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Chapter 942: Bo Jue Amusement Park

Yun Xi had planned that her battle with Qiao Ximin would start when they were both students at Jingdu University.

Now she didnt have a plan to deal with Qiao Ximin yet.

The Qiao family was the most crucial character in Yun Xis game and her ultimate target for revenge.

She cant let the Qiao family or Qiao Ximin get kicked out so early in the game.

People always say that the higher you climb, the harder you fall.

The Qiao family had only just started to stand out, so they had not yet experienced being at the top and wouldnt know the feeling of losing everything.

So what Yun Xi needed to do now was to encourage Qiao Ximins ambitions.

And she would do it just like how she had forced Liang Xinyi into sacrificing herself and her body in exchange for what she wanted.

After one gets what one wants, one would always want to get more and protect everything one has at all costs.

One would feel more pain when being cut by a blunt knife, and this was the exact reason why she didnt want to get rid of the Qiao family too easily.

If she eliminated the Qiao family at this point, she would no longer have so much fun in her game.

Yun Xi hated Qiao Ximin and Han Yaotian so much that she wouldnt ever find peace within herself if she didnt get back at them.

She hadnt expected their first encounter to be so soon.

A few days after Yun Xi had returned home, many parents living in the villa residences had asked her to tutor their children.

The first one who asked her was Feng Yangs sister, Feng Xixian.

As Yun Xi had tutored her previously, she accepted the job.

And, since school had just started, she made full use of the time to teach her the main essential topics.

“Yun Xi, I heard that the biggest Bo Jue Amusement Park in Jingdu has opened.

Theres a huge Ferris wheel.

Why dont we go take a look”

Yun Xi took a look at the time and then at the results of the last assignment shed given Feng Xixian.

After seeing that shed done well, Yun Xi nodded.

“All right! I will buy you a ticket to the amusement park as a reward since you did well on this assignment.”

“Oh, yes! Yun Xi, youre the best!”

Feng Xixian jumped up from her chair after hearing that Yun Xi would buy the tickets and go with her.

“Lets go! Our chauffeur will drive us there!”

“I will go get changed.”

Yun Xi had gotten used to carrying a bag when she went out.

She never knew when she might need it to defend herself if she got kidnapped again.

She didnt know when it had started, but she could no longer neglect her safety.

At the same time, Qiao Ximin was also at the amusement park, keeping the mayors wife and her grandson company.

Qiao Ximin was not interested in coming to a place that was mainly for children to have fun.

But it was a rare opportunity where she could get close to the mayors family.

So even if it meant playing with the mayors young grandson, she wouldnt miss it for the world.

The mayors wife doted on her only baby grandson.

Qiao Ximin wanted to spend more time with the mayors wife to create a good impression so that she would speak in favor of the Qiao family to her husband.

So of course Qiao Ximin had to act well behaved.

Qiao Ximin was good at pleasing older people, but she usually was impatient when dealing with young kids.

It was the summer season now, and it was torture for her to line up under the scorching sun to go on rides, and she even had to do it without any special privileges or treatment.

Holding a lacey umbrella in one hand, Qiao Ximin wiped the perspiration off her forehead.

Her makeup was long gone, but she persisted and stayed in the line.

The mayors wife held an umbrella over her grandson.

Although she was already more than 40 years old, she seemed to handle the heat and the wait better than the young Qiao Ximin.

She was clear about Qiao Ximins purpose in approaching her.

The Young Commander had already told her that Qiao Ximin would try to curry favors with her family to prevent the Qiao family from getting in trouble for anything.

But of course she couldnt let on that she knew.

Moreover, she absolutely couldnt stand how Qiao Ximin was behaving like a delicate heiress.

However, since Qiao Ximin needed a favor from her family, she wouldnt mind putting her through some hardships.

Anyway, Qiao Ximin was the one who had suggested coming to the amusement park, so the mayors wife just took the opportunity to bring her grandson along for fun.

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