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Chapter 677: Im Unwilling To Let My Woman Suffer

Whenever the Mu family held the Weiya banquet, Mu Feichi, as the person in charge, was responsible for planning and conveying the concept.

The butler was his only housekeeper, so he naturally was the one to execute everything.

Although he was getting older, it wasnt hard for the butler to arrange for other people to carry out these chores.

But this year, with one sentence, he had directly changed this century-old rule.

Only young people like them are capable of doing this kind of thing!

“Young Master, you say this is Miss Yuns plan… But what do you mean by that It must be bad that the people from the Han family are looking for her, right”

“What do you think Those people are holding this kind of banquet for the first time.

Dont they just want to know my preferences”

“If they want to know your preferences, sending someone to inquire will be enough.

What does it have to do with Miss Yun”

“Han Yaotian knows that Yun Xi understands my preferences and that she has a special relationship with me, so he must be thinking that he can manipulate her or take advantage of her!”

Do they think they can exploit his woman so easily

They schemed to use her, but didnt realize that they have become that girls chess piece.

“Ahh, I see it now…” The butler finally understood what was going on.

Those two people… One was sinister while the other was pretending to be a pig to eat a tiger.

Birds of a feather flocked together after all.

“Call Ling Jing and ask him to bring the dress here.

When the girl returns, brings her up the mountain to try on the dress!”


In what capacity will Miss Yun attend this banquet”

“Will the Jiang family invite her”

“Didnt you say that you wont attend if Miss Yun appeared at Weiya Banquet as Jiang Henglins fiancée The female companion Jiang Henglin is bringing this time isnt Miss Yun, but Yun Ziling.”

“Really” Mu Feichi didnt seem surprised, but he was in a better mood when he heard the news.

He played with the spoon in the coffee cup with an unreadable expression on his face.

“I want her to improve her status, but she isnt willing to comply.

If she were to become the madam of the Young Marshal…”

His little woman was excellent, and the president was indebted to her because she was also the first ladys lifesaver.

Its just that its still not the right time to show her off.

She didnt want to be used by Yun Yuanfeng as a bargaining chip or a pawn to further his career ambitions, so he concealed everything for her as she wished.

Even the relationship between the two of them was still a secret, a fact which left him feeling both aggravated and heartfelt.

“Lets just forget it.

Send some invitations to the Yao family, especially the second aunt of Yun Xi.”

“The Yao family has already arranged for Yun Chuhan to attend the banquet at the manor as a waiter.

Initially they had hoped that Yun Xi would go as a waiter but…”

“Then this time she can go openly as an invited guest.

Im unwilling to let my woman suffer any grievances.

Waiter Thats just a slap to my face!”

“…” The butler smiled helplessly.

Few people in Jingdu knew about the relationship between the Young Master and Yun Xi, so it wouldnt exactly be a slap in the face.


As Yun Xi had expected, Han Yaotian came to her to find out more about Mu Feichis preferences.

They were sitting at a small cafe.

The place had just opened and the heating hadnt kicked in yet.

Yun Xi ordered hot chocolate to help relieve her of the chilliness.

She held the warm cup tightly in her hands.

Yun Xi looked at the man sitting across her.

Her eyebrows raised questioningly and she gave a gentle smile.

“Is President Han inquiring about the Young Marshals preferences Or do you want me to be a lobbyist to help you test the waters”

“Oh thats not my intention.

After all, the Han family is hosting the banquet for the first time.

We hope to do a fine job with it but at the same time, we dont want to neglect the Young Marshal.

You are the Young Marshals savior, and because of that, you should have the chance to meet him yourself…”

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