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Chapter 913: Trusted Allies

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After seeing how persistent she was being, Mu Feichi ultimately decided to let Yun Xi go for it, even though he had initially refused to agree with her plan.

Mu Feichi knew very well that she might just charge out the next moment, even if he hadnt agreed.

However, Yun Xi was no longer the person she had been.

If she was dealing with a life-and-death matter, she would not insist on acting on her own anymore.

Yun Xi knew that the success or failure of an operation depended on the power of teamwork, her trust in Mu Feichi, and her abilities.

“All right.

Im going! All of you, cover me.”

“Be careful.

If you encounter any landmines, just abort the mission if you cant clear them.

Li Zilan is on the way.”

“I got it! All of you are my trusted allies, so Im not worried at all.”

Yun Xi nodded, and she solemnly handed her handgun to Mu Feichi.

She then dropped to the ground and started crawling forward.

The ground was damp, and the dew in the grass covered her face as she crawled through it.

Its cooling sensation immediately woke her up and kept her alert.

Yun Xis movements were slow and subtle enough not to get noticed by the mercenaries patrolling above her.

It was a technique shed learned in the desert.

Instructor Yan had been really strict with her.

Regardless of how cold it was at night or how warm the day was, she would have to crawl in the sand.

Yun Xi had even endured the scorching heat when lying on the sand, so what she was doing now was nothing compared to that training.

What she really needed was to look out for all the hidden landmines in the area.

After crawling for a short while, Yun Xi saw a thin metal wire in front of her.

She was just a few inches away from hitting it.

It was fortunate that Yun Xi had already gotten used to moving around at night, so her vision at night was better than when shed been a rookie.

Yun Xi moved back and curled herself up a little bit.

She then crawled along the wire.

Soon, she found that the metal wire had been tied to a safety pin stuck in the landmines fuse.

The other end must have been tied to a tree or a nail in a bush.

However, she found another landmine connected to it when she reached the other end.

There were two mines connected with a tripwire.

The metal wire was pulled tight, with a landmine on each end.

Once someone tripped over the wire, it would knock the safety pin off and detonate the mines.

If one of them was triggered, the other mine would go off too.

These were bound mines with a tripwire trigger.

With the landmines only feet apart, it was definitely good news for the team.

This meant that there would be no landmines in the area within a few feet from where she was to the foot of the mountain.

And, even if there were landmines, they wouldnt be within this specific area.

As long as Yun Xi moved straight and doesnt leave this small width of area, she would be able to reach the foot of the mountain safely in one piece.

It was not because Yun Xi was lucky, but its a common practice and a subconscious move by the person who planted the mines.

Since this was a straight path to the foot of the mountain, the mercenaries wouldnt use too many of their resources, especially when they did not have many landmines.

Also, this was the only way out from the mountain.

So they couldnt plant too many mines, or they could be killed if they accidentally triggered the landmines themselves.

So the risk of her being in danger was pretty low, and everything would still be within her control.

“Sir, they dont have a lot of weapons and equipment.

And there will be no more than three mines in this area.

So when Instructor Zilan comes, dont let her come here.”

Using the binoculars, Mu Feichi looked at Yun Xi, who was remaining still on the ground.

His expression darkened as he hit the button on his radio to speak, “Did you step on a mine”


Clearing the mines is a technical job that requires skill, and avoiding the landmines is one of the basic things Ive learned.

Wait for my signal!”

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