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Chapter 82: The Start of a Good Show

On the first day of school, Liang Xinyi got up early to doll herself up.

Transferring to Jingdu in her junior year of high school was a new start for her.

She must seize every opportunity.

Yun Ziling was in her sophomore year, and Yun Chuhan was in her freshman year, so, unlike Liang Xinyi who was looking forward to school with anticipation and excitement, the two of them were numb to it all.

However, as soon as they saw Yun Xi coming down the stairs, both of them were intrigued.

They knew it would be the start of a good show.

Both had heard from Liang Xinyi about Yun Xis grades in the countryside.

However, unlike the education system in Muyang Town, the education curriculum in Jingdu was much more rigorous and advanced.

Yun Yuanfeng had always paid attention to their academic achievements.

After all, it was something to show off.

If they had good grades, Yun Yuanfeng would look good in front of the others in the villa complex.

They didnt think that Yun Xi would act so arrogantly at home if her grades got worse.

As Yun Xi came downstairs, she saw that they all had mischief in their eyes and remembered that she started school today.

She soon guessed what they were gloating about.

All right, shed show them.

Although she had been out of school for several years, the academic curriculum for year three of high school wasnt going to be too difficult for her.

She still had time to review the mathematical formulas, and her Chinese could be recited from memory.

English wouldnt be a problem.

In her last life, shed worked hard on her English skills in order to translate the complicated words of foreign medicines.

With obscure medical terms, one bad translation could cause an entire prescription to become invalid.

In comparison, high school junior-level English was a piece of cake.

As for History, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and Politics, she really considered them beneath her consideration.

In her last life, shed originally wanted to be a doctor.

However, Liang Xiuqin and Yun Yuanfeng had felt that dealing with the dead everyday was an unfortunate ambition, and thus her dream of becoming a doctor hadnt worked out.

Later, she studied and researched medicine for an entire year.

Chemistry, chemical reagents, biological anatomy, and gene chains were all basic to her.

She didnt mind reviewing it.

They wanted a good show, so they could wait and see a good show.

Yun Yuanfeng was about to go to work, and asked Yun Xi if she wanted him to take her to the train station.

Yun Xi thought about it but refused.

“Ill just take the villa complexs bus.

Dad, you should take my sisters to school first.”

“Okay, then be careful.

Come back early.”


There was only one private car at home.

No one would take them to school if Yun Yuanfeng drove straight to work.

Yun Ziling was proud, so naturally she wanted to arrive to school by car on the first day of school.

Yun Xi didnt intend to join in on their excitement, and, besides, their car couldnt squeeze in the four of them.

Only after they left did Yun Xi go up the mountain.

There was already a car waiting at the sentry post.

The guards saw Yun Xi coming and saluted her politely, “Miss Yun, Young Marshal Mu instructed us to take you up the mountain.”

“Thank you.” Sitting in the car, she turned to look at the young man in the drivers seat with a little curiosity.

“Are you all Young Marshal Mus subordinates”

“We are all the people he trained by himself.

We are the ones who protect him.”

After defeating five sentry posts, Yun Xi had become famous throughout the Tianyu Mountain area.

Everyone was a little curious and wanted to find out more about the little girl.

After all, socialites and heiresses of her age in Jingdu were busy learning how to doll themselves up and how to throw parties.

Yet as soon as shed come onto the scene, shed fought single-handedly and had the boldness to venture onto Tianyu Mountain.

She was truly impressive.

“Young Marshal Mu is really underestimating all of your potential by making you guys guard the mountain gates.”

The man smiled, but said nothing.

He didnt complain or brag.

Yun Xi was a bit surprised.

It was indeed true that what kind of subordinates one had depended on what kind of boss one was.

As they approached the top of the mountain, Yun Xi regarded the figure waiting on the tarmac.

A private jet for a single person! How domineering and impressive!

Mu Feichi was wearing a beige linen shirt, khaki trousers, and white casual shoes.

The shirt fit the muscles of his upper body perfectly.

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