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Chapter 676: This Doesnt Seem Like His M.O At All!

Chapter 682: This Doesnt Seem Like His M.O At All!

“Yun Xi, long time no see!”

Han Yaotian looked at Yun Xi standing at the gate of the villa complex.

He stood up straighter and greeted her.

His every movement and gesture was so unspeakably elegant and attractive that Liang Xinyi was a little starstruck just watching him.

Han Yaotian approached Yun Xi, and as he walked, he couldnt stop looking at the charming little girl in front of him.

He hadnt seen her for more than half a month, but the little girl seemed to have gotten more beautiful over time!

She was wearing a khaki coat with buttons, black trousers, and snow boots.

There was an aloof smile on her youthful face, and no matter how he looked at her she appeared beautiful.

Liang Xinyi stepped forward to interrupt the meeting.

She caught Han Yaotian attention and saw a flash of surprise in his eyes, but her cold face maintained that look of indifference.

“President Han, long time no see!”

Han Yaotian wouldnt come to her if he didnt have a favor to ask of her.

It was probably a good thing that he was here to see Yun Xi and not Liang Xinyi; it saved her a lot of trouble!

Liang Xinyi looked at Han Yaotian.

Compared to Han Zhongteng, Han Yaotian was more attractive.

He had the maturity and ruthlessness of a business elite, and his every movement and gesture gave off the aura of a gentleman.

He was sophisticated yet masculine.

That pervert Han Zhongteng however, who was just a playboy who would do nothing but squander money and play the field.

Since Han Yaotian wasnt here to look for her, Liang Xinyi had no intention of sticking around and embarrassing herself.

She turned around abruptly and walked to the bus stop.

Yun Xi watched as Liang Xinyi left in a huff, then turned to address Han Yaotian.

“What brings you here, President Han.

Here to teach me something”

“I would never dare to teach you anything.

Id rather ask you to teach me!”

“President Han, you must be joking, right Im just a girl, and Im still a student who hasnt even graduated.

What do I have to teach you But if you have something in mind, please just let me know.

Its getting cold out here.”

“Then lets get in the car.

We can have a chat at a cafe or anywhere else.”

“Lets go to a cafe then!” She didnt want to have to listen to Han Yaotians nonsense while enduring the cold at the same time.

She was so stupid in her previous life, so she had no reason to continue being stupid in this life.

Before doing anything, she will have to think for herself first before worrying about anyone else.

Its not that shes being selfish; its just that she doesnt believe anyone else is worth her giving up on her self, her self-esteem or her pride.


Tianyu Mountains Mu Mansion.

Mu Feichi was having his breakfast when the butler hurried over to announce that he had received a call.

“Young Master, the villa complexs guard called and said… Uh, Han Yaotian picked up Miss Yun.”

“Hmm.” Mu Feichi took a sip of coffee and replied aloofly.

The butler was a little surprised.

He wasnt expecting this reaction from the Young Master!

Wasnt he always overbearing, unreasonable and extremely attentive towards that girls affairs He wouldnt even allow any man to approach her!

Why is his reaction now so “forgiving”

This doesnt seem like his M.O at all!

“Young Master, you dont you seem worried at all.

Han Yaotian doesnt seem to be much younger than you, right”

Mu Feichi raised his eyes slightly.

He studied the face of the worried butler.

“Are you worrying about me or that girl”

“I worry about you both!” How could he not worry about it

One was a child that he practically raised, and the other was the girl that this child fancied.

It was likely that this girl would be with him for the rest of their lives, so how could he not worry about it!

“Ever since I delegated the power to the four distinguished families, everything that has happened has been a part of that girls plans.

It will be the Mu familys turn to host in six years.

You can worry about it then.”

Upon the mention of the Weiya Banquet, the butler sighed slightly.

“There are regulations for holding the Weiya Banquet, and its almost the same every year, so I dont find it arduous.”

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