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Chapter 683: No One Will Believe Their Explanation

The scandal was spreading throughout Jingdus upper-class circle.

Given a new honor by the three prominent clans, the Han family had just taken over the important task of holding the Weiya Banquet, which had attracted much attention and envy.

They hadnt even had two days to rejoice at their great honor when news of this enormous scandal suddenly broke out.

Almost immediately, the Han family became notorious.

Early that morning, this scandal was causing a lot of ruckus inside the Han family.

Old Master Han was trembling with anger after reading the newspaper, and, without even bothering to eat his breakfast, he threw his teacup directly at Han Zhongtengs head.

With a loud crash, the ceramic teacup hit the center of Han Zhongtengs forehead, and red blood spurted out everywhere.

“Scumbag! Look at what youve done.

How can the Han family continue to stay in Jingdu”

“Grandpa, everything the media is saying is bullsh*t, so dont believe it! Even if I am a playboy, I wouldnt lay hands on an underage girl.

The media is just vicious.”

“I dont care whether or not the media is babbling nonsense.

If you did such a shameless thing, you are going to ruin the reputation of the entire Han family.

You have no brains, yet you blame the media for being vicious Dont you know what a critical time it is now How could the Han family have raised such an unfilial child as you”

Han Zhongtengs mother, Sun Ling, watched her son suffering, but didnt dare to defend him.

After all, what he had done this time really had ruined the Han familys reputation.

After her son had done this kind of thing, she also wouldnt be able to raise her head in front of all the other society women.

While everyone had been preparing for a grand banquet, hed been fooling around with an underage girl, and the media had even photographed him.

Nowadays, the media could make up anything from the slightest rumors, but who could guarantee that Han Zhongteng really didnt do such a thing

Saying that he was fooling around was a euphemism.

In uglier terms, he was raping an underage girl.

If the matter hadnt been exposed, it wouldnt have been a big deal.

They could have spent some money to cover it up privately.

However, it just so happened that the media had exposed it like this, and at such a critical time also.

The Han familys image was ruined.

In four days, the Weiya Banquet was going to take place.

When the seven big families gathered, there would be so many people all together, and even if the Han family was still the host, they would be considered a joke in everyones eyes.

Han Zhongtengs father, the second child of the Han family, hurriedly returned from the army because of the news about his son fooling around with an underage girl.

He didnt expect the matter to have blown up so large.

Now, not only was his son infamous, but the Han family was also infamous.

Even he, a Major General who had just been awarded the title, had had to suffer through all kinds of rumors.

They really couldnt bear the humiliation.

“Dad, the most important thing now is to shut up the media, then find a way to deal with the girl.

It wont be good for anyone if the matter continues to get blown up.”

The old man glared at his son and snorted coldly, “Isnt the matter big enough now Do you think the people in Jingdu are blind As soon as this story was published in the Jingdu Morning Post, everyone in Jingdu saw it! How do you plan to clean up your sons mess How can you clean it up”

“I want to hold a press conference now…”

“Press conference, my *ss! Do you think the reporters are stupid or do you think the people from the other families are stupid Dont you know that a guilty person gives himself away by consciously protesting his innocence”

In the living room, it suddenly became deathly quiet.

No one dared to refute the Old Master at this time.

After all, it wasnt a small matter, and any explanation was futile.

As for this kind of gossip, each person might interpret it in a different way, but this society, especially the wealthy and powerful people like the Han family, they do all kinds of things in private, and crazy things too.

No one would believe some crazy explanation protesting their innocence.

The Old Master looked at Han Yaotian, who hadnt spoken during this entire time.

He was solely responsible for the affairs of this banquet.

Hed heard that he was looking for someone to inquire about the Young Marshals preferences.

He was interested to see how this illegitimate child he had never valued would deal with such a scandal.

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