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Chapter 939: Burning the Bridge

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At the same time that Yun Xi was seeing Mu Feichi, Zhou Chengzhe had asked Liang Xinyi to meet him at Club Pinnacle.

He was raging mad when he met her.

Not only had he failed to destroy Yun Xi today, but he had also been embarrassed in front of everyone.

He had even had to spend all the money hed earned from his work during the past six months to treat his injuries.

He had no hopes of enrolling in a university, and hed even lost his chance to repeat his final year at Jingdu High School.

All this had happened just because of what Liang Xinyi had suggested to him to do.

Hed suffered such a significant loss, all because of the stupid idea Liang Xinyi had given him.

If he doesnt settle the score with Liang Xinyi, who else can he look for

“Youre so dumb.

If you had acted faster, Yun Xi would have been disfigured, and then she wouldnt dare to attend university anymore.

Without that pretty face, she is done for.

Wouldnt that take care of your hate for her I even got the acid for you, and you blame me for your own failure”


Liang Xinyi was really angry, as she had thought that she could use Zhou Chengzhe to get rid of Yun Xi for her.

But she didnt expect that this stupid man couldnt do anything right.

Zhou Chengzhe had even dared to find fault with her even though he had messed up.

What a fool!

“Dont think I dont know that you are just making use of me.

You are using me to get rid of Yun Xi.

If Id succeeded, you wouldnt need to be responsible for it, and yet you could get rid of the person you hate the most.”

Zhou Chengzhe really regretted it now.

He regretted doing such things himself, and now hed lost everything.

But Liang Xinyi was still living as if nothing had happened.

And now she was sitting here mocking him.

D*mn it!

“Of course! You were the one who said that you wanted to do it personally.

So I provided everything you needed, and you are burning the bridge now after you crossed it”

“I…” Chaos broke out in the club before Zhou Chengzhe could finish his sentence.

A group of policemen rushed into the club, and the guests at the bar screamed.

The bustling club suddenly turned chaotic.

People were shouting and running around, and everything was a mess.

After the police captain of this raid flashed his officers identity card, he began instructing his team to search everyone in the club.

The club manager came out in a hurry, and his face changed when he saw so many police officers in the club.

But he quickly went forward with a smile.

“Officer, whats going on We are running an honest business, and there arent any illegal dealings happening!”

The leader of the team, Captain Lin, glanced at the manager coldly.

There was no expression on his stern face.

“Why are you so nervous if youre running an honest business We got a tip-off from an informant that there are drug dealings in your club.”

“Drugs How is that possible! There are never any drugs here! Our boss prohibits drugs in here.”

“You cant stop private dealing even if your boss is against it.

We are already investigating, so wait for the outcome.”

Everyone in the club was separated by gender, and they were all questioned and searched.

Finally, after 30 minutes, someone in the crowd shouted excitedly, “I found drugs!”

“Thats impossible.

Its not mine.” Zhou Chengzhes eyes widened in horror as he watched the policeman take out a packet of drugs from his pocket.

Zhou Chengzhe didnt know how the drugs had appeared in his pocket.

He had never seen them before.

“Take him away!” Captain Lins expression got dark when he saw the drugs.

He turned to look at the stunned club manager.

“It looks like you will have to come back to the police station with us and cooperate with the investigation.”


The manager glared at Zhou Chengzhe, and then he saw that drugs were being found on several other guests as well.

After that, he could no longer smile.

Although there were some illegal and private dealings in the club, they had always been careful, and nothing had ever happened before.

But for the police to come here today and find so many drugs, it seemed like he could no longer work here as the club manager.

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