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Chapter 762: You Must Be Strong Enough First

This time, Yun Xi and Mu Feichi planned to lure Crocodile out of hiding.

Yun Xi wasnt sure if Crocodile would actually take the bait.

Anything could happen before the trap was set.

It was rare for Mu Feichi to allow her to take part in a mission.

Naturally, Yun Xi didnt want to disappoint him.

On top of that, this was such a good opportunity for her to participate in actual combat.

After looking through the topographic maps of the sea and the seaside villa over and over again, she noticed a few omissions on the screen.

Yun Xi then sent a message asking Grey Wolf for a more detailed topographic map.

The message was sent, but there was no reply.

It wasnt his break time yet.

She entered a series of codes into the computer.

Just as she was about to hack into Grey Wolfs computer, Grey Wolf appeared on the video screen next to her.

A few words instantly appeared on the screen, “Dont talk!”

Yun Xi did not dare to speak, and soon, she heard Mu Feichis voice from the other end.

“The defense on the sea will be re-adjusted tomorrow.”

Listening to the conversation, Yun Xi realized that they were in a meeting.

They were still in a meeting despite it being so late, and what she heard was completely different from what she had studied in the plans.

There was also information about the drug deal on the other side of the port.

She thought about it carefully, and then she assumed that there must have been other unexpected accidents tonight.

She turned her head and looked at the map of the sea.

In fact, there was nothing in the vast sea, so it wasnt easy for Mu Feichi to deploy defenses over such a broad area.

Choosing the location in the waters and making sure that it wasnt the high seas would make it even more difficult to deal with Crocodile.

How to lie in ambush would also be a big problem.

Although Mu Feichis special forces were all first-class military, a sea attack would not be easy.

If it were done near a port with heavy sea traffic, then the freight ships and containers would make very good hiding places.

But would Crocodile choose to trade in such a dangerous place

The most dangerous place was the safest place.

Whatever Crocodile could think of, Mu Feichi could think of as well.

But from the beginning, she and Mu Feichi had decided to carry out the plan at the villa itself, but the unexpected accident at the port was likely to be the place where Crocodile would show up.

If she hadnt asked Grey Wolf for a topographical map, she wouldnt know that they had changed their plan.

Mu Feichi obviously wasnt planning on telling her about it.

Did he want to exclude her from taking part in the action

He still looked down on her, and he didnt want her to take part in the action at all!

After quietly listening to their meeting, Yun Xi had a vague understanding of what was going to happen.

He did not want her to participate in the operation probably for her safety, but she was not that fragile.

To eliminate Crocodile, she also had responsibilities and obligations.

Now that he has set up the plan, she could also become a crucial pawn in his plan.

She sent a message to Grey Wolf.

Then, she hung up the call and searched the Internet for detailed information about the seaside port.

There was nothing wrong with reading up and making preparations, and since she had a good memory, she wouldnt forget what she had read.

A few minutes later, Grey Wolf sent over what she wanted.

He also included a structural drawing of the internal structures of the ships in the port.

Looking at this detailed and complicated blueprint, Yun Xi couldnt help but chuckle.

It seemed that Grey Wolf had guessed her plan and strategy.

She replied with the message, “Dont let the Young Marshal know!”

“Understood.” Grey Wolfs reply was as simple and straightforward as always.

Only this time, he added an extra sentence, “Be careful.

Even if you want to prove yourself, you must be strong enough first.”

“I know!”

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