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Chapter 678: In The Past Life, What Did He Want From Her?

“President Han, youre not a young kid anymore, so why are behaving so naively Youre making assumptions of me instead of spending the money to get your information.

You think too highly of me.”

Han Yaotian had invested a lot of time and effort on this meeting just to get to the Young Marshal.

He was so obsessed with the power in Mu Feichis hands that he was willing to bow his head to Mu Feichi.

However, Mu Feichi just didnt like the Han family.

The more Mu Feichi was like this, the more desperate Han Yaotian became.

Even for just a banquet, he was willing to lower himself to ask Yun Xi, an ordinary girl, what the Young Marshal liked

Yun Xi couldnt help but think: why would a man like Han Yaotian, who was self-serving to the extreme, be with her in her past life

Was it for the power she held No, in that life, she was just carrying the name of the future daughter-in-law of the Jiang family.

She did not possess much power at all.

For her beauty Its unlikely.

He cheated on her with Qiao Ximin.

For profit That was even more impossible.

In Jingdu, for now, there was nothing to reap from the Yun family.

Yun Yuanfeng was still a deputy director who couldnt rise up the ranks, and he didnt have much power for anyone to coveted.

Moreover, at that time, the Qiao family was in a better position than the Yun family.

Instead of choosing Qiao Ximin, he chose her.

He even had his hands in both baskets, so it was clear that he had another purpose.

But what could it be

What was Han Yaotians purpose in using his masculine charm and acting so pretentiously in front of her

What did she have that she herself didnt know of, but he thought was useful

“Yun Xi Yun Xi!” When Han Yaotian saw her staring at him, thinking that she was ignoring him, his eyes became fierce.

“Oh, what were we talking about I just got lost in my own thoughts.”

She blinked to suppress the emotions in her eyes, and quickly snapped out of it.

“I mean, this matter is very important to our Han family, so I hope you can help.

You can just ask if you have any conditions.

We will satisfy you as much as possible!”

“If I say that I cant help you, you probably wont believe me.” Yun Xi spoke with no pretensions as she chuckled slightly.

“I know you can!” Han Yaotian wasnt blind.

He could see that the Young Marshals connivance was a match with this girl.

Its just that he didnt expect the Young Marshal to actually fall for a little girl like Yun Xi.

She wasnt as exceptional as Han Wanling in terms of status, family background, and appearance.

However, this little girl was attentive, pure of heart, and simple, so she wasnt problematic.

It was a pity that the Young Marshal was born in a prominent family, because his marital affairs were not something he could decide for himself.

The Young Marshal was probably just playing around for fun!

It was just like Yun Xis cousin, whom Han Zhongteng recently fell in love with.

She looked like a minor, so even if he had a fetish for underage minors, he had to hide it and keep it private.

If word were to spread, the Han familys reputation would be ruined.

“Okay! Since President Han was so sincere to come for me in person, then I will contact him for you.

If the Young Marshal wants to see me, I will help you find out what you want to know.

I will contact you if I have any news.”

“Sounds good.

This is my phone number, so you can call me if you have news.”

Han Yaotian handed over a business card.

Although he didnt know how much hope he had, he still believed that benefits could tempt peoples hearts.

“If this matter goes smoothly, then dont hesitate to ask for whatever you want!”

Yun Xi nodded and put away the business card.

Her face was unchanging.

“We can talk about that more when Ive completed the task.”

Han Yaotian was finally relieved to hear her words of assurance.

He must host this years Weiya Banquet properly, so that the Han family can get back all the glory they had recently lost!

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