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Mu Feichi had convinced Yun Xi to stay for lunch on Tianyu Mountain on the grounds that Great White had missed her very much.

After lunch, Yun Xi met Gu Baifan, the Executive Director of the Mu family.

He was renowned as Mu Feichi\'s most capable assistant.

Yun Xi had heard of this name in her past life, but she had never met him before.

After all, not everyone got a chance to meet a person this important.

Although Gu Baifan was titled Executive Director, his position was equivalent to Vice President of the Mu Corporation.

He reigned supreme over the thousands of people in the company.

He was the person who Mu Feichi trusted the most, and he was also the most senior manager who wielded power in the Mu Corporation.

All the significant events of the entire Mu Corporation had to be reviewed and screened by Gu Baifan before being passed to Mu Feichi for the final decisions.

What\'s more, this legendary Executive Director was only a few years older than Mu Feichi.

He was already mature and steadfast even though he was under 30 years old.

He also acted decisively and was even more ruthless than Mu Feichi in handling business matters.

All the old men on the board of directors could not deny his capabilities.

Yun Xi looked at the figure walking toward the hallway from the couch in the living room.

In her past life, she had only seen this legendary business whiz on TV.

But now, he was standing in front of her.

The feeling she had was the same as when she first met Mu Feichi.

It was incredible.

Young Master! Gu Baifan stopped in his tracks and respectfully greeted Mu Feichi, but his sharp eyes fell on the figure who was cozying up with Great White on the other end of the couch.

It was the first time he had ever seen someone who could make Great White behave so obediently.

Moreover, this person was only a young girl.

He knew that she was scrutinizing him, and he was not afraid of her scrutiny.

He even withdrew his piercing stare, letting her size him up in a leisurely manner.

Yun Xi did not expect this legendary man who was so influential to be so much younger than she\'d thought!

He was not a scruffy old man or a greasy-looking middle-aged man with a beer belly.

The man standing in front of her was dressed smartly in a well-tailored white shirt and black trousers, which accentuated his figure and made him appear taller.

There was something about men dressed in white shirts that had an indescribable charm.

Beneath his poised appearance, there was a proud air about him, but it did not make him seem egotistic or conceited.

He gave the impression of being an intense and unfathomable man.

The stern expression on his face had also softened and become gentler in their presence, which was interestingly harmonious with his handsome face.

Gu Baifan\'s appearance and capabilities could really take down all parties in the market.

Mu Feichi raised his eye and introduced her to Gu Baifan.

Baifan, this is Yun Xi, Miss Yun.

She is the future Mrs.

Mu, the lady of the family.

... Gu Baifan seemed to be taken aback by the Young Master\'s unique introduction.

His piercing dark eyes twitched, and he turned his head to look again at the young girl who was obviously of a tender age sitting on the sofa.

He then looked at his Young Master\'s serious look and realized that he was not joking.

With a composed look, he turned to look at the young girl who had now stood up and he said politely, Miss Yun! It is very nice to meet you, I\'m Gu Baifan.

Hello, I am Yun Xi.

Baifan, show Miss Yun the information about the tender offer and the participating companies for the construction project that the Mayor is responsible for.

Young Master, are you sure it is not you who wants to review it Gu Baifan raised his eyebrows and looked at Mu Feichi, thinking he had heard him wrong.

Show it to her.

I won\'t intervene in this project.

If you have any questions, ask her.

... Now, Gu Baifan really did not know how to continue.

His Young Master had asked him to talk to a young girl about this kind of project valued at tens of billions which relied on professional terminology.

Would she even be able to understand it

Young Master, are you sure you\'re not making a mistake

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