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Chapter 698: Domineering Show Of Intimidation To Pay Back The Young Marshals Act Of Kindness

Yun Xi squinted slightly.

This Han Hongbin, as expected, was still old and cunning; the same way he was in the previous life.

He pushed her to the center of attention with one sentence!

On the surface, he was giving the Young Marshal face and scolding Han Qin, but in reality, he was defending Han Qin and safeguarded the pride of the Han family.

No matter how many years have passed, this old cunning fox was as annoying as ever.

In her last life, in order to prevent her from being with Han Yaotian, Han Hongbin had exhausted all the methods that could be used on her.

Back then, even Qiao Ximin was pushed to Han Yaotians side by him.

Thinking about it this way, out of people who had killed her in her previous life, Han Hongbin probably played a large role!

Its good that she was alive again, so she can settle both old and new grudges at the same time!

Yun Xi studied Han Qins unhappy expression, then stood up from the Old Madams side.

She also had her pride.

She was disdainful of an apology from someone like Han Qin.

“Miss Han, dont worry about the apology.

After all, you dont think youre wrong, and I had never cared about such petty skirmishes.”

The insinuation was that she was magnanimous enough not to be bothered by her.

Han Qin wasnt willing to apologize, so she was insinuating that she was mean and petty.

The Young Madam of the Han family behaved so pettily in front of so many blue-blood families and this reflected badly upon the Han familys cultivation and discipline.

Sure enough, Han Hongbins expression turned ugly as soon as Yun Xi finished speaking.

He had never looked at an insignificant little girl like her directly, but when he actually looked at her now, he saw that the look in her eyes was a little more probing and stern.

Mu Feichi however, was in a good mood.

He raised his eyebrows slightly as he enjoyed the show unfolding before him.

Since his little lioness made a move, then there was nothing more for him to do.

He just needed to stand by the side to support her.

He knew very well what Han Hongbin meant by his words, and he wasnt the only one who understood.

His girl also understood the meaning and she had fired back mercilessly.

He knew that if anyone provoked his little lioness, then he had to be prepared to retaliate with a slap in the face.

“The next time you treat guests, whether theyre VIP or not, all visitors are guests, as President Han said.

If you treat them too differently by giving preferential treatment, youd be causing a farce like you did today and it wouldnt look good.”

Mu Feichi has defended her today, so if she didnt give them a domineering show of intimidation, she wouldnt deserve his act of kindness!

So what if she had figuratively slapped the Han family in the face This matter arose from Han Qin taking the initiative to pick a fight, so they couldnt blame her for publicly humiliating them!

If they really wanted to trouble her when the time comes, they would have to answer to Mu Feichis wrath.

If they dared to secretly make a move against the Yun family or Yao family, how can Mu Feichi ignore it

The Han family would have to slowly process the underlying meaning of her words today!

Why did their family have someone as stupid as Han Wanling, and another brainless woman like Han Qin!

“You…” Han Qin turned her head abruptly, gritted her teeth and glared at Yun Xi.

Her clenched fists turned white.

Damn Yun Xi, the pleb who publicly humiliated the Han family with the support of the Young Marshal.

She didnt believe that the Young Marshal could protect her for a lifetime!

When she finally sees the opportunity, she wont be called Han Qin unless she crushes her to death!

Although Han Hongbin was feeling embarrassed, he still had to stop this topic at this juncture.

This little girl wasnt easy to provoke, and she wasnt a pushover, so he had no choice but to cut his losses before things got further out of hand!

“Okay! Since its just a misunderstanding, lets not dwell on it too much! The banquet is about to begin, so everyone should move to the hall!”

After Han Hongbin spoke, the originally quiet crowd gradually became lively again.

The three prominent clan leaders have all arrived, and the banquet had officially began.

Han Hongbin respectfully ushered the guests into the main hall.

Jiang Chenghuan winked at Yun Xi, and secretly gave her a thumbs up!

Yun Xi smiled lightly without taking it seriously.

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