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Chapter 907: Challenge Accepted!

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It would have been fine if Mu Feichi hadnt said that.

But the moment those words came out of his mouth, it was equivalent to slapping Yan Shuo right across the face.

Everyone looked toward the legendary Demon Instructor, then at the Young Commander who was provoking him with absolutely no fear.

TSK,TSK, hed really dared to yank on the tooth of the tiger…truly a hero with Herculean might.

Yun Xi was able to hear the provocation in his voice as well, and she stomped on his foot in frustration before receiving the sniper rifle that he was passing to her.

Its just a contest, isnt it Challenge accepted!

They werent even soldiers from her own country, so she didnt have to worry about standing out from the crowd or attracting unwanted attention.

She didnt need to stay low key.

Being looked down upon by foreigners, Yun Xi really wanted them to taste the power of the women of Jun Country!

The news that an Italian special forces soldier was going to have a shooting competition with a little girl immediately spread through the training camp like wildfire.

Many people came out of their tents to watch the show.

Li Zilan was standing beside Yan Shuo.

She tilted her head to look at Mu Feichi and asked, “Are you sure the girl will win Ive personally experienced her marksmanship.”

She was well aware of how bad Yun Xis marksmanship had been.

After all, Mu Feichi had only allowed her to teach things like laying and disarming mines, as well as basic knowledge about all kinds of firearms.

Shed never taught her how to fire.

As for the accuracy of someone who hadnt gone through strict marksmanship training, one could say that its pretty much purely based on luck.

Although she had trained for nearly three months under Yan Shuo, no one had yet seen the results of that.

If she really wasnt gifted in this area, then Yan Shuo could seriously lose face in front of so many people because of Yun Xi.

There wasnt much emotion on Yan Shuos cold face.

His cool, calm gaze rested on Yun Xis slender figure.

He was the one who had mentored and taught her, and he was very clear about how gifted and capable she was.

“You want to humiliate me.

Do you think this girl is going to just give you what you want”

Yan Shuos comment was directed at Mu Feichi.

Mu Feichi turned to him, his eyes clearly showing that there was something more to this than it looked.

He turned away to look at the range in front of them as a faint smile appeared on his face.

“Then perhaps Ill be surprised!”

He wasnt intentionally provoking Yan Shuo.

It was actually Yan Shuo who had snatched away the thing he wanted to do but hadnt had the chance to.

So whatever it was, he just didnt feel good about it.

He just had to call him out and give him a hard time, otherwise, he would feel like there was something stuck in his throat.

Too bad, when it comes to his sweetheart baby, he was very much a foolish dictator.

Not only was he incredibly calculating, he was extremely irrational and had no tolerance for anyone else to get involved whatsoever.

As they took their positions at the sandbags, the Italian special forces soldier deliberately turned and looked at her with a cheeky smile.

Thinking that she wouldnt understand it, he taunted her in English, “Hey kid, just put on an act.

How about I give you an advantage of 400 yards and let you win as long as you hit the target from 150 yards Otherwise, theyll think Im bullying you.”

Yun Xi turned and looked at him, her lips curled up slightly as if watching a clown.

The moment she lay on the sandbag, her pretty eyes turned cold, sharp, and dead serious.

It was as though this challenge before her was her battlefield, and the moment she was on the battlefield, she would not allow herself to be defeated.

She didnt respond to the taunting by the soldier beside her.

After she positioned her rifle properly, she shot three times consecutively at the target 550 yards away.

Seeing that she didnt react, the Italian soldier thought that she didnt understand what he had been saying, which made him feel even more that she wasnt capable of anything remarkable.

He quickly took three shots as well.

While they were waiting to see the results, he looked at Yun Xi proudly, “Youre still young, its fine if you miss the target, well just treat it as entertainment for everyone.”

The two targets were quickly brought over by the range operators.

The Italian soldier looked at his target, 9 points, 9 points, 8 points, thats not bad by his standards.

Hed never treated Yun Xi as a serious competitor in the first place, so he turned and was about to scoff at her.

But when he saw the target the operator was holding in front of her, the words got stuck in his mouth.

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