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Chapter 674: The Young Marshal Seems To Have A Special Relationship With Her

Chapter 680: The Young Marshal Seems To Have A Special Relationship With Her

The news that the three prominent clans had delegated the right to host the Weiya Banquet to the four distinguished families spread all over Jingdu.

The Han family was named as the first distinguished family to host, so it also attracted a lot of attention.

Although Han Hongbin was the current head of the Han family, many important aspects of the family were handed over to Han Yaotian.

The organization of the banquet was also handed to Han Yaotian to handle as well.

After all, most of the banquets attendees would be young people, so as a young person as well, Han Yaotian should understand their preferences better.

When Han Yaotian received this important task, he became very stressed.

This was especially because Han Zhongteng had sarcastically mocked him, insinuating that if he failed to host this banquet well, then the entire Han family would lose its reputation in the whole of Jingdu.

To add to the stress, the Young Marshal would also be attending the banquet!

Although there were many families attending the banquet, the most important one was the Young Marshals Mu family.

Han Yaotian had to be sure that he would make a good impression with the Young Marshal!

He wondered what theme the Young Marshal would like and if there was anything he should avoid.

If these details were ignored, he might end up ruining the entire event.

Han Yaotian turned to his father for advice.

“Dad, the eldest young madam of the Yun family is the savior of the Young Marshal, and I think the Young Marshal seems to have a special relationship with her.

Im wondering if I should I ask her for some information about the Young Marshals preferences That way we can prepare in advance and we wont make ourselves the laughing stock if we dont host a good reception!”

“Are you talking about the girl who was kidnapped with you The one that resulted in the Young Marshals special team having to go out to rescue her”

He had been kidnapped once, and attacked once.

Both times were connected to this girl, and both times the Young Marshal personally came out for her.

As such, Han Hongbin had a strong impression of this girl.

“Yes, thats her! Last time, the Eldest Heir personally admitted that she was the savior of the Young Marshal, and the benefactor of the Shen family Shes also the fiancée of the Second Young Master of the Jiang family.

That girls backers are all extraordinary people.

It will be good for us in the future if we can establish a good relationship with her.

Especially in terms of the Young Marshal.

Hes a powerful backer thats out of our league no matter how much money we spend! Moreover, simple-minded girls will be easier to manipulate in the future, so we dont have to worry that something unexpected will happen.”

This was also what Han Hongbin was thinking about.

If they could control her and use her for their benefit, it would be easier for them to have the Young Marshal on their side in the future.

This particular occasion was especially important as the Han family had taken the lead in hosting the banquet.

Everyone in the social circle assumed that the Mu familys hostility towards the Han family was over.

By just giving them a hard time once, everyone could see the influence that the three prominent clans had over the four distinguished families.

This was why it was important for the Han family to win over the Young Marshal and try to reestablish their position in Jingdu.

“I will leave it to your way of doing things,” Han Hingbin said.

“Just make sure you have a sense of measure.

This banquet must be done well, and we cannot afford to let our Han family lose face!”

Han Yaotian nodded confidently.

“I know.

I will do it well!”

Once he had the approval from Han Hongbin, Han Yaotian began to make preparations for the banquet.

At the same time, he set out to find out the likes and dislikes of the Young Marshal and the two other people in power.


Early the next morning, Yun Xi came downstairs and heard Yun Ziling showing off and shouting at the top of her lungs.

She seemed to be deliberately trying to let everyone around her hear the good news.

“Sister, Second Young Master Jiang called and said that he was taking me to pick out a dress today.

Hes so thoughtful!”

Liang Xiuqin was happy to hear the news.

Not only was this a figurative slap to Yun Xis face, but she would also save a lot of money from not having to buy a dress!

Yun Xi chuckled lightly but never didnt show any emotion on her face..

She picked up the steamed bun on the table and started eating it.

“Really Then go! You dont have to spend your own money anyway, so remember to choose the best and most expensive dress.”

“Of course! Cheap clothes dont match my identity.

Im not like you, who dresses in everything tacky.”

Yun Xi looked at Yun Ziling, then curled her lips mockingly, but she didnt say anything.

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