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Chapter 696: Ill Let You See What Right She Has

Just as Han Yaotian was about to speak, Mu Feichi stopped him with a raise of his hand.

Mu Feichis angular features added to the chilling sense of oppression.

Han Yaotian didnt really have the guts to say anything.

At that moment, he could only stand there with his eyes wide open.

He was nervously sweating, worried for the fates of Han Qin and the Han family.

There was only one thought in his mind now: how to make Han Qin shut up right now!

Although Yun Xi wasnt a guest on todays banquet list, she was the savior of the Young Marshal.


What kind of brain Han Qin have Could it be that she got dumber as she aged!

Yun Xi raised her eyebrows and looked at Mu Feichi, who was now standing directly behind Han Qin.

She narrowed her clear and bright eyes, her curled eyelashes concealed the gleam of anticipation as she prepared to watch the drama unfold.

Shen Yichen was about to interrupt and claim responsibility for the entire situation, but Mu Feichi simply lowered his gaze.

Mu Feichi adjusted his arms and casually buttoned up the cufflinks of his light green shirt.

“Ill be the one responsible for this,” he said casually.

“What do you think, Miss Han”

His somber voice rang loudly in the quiet room.

It sounded elegant and low, but had a cold and sinister tinge to it.

It immediately attracted the attention of everyone in the corner.

Mu Feichi wore a military green wool coat with a golden Mu family badge buttoned on the collar of the coat.

He seemed to dazzle under the bright lights.

On any other occasion, very few people had the opportunity to see the family crest of the Mu family.

It was only visible during events such as family banquets, and even then, outsiders might not be able to see it even if they wanted to.

Under his overcoat, he wore a dark green and majestic military uniform.

He stood out in the crowd of black and white suits and dresses.

He wore the color that represented his identity and made him look arrogant yet dignified.

It was just the casual act of buttoning cufflinks, but the cold and noble aura emanating from him ws so strong that it was hard to forget after a glance!

He was the Youngest Young Marshal in the military, the most exceptional and wealthiest man in the upper class.

He was Mu Feichi, the ruler of the Mu family clan!

The socialites in the crowd were already head over heels and smitten by his masculine beauty, so how can they remember what happened there

Soon, not just in the corner of the room, but everyone mingling throughout the banquet hall was paying attention to the area where Mu Feichi was standing.

When Han Hongbin, the current Patriarch, saw Mu Feichi from afar, he managed to get away from the group of guests that surrounded him.

But as soon as he approached the Young Mrashal, Han Hongbin could feel that something was wrong.

Before he could say anything though, he was stopped by Han Yaotian.

Han Yaotian shook his head at him.

This situation really wasnt one that they should intervene.

If the Young Marshal became angry, they would also suffer his wrath!

Meanwhile, Han Qin was shocked to hear the Young Marshals voice.

With her neck stiff, she slowly turned around.

She dazedly looked at Mu Feichi standing behind her, and she suddenly gasped!

She originally planned on kicking Yun Xi out before the Young Marshal arrived.

After all, the Young Marshal was always the last to arrive at the annual banquet.

She thought she had planned the timing just right but she didnt expect the people from the Shen family to get in her way and stand up for the plebeian, Yun Xi.

And to make matters worse, the Young Marshal was here early!

“Young, Young Marshal…” Seeing the mighty and awe-inspiring man standing before her left Han Qin a little tongue-tied, and she couldnt remember what she wanted to say for a while.

The nights most distinguished guest had arrived.

At this moment, she realized that she could not waste time trying to make life difficult for Yun Xi.

As soon as she made this decision to chance her mind, she mustered a smile on her face.

“Young Marshal…” Han Qin was just about to step a little closer when Qi Yuan, who was standing behind Mu Feichi, stopped her.

Mu Feichi raised his hand slightly, and Qi Yuan respectfully handed over the invitation card from Yun Xi that he had just taken from the door.

“Miss Han, dont you know qualifications Yun Xi has to be standing here”

Mu Feichi took the invitation and unceremoniously threw it in Han Qins face.

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