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Chapter 708: Just Daydream, But Dont Take It Too Seriously

If she could deal with Han Wanling, naturally she can also deal with the arrogant and stupid Han Qin.

However, this wasnt the time or place to deal with her now.

Han Qin wasnt the fish she wanted to catch today.

She was much more interested in Qiao Ximin.

Coming here today hadnt been without a purpose.

She knew that Qiao Ximins main target wasnt Han Yaotian, but Mu Feichi.

As for why she had been used as a bargaining chip by the Qiao family and sent to woo Han Yaotian, Yun Xi was interested in hearing the inside story.

Mu Feichi was completely out of the Qiao familys league, but Qiao Ximin had unscrupulously snatched Han Yaotian from her in her previous life and in this life, she was interested in what would happen if they should meet.

It didnt matter that Qiao Ximin hadnt been interested in Han Yaotian.

Making them a couple who hated each other and tortured each other for a lifetime would also be a joy for her to see.

What Qiao Ximin had wanted so much in her last life, in this life, she would fulfill for her.

Looking at the arrogant Han Qin in front of her, Yun Xi narrowed her eyes and smiled.

It was time for her to set the stage.

“Furthermore, Miss Han, look at your current nasty facial expression.

If the Young Marshal saw you like that, do you think he would be interested in you As the Eldest Heir said, your Han familys cultivation and breeding really arent reflected in your age group…”

“You shut up! Its not your place to lecture me.”

Yun Xi nodded and raised her eyebrows with an indifferent look on her face.

“Then dont bother me again.

The Young Marshal is in the banquet room.

If you have something you want to do, please go to him.”

After Han Qin had gotten dissed like this, she suddenly realized that she was taking this little b*tch way too seriously and wasting her time.

She was the heiress of the Han family, so why was she fussing with a little b*tch like this It was beneath her.

But when she thought again about how the Young Marshal had defended Yun Xi while shaming her at the same time, she was still full of resentment.

Yun Xi watched her shake her head and leave, and she curled her lips into a mocking sneer.

She turned to look at Yun Chuhan, who was standing behind her.

Her suspicious, resentful look was impossible to miss.

Yun Xi didnt say a word.

With Yun Chuhans IQ, she should probably be able to guess why Han Qin had deliberately troubled her.

As far as Mu Feichi was concerned, Yun Chuhan was probably more vigilant than anyone else.

“Sister, what is the relationship between you and the Young Marshal… Why did he defend you in front of so many people”

“Yun Chuhan, are you blind How do you know that it was me he was defending”

Yun Chuhan didnt know what had happened at the Seven Stars Hotel, and Yun Xi wasnt going to tell her about it.

With Yun Chuhans mentality, the more she said, the more suspicious it would make her sound.

“But, let me tell you something.

Yun Chuhan, the way you treat the Young Marshal…”

Yun Chuhan was taken aback.

Yun Xi had unexpectedly launched a surprise attack.

“Heh, heh…it doesnt matter if you like the Young Marshal.

All the women in Jingdu like him, even Miss Han is just as crazy for him as you are.”

Yun Xi stepped forward and patted her shoulder.

“Its not shameful to like the Young Marshal, but most of these women are just daydreaming.

As your oldest sister, I kindly advise you to remember that its just a daydream.

Please dont take it too seriously.”

Even she didnt dare to covet that man, so Yun Chuhan shouldnt even think about it.

Yun Chuhan, however, didnt appreciate her advice at all.

Her face got very dark, and her venomous eyes fell on Yun Xis face coldly.

She forcefully smacked away the hands that were resting on her shoulders.

“My affairs are none of your business!”

With a nonchalant expression on her face, Yun Xi chuckled and shrugged.

“Do whatever you want to.

I have nothing to do with it anyway, its true.

And I so like to watch people bring destruction upon themselves.”

Whether it was Yun Chuhan, Han Qin, or Qiao Ximin.

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