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Chapter 847: Now Shes Facing a Multiple-Choice Question

“Current affairs and politics are part of the high school leaving examination, so of course I pay attention to them.

Ive talked to several people about it.

The situation of the Qiao family is roughly similar to the rest of the four wealthy families, although its split into two factions.

The one who is competing with you is the eldest son of a branch faction.

It seems that his competing with you for the position doesnt sit well with the main family faction.

The Qiao family is split into two factions now.

The main family faction is led by Qiao Ximins father; the other branch faction is led by Qiao Yunlings father.

The leaders of these two factions have been in fierce competition during the past few years, and they have always supported different camps.

Now that Qiao Ximins father has chosen the Prime Ministers camp, Qiao Yunlings father will definitely choose the Young Commanders camp.

If he wanted to get into the position of director, he would have to think of a way to pull his competitor down.

However, Yun Xi didnt plan to touch Qiao Yunlings faction, simply because the enemys enemy was her friend.

She still wanted to use Qiao Yunling to deal with Qiao Ximin.

Them infighting was better than her getting involved herself.

In Yun Xis previous life, Qiao Yunling hadnt been as innocent and kind-hearted as she seemed on the outside.

If she could befriend her through their common interests, it might be helpful toward her setting traps for Qiao Ximin in the future.

“I know about what youre talking about.

But which of the powerful families nowadays isnt plagued with infighting over status and self- interest But after all, the main family branch has greater power and more people supporting them.

No matter how much they are picking on the branch faction, its an internal issue within their family.

It has nothing to do with the elections.”

Yun Xi nodded, but sneered to herself.

How could it have nothing to do with the elections

Once the branch faction managed to get themselves elected to the directorate of the Infrastructure Bureau, they would be able to use this position to amass great capital and bargaining chips to help with the rise of the branch faction.

If the Prime Minister cant win over the branch faction, he would rather destroy them than let them strengthen Mu Feichis camp.

It would only require a small bit of manipulation to get the main family branch to use everything at their disposal to spoil the elections.

Yun Xi wouldnt even need to do anything.

Now she was facing a multiple choice problem.

Yu Xi didnt plan to do anything to the branch faction.

In order to give them enough bargaining chips to compete with the main family, she would have to help the branch family get the position.

While assisting the branch faction of the Qiao family wasnt difficult for her, she couldnt let them take the position of director, because she wanted to get Yun Yuanfeng in that position first.

He was a key piece in her game.

If he didnt get the position of director, then he would be as good as dead and useless to her.

This opportunity only came once every three years.

If she missed it, shed have to wait another three years.

There could be way too many things that could happen in the span of three years, and she couldnt be sure that there wouldnt be some unexpected accident.

So, she had to seize this opportunity and get Yun Yuanfeng in that position first.

As for the branch faction of the Qiao family, another one of the pieces of her puzzle, she would need to think more thoroughly to decide which position would be more suitable for them and where they could be the most useful.

“Dad, how is this unrelated to the election If the main family dont want to see the branch get in that position Theyll definitely try to spoil the elections.”

“Youre right.

Why didnt I think of that Theres probably still a chance for a turnaround.

But, although this is an opportunity, in the end it may not be as effective as becoming affiliated with the Young Commander.

It would be so much better if I could get his support.”

Yun Xi raised her head, purposely acting innocent, and said, “Didnt the Young Commander say that you dont need to worry about it I think hes already hinting that hell help.

Theres still some time before the elections.

Just be patient for a while more, Dad.”

Yun Yuanfeng looked toward her.

On this path, he wanted to be hopeful but at the same time he dared not to be too hopeful.

Yun Xi hadnt directly told him that Mu Feichi would help him.

Help is much more appreciated when it comes at crucial, desperate times.

Only then would it be remembered deeply.

Giving Yun Yuanfeng benefits too early on would cause him to take such things for granted and not be grateful for it.

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