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Chapter 844: The Simplest, Most Crude Way to Show Off!

The finals of the Biology competition were slightly more difficult than Yun Xi had imagined, but she had done her homework and had come well prepared.

Even though her opponents from various countries were tough, she was sure she would be strong enough to prevail.

After several rounds, Yun Xi carefully noted the results of Peng Zihang, who was from the middle school attached to Jingdu High School.

It seemed that he wasnt half-bad at this.

One could even say that he had been hiding his capabilities well.

She had taken advantage of her reincarnation to use all the information about Biology that shed studied in her last life.

Peng Zihang was different.

He was currently a student.

If she were to make a comparison, this guy could definitely be considered a true genius in Biology.

There were numerous strong contenders in the finals, and, after many rounds of competition, Yun Xi barely kept her position as first in the rankings, while Peng Zihang placed third.

In second place was a student from London.

He too was a genius who couldnt be underestimated.

Now that she had won, the way the foreign students looked at her changed.

The competitors at the Biology competition were mostly male.

The male/female ratio was almost ten to one.

Most of the guys looked down on the girls.

The moment the results were released, however, the teachers and the students alike all looked toward Yun Xi.

This girl who had been overlooked and who had stayed low-key all along won the championship in the finals of the Biology competition.

Lu Zhiwei sat below the stage and looked up at the figure who went up to receive the trophy.

He knew he wasnt wrong about this girl.

Her abilities far exceeded anyone else in the group.

Her potential was way beyond their expectations.

If she were properly developed, she might be able to win the Nobel Prize.

His only regret now was that he hadnt taught school for many years, and he was really disappointed that hed never had her as a student.

Otherwise, perhaps some day he could proudly tell his teacher friends about her, and talk to them about this student whom he would be proud of his whole life.

The teachers and principal of Jingdu High School immediately called Yun Xi after receiving the news about the award.

Jin Lei followed Mu Feichis orders and sent the photos and videos to the principal of Jingdu High School.

While he was at it, he sent a copy to Young Commander Mu as well, who was far away in the camps.

This years competition wasnt live-streamed in the country, so Jin Lei gave Yun Xi a copy of the recorded video, so she could take it back for her family to watch.

Yun Xi looked down at the disc that he had given her.

She couldnt help but smile.

“Take it back to let my family watch… They would think I was just showing off.”

“Only those who are jealous and resentful would think that.

Joy should be shared with those you are close to.

Your diligence and effort werent wasted, right”

Yun Xi raised her eyebrows.

It seemed that Jin Lei was very knowledgeable about her circumstances at home.

She nodded lightly and said, “Youre right.”

She waved the disc in her hand.

“With this, my value and status in the Yun family will be higher in the future, and my worth to be used by them will be greater as well.”

“I didnt mean that…”

“I know you didnt mean that.” Yun Xi smiled, her bright eyes shining like precious gems, instantly brightening up her soft, pretty face.

“This is the simplest, most crude way to show off.

I like it a lot too.”

Jin Lei looked at her, smiled, and didnt say anything.

The celebration at the end of the competiton was a treat from the organizing committee.

Instructor Lu Zhiwei took the two instructors from Jingdu High School and the teachers and students of the attached middle school to Chinatown for a meal.

Just as Yun Xi sat down, Peng Zihang pulled out the seat beside her and sat down too.

Yun Xi looked around at the others.

Everyone had found a seat.

It was nice that Peng Zihang had sat down beside her, and it didnt look out of place at all.

“Yun Xi, I watched your results carefully during the competition.

Youre really great!”

Peng Zihang turned to look at her and clinked his teacup with Yun Xis.

There was admiration and reverence in his dark, bright eyes.

It was so sincere and there wasnt a single bit of envy.

Yun Xis eyes turned into crescents when she smiled.

She clinked his cup in return.

Her smile was sincere and candid as she said, “Thanks, you too.

If were both admitted to Jingdu University in the future, I would appreciate your help.”

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