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Chapter 941: Mu Feichi Stakes His Claim

Mu Feichi looked at Yun Xi with a smile as he swiftly caught the cushion she threw at him.

“What Babe, did you think that I would climb through the windows into your house every day Well, I can do that too, because I bought the house next to you.

So if I climb onto your balcony, I dont even need the keys.”

“…” What else could she say when he was so shameless

“Well, at least take your things over to your apartment.

I wont be able to explain them if my father does a surprise spot check and finds all of these in my house.”

“Dont worry.

I bought everything of the same color, and even the home slippers are of a size that both men and women can use.

None of these things look like theyre for a man.

So even if your father comes over, he wont think that you are keeping a man at home.”

Yun Xi couldnt help but roll her eyes.

She took a deep breath and said, “Sir, you sure thought of everything.”

This man in front of her was always thinking of ways to get his way with her.

And Yun Xi always felt as if her plans and thoughts were useless when confronted with him.

Mu Feichi nodded and looked at her earnestly.

It was as if he was emphasizing something extremely serious.

“I dont have an option.

You will probably have many suitors once you go to university.

And before I can eliminate them one by one, I have to carve a way for myself first.”

This little girl, who was about to come of age, had gradually become gentler and more delicate.

He felt as if he was reading a book and had gotten to the most exciting part.

Mu Feichi started noticing the radiance Yun Xi gave off, and he knew that other men would be able to sense it too.

He can only start to slowly take out all her suitors once he has established himself with her.

Yun Xi couldnt respond to what Mu Feichi had just said.

It would sound wrong no matter how she said it.

“Oh, yes, here is detailed information about the prominent figures in your school.

Qiao Ximin is in her second year and is a campus belle with many suitors.

Si Wenxuan, who went to the high school for the noble families, did not study abroad and has also been accepted into Jingdu University.”

“Thats so weird.

As the Presidents daughter, why is Si Wenxuan living such a high-profile lifestyle Why isnt she worried that someone will try to kidnap her After all, all it takes to create an international incident would be for a foreign special agent to kidnap her and threaten the President.

It would be so easy to negotiate for any terms from him when holding his daughter as bait.”

Mu Feichi stopped what he was doing when he heard what Yun Xi had said.

He smiled as he leaned on the sofa and started telling her about a past incident.

“Ive talked to you about this previously.

When Si Wenxuan was still a child, there was an incident where people tried to kill her and her mother.

So after that incident, the President spoiled her rotten.

She has also experienced kidnapping.

I was the one who led a team of special agents and rescued her within five hours.

The country that kidnapped her sent more than 100 kidnappers, and none survived.

Many knew about this incident, although that country wouldnt talk about it openly.

But after that, it became well known internationally that Jun Country has a capable army special forces unit that is brave, unpredictable, and can fight against lots of people.

As no one can find out any details of our unit, no one dared to think about laying their hands on her again.”

It was also because no one knew precisely about the forces protecting Si Wenxuan.

Hence, no one dared to come and risk death again.

So Si Wenxuan no longer hides when shes studying or socializing.

But she still has a small team of bodyguards protecting her from afar.

Her childhood and how she was brought up were the exact reasons why she was so arrogant now.

Yun Xi finally understood why Si Wenxuan refused to leave Mu Feichi alone.

Mu Feichi had saved her once when she was at the age of just finding out about love.

He was like the beacon of light in the dark, shining on all her life and love values.

Thats great.

Qiao Ximin had always wanted to know the Presidents daughter, but her status didnt allow that.

So now, Yun Xi will send Si Wenxuan to her.

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