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Chapter 901: All Taught by the Same Man

After cleaning her eyes and double-checking to make sure that there were no more issues, Yun Xi turned and looked at the man who had been knocked out by her just now.

“Instructor Zilan, it shouldnt have been so easy for you to fall for something like this at your level, right”

Li Zilan laughed a little.

It was indeed not so easy with her combat prowess.

“I just wanted to see who dared to make me their target, but I didnt expect that he would use such underhanded methods right from the start.

If it werent for you, this guy would probably be dead by now!”

Li Zilan opened her palm and passed the pincushion sewing kit to Yun Xi, a cruel gleam flashing across her eyes that were still a little cloudy.

“If you hadnt come, I didnt plan to let him live!”

Yun Xi looked at the pincushion sewing kit in Li Zilans palm.

She was the one who had given this kit to Mu Feichi.

She didnt expect that it would be with Li Zilan.

She raised her hand to take out the needles from the sewing kit and hid them one by one in the edges of the collars of Li Zilans uniform.

“Its not quite safe to hide them inside your hat.

You should hide this stuff somewhere you can easily reach and use it.

The poison on the needles isnt lethal.

If you want to take his life, you need to do it without leaving any traces.”

While the sentence sounded like an ordinary statement of facts, Li Zilan felt a chill down her spine as she heard Yun Xi say it.

Yun Xi in the past had put the lives of people above everything else, but now she seemed to have a much clearer sense of right or wrong and friend or foe.

She subconsciously raised her eyes that were still throbbing with pain.

Though she still couldnt see quite clearly, she could feel that Yun Xi had changed.

This little girl who stood before her was no longer that sheltered, innocent young miss of the Yun family from only two months ago.

Based on the composure and steadiness that her voice and expression exuded, she was becoming more and more like Mu Feichi.

They were both students of the same teacher, and while the methods and techniques taught to them could be vastly different, this unique temperament of a true soldier was consistent among the two.

Resilient, calm, ruthless, decisive, all taught by the same man.

“Yun Xi, you have changed a lot…” Li Zilan glanced at Yan Shuo who stood at one side.

When she looked back at Yun Xi, genuine concern and admiration appeared in her attractive eyes.

She didnt know if this was really the path that she wanted to walk or whether it was what Mu Feichi wanted her to become.

When she matured too quickly, she was bound to lose many things on the way.

Yun Xi smiled lightly, and a slight warmth could be seen in her calm expression.

“Maybe Im now more clear about what kind of path I want to walk.”

She stood up and glanced at the man who was still lying on the ground.

“What are you gonna do with him Also, why are you here Is the Young Commander here too”

“Hes one of the participants in the International Special Forces Competition,” Li Zilan replied as she looked at the badge with his nations flag on the mans chest.

It was someone from the German team that they hadnt gone up against yet.

She pulled back her gaze and narrowed her eyes coldly.

“Youre right, if Id wanted him dead, it must be done without leaving any trace.”

She propped up her upper body and looked around.

“This time five of us came, the Young Commander is here too…”

Just as she spoke, Yan Shuo, who had disappeared, suddenly popped out from a bush not far away from them.

With a swing of his hand, he threw a black snake onto the man.

The black snake seemed to have felt the attack and immediately bolted up and sunk its fangs into the mans neck.

The man who was still unconscious twitched and convulsed for a brief moment, then suddenly opened up his eyes before closing them again.

This time, they were closed for good.

“…” Li Zilan and Yun Xi exchanged looks before turning their gazes toward Yan Shuo, the devil who had done the deed swiftly, unhesitatingly, and ruthlessly.

No one said a word, as if this was already the norm.

“When we came here, we found a small village near the rainforest had been taken over by a group of mercenaries, and most of the villagers have been massacred.

This competition may have to pause temporarily.

Do you have any way to contact them and get them to return to your camp”

Yun Xi needed their help, but at the same time, she didnt want them to face off against the mercenary group.

If they really fought them, given that the enemy was much greater in number, they would definitely be facing an uphill battle.

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