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Chapter 761: Mu Feichi Must Have Peculiar Tastes To Like Someone Like Her

In her last life, she and Han Yaotian had visited this area once.

At that time, this area had been developed into a luxurious commercial housing and villa residential property.

Yun Xi had always wanted a house that faced the sea and surrounded by flowers.

After searching online for a long time, she had finally found this place.

As soon as one opened the glass door at the balcony of the villa, one could see the sea outside.

Because of the high terrain here, there was no need to worry about tsunamis and high tides, so the price of the house soared as soon as it was listed on the market.

She immediately took a liking to one of the villas.

She jokingly complained to Han Yaotian that she couldnt afford it then asked him to help her.

Without he word, he immediately purchased the villa.

And when he signed the lease, he appeared as handsome as ever and made her feel that the whole world was as warm as spring.

But what happened after…

Yun Xi suddenly snapped out of the memory of her previous life.

She touched the cool sweat on her forehead, sighed slightly, and stood up.

There was a lot of snow outside the window.

Yun Xi raised her hand and studied the lines on her pal.

When she was reborn, she found that she was no longer as weak as she had been in her last life.

This time around, she had schemes, means, manipulations, and calculations at her fingertips.

In the eyes of others, a woman like her probably came across as being too vicious and ruthless; so why did Mu Feichi like her

No matter what, no prominent family would like a woman who was as calculating as her.

Even Han Yaotian preferred the gentle, demure and sweet-tempered woman like Qiao Ximin.

Yun Xi was so proud and stubborn, so she really wasnt likeable.

Mu Feichi must have peculiar taste in women to be attracted to someone like her.

Yun Xi went to take out a coat from the closet behind her.

She also picked out a few scalpels from the drawer, then carefully inserted them along the stitches of the edges of her clothes.

Regardless of whether they can lure Crocodile out this time or not, they must stay prepared in case of any emergencies.


In the Mu Mansion at the top of Tianyu Mountain, Mu Feichi was standing in front of the monitor screen in his study.

He stared intently at the surveillance footage on the screen.

His phone rang, and it was Feng Rui.

Mu Feichi pressed the hands-free button to answer.

“Young Marshal, the prey is hooked!”

Mu Feichi looked at the screen.

“Switch the surveillance footage on the monitoring screen.

How many people did Crocodile bring with him this time”

“Its not clear yet.

Judging from the monitoring of the nearby intersection, a lot of people have entered and exited this area in the past two days.

Everyone is going to the beach for New Years.

There is no way to check every car.

I have inspected the cars that entered and exited the villa area recently, and there are three cars that are not in the register of the owner of the villa.”

“Keep up with the inspections.

All vehicle personnel going in and out must be carefully cross-referenced, and no resident of the villa area can go unchecked.”

None of them have seen what Crocodile looks like.

If he threatens a resident and makes a move, they wouldnt be able to do anything!

“Yes! I understand!”

“Also, find a suitable excuse to allow visitors and vehicles to enter the outpost parking lots of the major entrances and exits on the seaside for the next two days to avoid casualties.

Remember, keep up the act so we dont alarm him.”

“I understand!” The call ended.

Mu Feichi turned around and pulled opened the drawer.

Only then did he remember that he had forgotten the bulletproof vest he had prepared for that girl!

He was just about to go and get it when the phone on the table suddenly rang.

He picked up the phone to answer, and Li Zilans slightly anxious voice came from the other end: “Young Marshal, theres been an emergency.

The Narcotics Enforcement Department and the Ministry of Public Security have just sent over videos and information.

Tomorrow, Crocodile will trade at a port one kilometer away from the sea.

This time, many drug dealing organizations will be involved.

Since these two things are happening at the same time, could one of them be a decoy”

“No, Crocodile doesnt engage in dealings that he isnt certain would be profitable.

Call for a meeting and I will be there right away!”

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