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Chapter 658: Chapter 664: So You Can Only Die!

“I didnt expect Great White to be so powerful!” Zhao Yumo looked down and saw that there were still blood dripping from the corners of its mouth.

Great Whites breath was filled with the smell of blood.

Yun Xi looked at the mercenary lying on the ground.

Her eyes narrowed as she suppressed the coldness she felt.

“Weve taken care of one guy, but there should be others in the woods.

This is the commanding heights.

Apart from the sniper, everyone else should be below us.

We werent ambushed along the way, so theyre probably not here.

I dont know if this sniper was just careless or over confident.

Either way, we need to be more cautious!”

Zhao Yumo nodded.

She realized that everything she had learned from Second Master Jiang was purely superficial.

It was mostly about surviving in the cut-throat business industry, and those skills were not useful in this situation at all!

“Then what do we do with this body Wont they hold us responsible”

“We cant deal with him right now.

Well let Second Master Jiang clean up this mess.

He will take care of it.”

She wasnt good at cleaning up the battlefield, and Mu Feichi wasnt in the country.

The only person she could find to deal with the aftermath was Second Master Jiang!

“Where are you going now Down the mountain I dont think it is safe here anymore.”

“Im not going down the mountain.

I have to lead them away.

I cant let them run into the teachers.”

With that said, Yun Xi knelt down and picked up a walkie-talkie on the man.

She pressed the button on it, and the conversation on the other end came over.

“The boss wanted to send five of us over to deal with a little girl.

Such a big group to take care of one person! Its just a girl, so Alan can do it alone! Lets just wait for the good news!”

The other party spoke in English.

Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo looked at each other tacitly, and both understood what the other party was saying.

They really were targeting her!

“Im just curious.

I have no grievances with any of you, so why are you putting in so much effort to take my life”

Yun Xi suddenly spoke in English nonchalantly, and the other side fell silent for an instant.

“Who are you” Hearing the voice of a girl, the person on the other end asked suspiciously.

“Youre the one whos been trying to kill me.

And yet, you dont even know who I am.

Thats a little too unprofessional, even for a mercenary! Your friend Allen is in my hands now.

If you want him to live, then come here and tell me who your client is.”

“Do you think we care Do you think were stupid Were not going to just walk into your trap like a bunch of idiots!”

“Well then, wait to collect Allens corpse!” With that said, she deliberately said to the dead Allen,

“Your partners arent going to come to rescue you, so you can only die!”

“Wait!” As soon as Yun Xis voice fell, a mans eager voice came from the other end, “You just want to know the clients information”

“Thats right! As long as I know who hired you to kill me, I will let Allen go.

The old saying in our military state goes: no debts without creditors, no hatred without cause!”

“Alright, well go over there now!” The person on the other end quickly cut off the call.

Yun Xi glanced at Allen, who was on the ground, and quickly looked around her.

This was the commanding height of the sniper vantage point.

As long as she laid in ambush here, she would spot them coming no matter which direction they were from.

They will become her prey.

Of course, that all depended on whether her marksmanship skills had reached the standard of a sniper.

Otherwise, this was all a waste of time!

“Yumo, you and Great White hide here.

I will go there to attract their attention.”

“No, youre injured! You dont even know what youre up against!”

Yun Xi turned her head and looked slyly at the innocent-looking Great White.

She raised her left hand and gently touched Great Whites head.

“What are you afraid of Great White is here to protect you.

This is a small slope that can hide you.

Look at the fault here.

The snow is very thick, but the row of grass on the edge is dense.

You cant see it from above.

You can see it clearly below.

As long as I shoot from here, the snow layer will collapse and Great White will do the rest!”

Today, Yun Xi finally understood why Mu Feichi wanted her to cultivate a tacit understanding with Great White!

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