five MPH, and its coming from the south.”

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