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Chapter 787: Its Not the First Time Weve Slept Together

In the first-class cabin, Yun Xi saw Jiang Qilin and Jing Yi, who had used a special pass to board the plane before them.

Jiang Qilin, sitting in the first-class cabin, looked like an ordinary person without the barrier of his wheelchair.

Even with sunglasses, he still looked so noble and arrogant that people could not take their eyes off him.

Even the busy stewardess waiting at the door was frequently glancing at him and at Mu Feichi.

There were only four passengers in the large first-class cabin.

Mu Feichi pulled Yun Xi to sit down to his right.

Jiang Qilin was a little surprised to see Mu Feichi.

However, they acknowledged each other with a nod and thereafter sat quietly in their respective seats.

Yun Xi took the list of awards and its winners, which Mu Feichi had gotten in advance from the award-organizing committee, and went through it carefully.

She tried her best to familiarize herself with each award and its details, so as not to bring any disgrace to the military.

After a ten-hour flight, the plane landed at Frankfurt Airport, and those receiving Mu Feichi were there waiting.

Yun Xi and Jiang Qilin got into the front and rear cars respectively, and both checked into the same hotel.

Mu Feichi was acting high and mighty as usual, despising everyone, especially Jiang Qilin.

The award presentation ceremony was tomorrow.

In her previous life, she had been to Germany several times, but it had been for work only, not for pleasure.

In this life, she was, in the eyes of others, still a little girl who had not been out of the country, full of curiosity about everything.

The medical treatment of Jiang Qilin could not be interrupted, thus Jing Yi had bought all the necessary equipment.

Fortunately, there was a kitchen in the presidential suite they had booked, so preparing all the things she needed for his treatment wasnt a problem.

Mu Feichi was being a drag, following Yun Xi wherever she went, even during the treatment, for fear that she would be taken advantage of.

Jiang Qilin was very embarrassed by his stares.

After the treatment, Yun Xi went back to her room to recover from her jet lag.

She looked at the man sitting on the sofa who showed no signs of leaving, and she raised her foot to kick at him, “Why arent you going back to your room I want to rest.”

“My room is occupied.

Im going to stay with you for these two days.”

“No! Get another room!” There was only one bed in her room.

He had to be joking.

“Its Valentines Day tomorrow.

The hotel is fully booked.”

As Mu Feichi shrugged his shoulders, the doorbell suddenly rang.

He stood up and walked over to the door to open it.

Qi Yuan was standing at the door with his luggage.

He came in, put down the luggage, and left.

Yun Xi looked at him, who still showed no signs of leaving, pointed at the sofa, and said, “Im sleeping on the bed.

You may sleep on the sofa.

If its too small, then sleep on the carpet.

After all, the carpet in this luxurious suite is definitely more comfortable than the ground outside.”

“Babe, its not the first time weve slept together.

Cant you just put up with me for a few nights”

“…” Why did that sound so misleading, as if there was something going on between them.

She ignored him, turned around, and unpacked her luggage.

She changed into some comfortable clothes and lay down on the bed to recover from her jet lag.

Mu Feichi sat on the sofa and quietly watched her fall asleep.

Then he stood up and walked out of the room.

Qi Yuan was standing silently along the corridor outside the room.

“Young Commander, the prey is on the move,” Qi Yuan straightened himself and spoke softly.

Mu Feichi raised his eyebrows and said with a sullen face, “Tomorrow is Valentines Day.

Its bad timing.”

Qi Yuan, standing beside him with an awkward smile, said, “If theres no action from them, you can still enjoy a nice Valentines Day tomorrow.”

“Youd better pray hard!” Mu Feichi scoffed, pushed open the door, and went back into the suite.

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