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Chapter 943: A Low-Profile Political Family

The amusement park had been open for several months, coinciding with the summer holidays, and the number of children who came to enjoy it was particularly large.

Many of the attractions had long lines, especially the massive Ferris wheel, where the lines were not only long, but also especially slow.

Qiao Ximin stood impatiently at the front of the line, having no choice but to force a smile on her face and wipe away her sweat, talking to the mayors wife from time to time.

After waiting for more than half an hour, just as she was about to have a heat stroke from the sun, it was finally their turn.

There were too many people in line, so Yun Xi and Feng Xixian stood in the group of people at the back.

Just as the Ferris wheel lifted off and had completed one rotation, Yun Xi, who had been talking with Feng Xixian, looked up and noticed a passenger in the cabin that had just completed a rotation had fallen off his chair.

In the cabin, a middle-aged woman supported the child and banged on the glass door in a desperate attempt to get the Ferris wheel to stop.

Instantly understanding that something was wrong, Yun Xi quickly turned to Feng Xixian and said, “Someone is having some sort of attack in the cabin, get the staff to stop the Ferris wheel! Now!”

One round of the Ferris wheel takes at least ten minutes, so three rounds will take up to half an hour.

If it was not stopped in time and something really happened to one of its passengers, this newly opened amusement park would have to be closed down.


Not realizing what had happened, Feng Xixian made her way out of the line and rushed up to where the staff worked.

Yun Xi didnt stay idle either.

She pushed through the crowd and approached the staff on the ground, telling them to inform the machine control room to stop the Ferris wheel.

Looking in the direction she was pointing, the staff member also noticed the tourist in one of the cabins desperately rapping on the hatch.

After talking on the intercom to the person in the control room, he quickly walked to the gate and waited for that Ferris wheel cabin to return to the ground.

The lively crowd was suddenly abuzz with speculation.

With great difficulty, the control room personnel cooperated with the ground staff to run the Ferris wheel backward toward the ground.

Soon, the middle-aged woman in the cabin emerged with her child in her arms.

“Doctor! Call a doctor! Ning Ning, please dont scare Grandma! Ning Ning, please wake up…”

The mayors wife held the child as she knelt on the ground.

It seemed as if the child had been convulsing.

Yun Xi pushed through the crowd and ran forward, kneeling on the ground beside the child while reaching out to check the childs pulse.

She looked up and said: “Madame, I am a medical student, please let me take a look at the child.

I have already sent someone to call the paramedics.”


Yang held the child as she looked at the young girl in front of her.

The child was convulsing, and she, the grandmother, was really heartbroken.

No longer caring about anything else at the moment, she could only nod her head in an anxious panic: “Quickly find out whats wrong with our Ning Ning!”

Feeling his pulse while laying the child flat on the ground, Yun Xi concentrated on monitoring the number of heartbeats.

She watched as the childs fingers spasmed, both hands twisted into chicken claws, gasping for air, the entire body cold and weak.

“Madame, does the child have any heart conditions” Yun Xi raised her head to look at the middle-aged woman across from her.

She looked somewhat familiar, and after a few more glances she remembered who she was.

Isnt this the mayors wife of Jingdu

In her past life, she had had a meeting with Mrs.

Yang at a reception, and she remembered that this child was the most precious grandson of their family.

When shed met Mrs.

Yang, the young master of the Yang family had already graduated from college, and the warm, lovely young man had attracted a lot of peoples attention as soon as hed appeared at the reception.

The Yang family was considered a relatively low-profile political family from Kyoto.

Many large commercial families hoped to enter into a marriage with the Yang family, but the Yang family had few children, and the youngest had just turned 21 years old.

All these foolish people would have to wait for a few more years.

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