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Chapter 912: Their Chemistry Working

The village chiefs house was a straw house built high up on a hill, and more than ten mercenaries were patrolling outside it.

Since the house was situated on very high ground, everything approaching could be seen clearly.

Mu Feichi and Yun Xi hid in the bushes.

They used night vision binoculars to observe the mercenaries guarding the house.

The distance from their location in the bushes to the village chiefs house was about 700 feet, and there werent any other guards.

Mu Feichi frowned and signaled to the Italian team member.

He then turned around and passed the binoculars to Yun Xi.

“Take a look, and see if you can spot any problems.”

Yun Xi took the binoculars and quickly surveyed the green figures that showed up in her view.

The straw house took up a large area and was surrounded by a dense forest.

And since they were on high ground, they could clearly see everything from where they were.

So it wasnt going to be easy for them to get near the house, but she was surprised that there werent any patrolling guards in these 700 feet.

Did they feel that they didnt need anyone to guard the area since they could see everything clearly from their high ground And also because they could easily hit their targets as nothing was blocking their view

Otherwise, could it be that there were dangers on these flat terrains that couldnt be seen

A 700-foot distance was nothing for a soldier in the special forces, and it would be easy for them to get near the house.

But for the opposite party to be so fearless, it can only mean many deadly mines had been buried underground.

“It would only take 30 seconds for a professional sniper or special forces to move through this distance.

Its impossible to leave it unguarded, even if the house is situated in an ideal location.

Since no one is guarding this area, it can only mean that there are mines buried underground.”

Mu Feichi nodded.

After explaining to the Italian partner in English, he turned to look at the flat area and started to think of a strategy.

Li Zilan was positioned at the highest spot of the outer circle.

So even if she could rush over to help them, the team would still need a plan.

Since it was dark at night, the darkness had increased the difficulty of locating and removing the mines.

Also, the team would attract those nearer the house if they made any noises or if they used torches.

They would get shot even before they finished dealing with the mines.

No matter how skilled the team was, the mercenaries wouldnt be any less trained.

If this was at the villages entrance, they could probably get rid of the mercenaries with a surprise attack.

But it wont be as simple here.

“Sir, Ill go!” Yun Xi put down the binoculars.

She turned to look at Mu Feichi firmly with a sharp look.

“I can avoid the mines and get close to them!”

“No! I wont agree to that!” Mu Feichi cut her off as she spoke.

“You look at where they are positioned.

You will get shot once those standing above detect any movements, not to mention that there are mines buried underground too.

Even if you can avoid the mines, what about the bullets Are you as fast as they are”

“Speed is relative, so it depends on how well we work with each other.

You will settle those moving up there, and I will settle the mines down here.

Then, if we cooperate well, I will be able to get close to the house as quickly as possible.

But whether I would get shot full of holes or not depends on how good your shooting skills are!”

Yun Xi had complete confidence in Mu Feichi for this mission, especially when it was a cooperation that required a high level of chemistry between the parties involved.

Yun Xi had trust in Mu Feichis marksmanship.

Just like when they were in the mountains, shed believed that he would definitely hit the target.

It was the same now.

Yun Xis trust in him had never changed.

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