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Chapter 65: Why, Do You Want to Compete Against Me

Mu Feichi reached out and rubbed her head disdainfully, as if he had just found his lost pet.

There was no sympathy or pity in his deep eyes, only a hint of his helpless adoration.

His arrogant countenance seemed to express the sentiment of, “Im the only one who can deal with someone as stupid as you!”

The morning sunlight fell on Yun Xis face.

Her clear, bright eyes were fixed on him, and his reflection was mirrored in them.

Her fair, soft skin was flawless.

Absolutely no blemishes were visible on her face, and, under the sunlight, her skin glowed with a pearl-like luster.

With sheer luck, shed beaten the 40 elites with her little ruse.

The disgruntled expression on her face made her appear somewhat pitiful, but he had to admit that she was extremely competent.

“Youve already passed through five sentry posts.

For someone as petite as you are, thats already a very impressive feat.

I dont think that the others will mess with you any further.”

“That was it” She stared at him incredulously.

Although she realized that if another group of people arrived she might not be able to put up a fight against them, wouldnt passing the level like this be considered somewhat unscrupulous cheating

“Why, do you want to compete against me”

“…” Yun Xi rolled her eyes at him.

She had no idea what to answer him as she used his hand to help her to stand up.

She might not be able to beat the elite team from under the mountain.

And as for this ruthless young Marshal Mu, wouldnt she be digging her own grave if she tried to take him on

The off-road vehicle made a swift U-turn and drove toward the top of the mountain.

Turning to glance at the view outside the window, Yun Xi carefully began identifying the sentries and the terrain that was all around the area.

Mu Feichi seemed to be able to read her mind.

He asked her with a straight face, “Youve been observing the mountain all the time weve been driving.

Have you seen anything remarkable”

“No.” Moving her gaze to now look at him, Yun Xi answered faintly.

She understood that even if she saw something, she must be determined to hide it.

“Really” Mu Feichi chuckled and stopped pestering her with questions.

The car drove to the top of the mountain.

The open-air monitoring equipment on the top of the mountain had been removed.

A group of men stood around as they waited for Mu to bring the formidable little girl up there.

This little girl who was not yet a teenager but had managed to pass through five sentry posts in a row and hold her own against 40 elites made their fighting spirits soar!

Mu Feichi glanced at his subordinates standing around idly, frowned, and lowered his car window, letting out a domineering roar, “What are you all doing just idly standing around there! All of you, get off the mountain!”

I hope they didnt think he was going to let them stare at his woman!

“Boss…” The group of men groaned audibly and retreated reluctantly.

However, their eyes remained staring straight at the occupant of the passenger seat.

Yun Xi glanced at the retreating group of people as she pushed open the door to get out of the car.

Mu Feichis countenance instantly grew as frosty as Decembers piercing chill.

Yun Xi revered fighting men like these from the bottom of her heart.

After finally seeing her in the flesh, the group of men headed toward the helicopter, although they continued to stare at the figure standing beside the car.

Then Mu Feichi opened his car door to get out, and, as if theyd seen a ghost, the group of men dashed toward the helicopter like frightened birds who had just seen a fearsome beast.

Feng Rui wanted to step forward, but Qi Yuan dragged him to the helicopter.

“What are you doing! I still want to…”

“What, are you crazy Cant you see that intimidating expression on the bosss face Do you want to go over there to be his punching bag”

“Oh, okay…”

The helicopter soon took off.

Only then did Yun Xi stop staring at it and turn around to look at the magnificent Mu Mansion in front of her.

The mansion was constructed of a modern Chinese design consisting of white walls and black tiles, bucket arches and cornices, carved beams and columns that appeared both retro and modern.

She realized that only those at the top of the social pyramid would have the taste and aesthetics to choose such a style: complexity within simplicity, the highest level of taste in aesthetics.

In this mansion, the magnificent combination of palatial architecture and modernism put the designers ingenuity on display.

There was an enormous parking area that constituted about one-third of the approach to the house.

There were beautiful gardens, and the bright yellow climbing roses that were blooming on the walls gave a sunny, gorgeous impression to the house.

There was a grassy, floral fragrance that lingered in the fresh air at the top of the mountain.

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