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Chapter 660: No Use Keeping You

“Someone like you is actually a mercenary.

You must be kidding me.

I cant believe it.”

“I… just joined, and I havent gotten any business yet.

This is my first job…”

“No wonder they sent you here to die.

Arent there three others left Where are they hiding”

“I wont tell you anything.”

“They sent you here to die, yet youre still protecting them.

You really are a good friend.”

Yun Xi snorted softly and turned to look at Zhao Yumo.

“Yumo, take out the pen and paper from the bag and write a note saying, Mercenary, danger! on his face.

Then lets get ready to go down the mountain.”

“Great, okay.” Zhao Yumo nodded, then quickly took out a pen and paper to write a few words.

“Since you want to die, then you stay here to accompany Alan.

Those teammates of yours must think youre dead when they see that you havent come back.

The mountains are cold.

When people are about to freeze to death, people are unconscious, so you dont need to be afraid of death.”

While speaking, Yun Xi patted him on the shoulder nonchalantly, then turned and got ready to lead Great White back down the mountain.

“Stop! Dont leave me here.

I really dont know anything.

They are very cautious, and they definitely arent waiting some place for me to come back.”

Yun Xi shrugged and looked very helpless.

“So, its useless to keep you.

But…if you tell me where your boss is, maybe I could let you go.”

“Then I might as well die here, since the punishment for betraying the boss will also be death.”

“All right, then you can stay here.”

It was really embarrassing for a mercenary team to have recruited such a lame weirdo.

As soon as she turned around to go down the mountain, Yun Xi heard a few shots coming from the forest.

Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo, who were just about to leave, were taken aback for a moment.

Great White seemed to have realized something and stood in front of Yun Xi with a sullen expression, as if he was protecting her.

“Great White! Dont run around anywhere, just stay here with me.” Yun Xi patted Great Whites head and picked up her gun.

She had to be ready.

“Someone is coming…” The man murmured after hearing the gunshots.

“Yun Xi, could it be his teammates If they all come here, what are we going to do We and Great White together arent strong enough to act as their opponents.”

“Its not my teammates…” The man shook his head.

“The gunshots didnt sound right.

Im sure those sounds werent from their guns.”

Yun Xi was on her guard now.

She turned her head to look at this man.

He looked quite young and had a foreigners face.

There was a frivolous and flippant aura to him.

He was cowardly, timid, and dim-witted!

But she could tell that he had a lot of knowledge on guns and gun sounds.

The sound of each type of gun was different, the length of the rubbing sound of the bullet, the sound of incoming air, the sounds of guns and pistols were all slightly different.

But this kind of difference could only be distinguished by a real expert.

Ordinary people couldnt tell at all the difference between guns.

Yet this guy could tell from the sound This was way beyond her expectations!

“If someone has come, then your teammates are probably doomed.”

“Why dont you think that the people who came are doomed”

The man chuckled lightly.

It seemed as if he had gradually resigned himself to his fate, in contrast to how frightened he had been moments before.

The sound got closer and then Great White suddenly jumped up and disappeared into the snow.

“Great White!” Yun Xi whispered.

Even if she hadnt been injured, she would never be as agile as Great White was.

At this moment, she wouldnt know where to look.

After a while, the gunfire stopped.

Yun Xi sat in the snow and waited patiently, but what she wasnt waiting for was a layer of snow falling above her head!

She turned her head abruptly.

Great White had scratched his paws and splashed snow on her head from the top of the fault.

Beside him, there was a man wearing a special forces uniform.

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