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Chapter 675: Hated The Injustice Of Ironic Fate!

Out of the corner of her eye, Yun Xi saw Liang Xinyi and her mother coming down the stairs.

Liang Xinyi was all dressed up and she was probably planning to head out later.

A few minutes later, the housekeeper came into the house and came up to Yun Xi.

“Miss, there was a call from the guard post saying that there is a Mr.

Han at the door.

He says that the Han family is specifically looking for you!”

“Looking for me” Yun Xi squinted slightly.

Someone from the Han family Could it be Han Yaotian Or Han Zhongteng

Even if Han Zhongteng was here, he wouldnt be looking for her.

“Are you sure he isnt looking for me” Liang Xinyi chimed in.

She thought that it might be Han Zhongteng who was here to meet her at the gate of the villa complex.

She raised her chin and looked pointedly at the housekeeper.

“Are you sure hes looking for her Not me”

The housekeeper chuckled and nodded affirmatively.

“Hes indeed looking for Miss Yun! He specifically pointed out that he is looking for Yun Xi, the oldest young madam of the Yun Family!”

“How is it possible Why would someone from the Han family look for her” Liang Xinyi made it clear that she didnt believe the housekeeper.

She turned around angrily and left the living room with her bag.

The housekeeper looked at Liang Xinyi leaving in a huff of self-righteousness.

She snorted softly.

“Im not deaf.

I heard what the guest had to say.”

Yun Xi smiled.

She picked up a steamed bun and walked over.

“Little Auntie, did the person have a small mole at the corner of his eye”

“Yes, at the corner of the right eye.”

“Okay, then I know who it is!” Yun Xi nodded.

She turned around and went the hallway where she put on her shoes and headed out.

Han Yaotian was the one who had come here to find her.

And he was here quick, so he probably planned to use her to test out the waters and to lobby for him, right

This Weiya Banquet was set up by her, so she naturally knew what the Han family cared about and what they were worried about.

Han Yaotian wanted to establish ties with the Young Marshal, but Mu Feichi was too arrogant, and he didnt care about anyone, not to mention the rotten apple of the Han family.

Yun Xi came up from behind Liang Xinyi.

Liang Xinyi heard the footsteps and turned to see who it was.

She stopped in her tracks when she saw Yun Xi.

Ever since she had made a deal with Han Zhongteng, she has felt more inexplicable hatred for Yun Xi.

This was different from the resentment she had for Yun Xi previously.

This time around, her hatred was based on their different personalities.

If Liang XInyi were the Yun familys oldest young madam, she wouldnt have to bother to do so many things.

She could have the Jiang familys in-laws as her backer, and she could also use the Jiang familys relationship to social climb to the Shen family.

It would be a piece of cake for her to live a glamorous and wealthy life in the future!

But now, she needed to rely on her beauty to get what she wanted.

She simply hated the injustice of ironic fate!

“Yun Xi, the person outside isnt looking for you.

What are you doing here”

“Liang Xinyi, you dont even know who hes looking for.

Why dont you go out and take a look”

Yun Xi just looked at Liang Xinyi silently for a few seconds.

She could no longer hide the hatred in her eyes.

In the past she could always mask her emotions, but now, it was like a sudden volcanic eruption.

She couldnt help but think of the assassination attempt at the nature reserve.

Liang Xinyi was the one who got Han Zhongteng to spend a lot of money to hire mercenaries to assassinate a little girl.

Surely Liang Xinyi must have paid a price to get that favor.

What does Han Zhongteng what from her What else besides her virginity Han Zhongtengs perverted s*xual preferences was an eye opening revelation.

Coincidentally, the trap she set up for the two of them this time can be used for practical purposes, and it really served them right!

Yun Xi ignored Liang Xinyis mocking words.

Instead, she walked away and headed to the gate of the villa complex.

Before she reached the gate, she could see a figure waiting by the care.

Who else could it be if it wasnt Han Yaotian

Liang Xinyi also saw the figure standing outside.

It wasnt Han Zhongteng… It was Han Yaotian, the current assumed heir of the Han family and the enemy of Han Zhongteng.

She suddenly turned her head and glared at Yun Xi.

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