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Chapter 618: Without Family Affection, At Least There Was Money

Upon conclusion of the final exam, Yun Xi ended up taking first place in her grade.

The homeroom teacher notified Yun Yuanfeng, which of course, made Yun Yuanfeng feel proud.

After taking first place, Yun Xi decided to make a special trip home.

Naturally, her dad wanted to offer her some kind of reward.

She wasnt sure exactly what her homeroom teacher had told Yun Yuanfeng over the phone, but when she arrived, her father quickly stood up from the sofa.

It was almost time for dinner, and the whole family was there.

Yun Yuanfeng didnt even try to hide his good mood at seeing his daughter.

“Yun Xi placed first in her entire grade.

Her homeroom teacher told me that her grades were stellar and it wouldnt be a problem for her to graduate as the valedictorian.

Can you imagine We have a valedictorian in our family.

Shes bringing glory to the Yun family!”

There has never been a valedictorian in the Yun family for the last several generations.

Yun Yuanfeng thought that if Yun Xi managed to snag the title of valedictorian during the college entrance examination, then he would be the envy of the entire Jingdu area.

Everyone in the village will know about it!

The old man was also very pleased to hear about Yun Xis achievements.

“If Yun Xi can become valedictorian, our Yun family will be praised all through the village! Yuanfeng, this time you have to reward Yun Xi well.

It will soon be the college entrance examination.

Now, as her dad, you have to be more dedicated!”

Yun Xis mother favored Yun Ziling, so she didnt expect much of her daughter.

Yun Yuanfeng would be grateful if she didnt trouble Yun Xi.

“Yes, youre right Dad! Yun Xi got first place this time.

So what kind of reward do you have for me”

Yun Xi held a special place in her fathers heart, and she has always brought him luck.

When Liang Xiuqin caused trouble for him, Yun Xi helped to resolve it all.

His work report for this year had just been handed in.

His higher-up said that there was a very high chance that he would be promoted the next year.

He also told him that someone powerful was watching over him.

He had no idea who that powerful person was but ever since that day, everything at work seemed to be going smoother and easier for him.

He couldnt help but think that his daughter Yun Xi had something to do with this development.

“Dad, Ill be participating in the biology competition winter camp training in a few days,” said Yun Xi.

“If I can stand out, I will represent the country in competitions abroad.

Then, Ill be able to choose to get into any of the prestigious universities throughout the country.

If I wanted to, Ill also be able to apply to universities overseas.

On top of that, I even wont have to take the college entrance examination.

But I actually hope that I can take the exam, so I can get the highest score and bring glory to Dad and Grandpa.”

“Really Why didnt you tell us youre going to the training camp” Yun Yuanfeng was surprised to hear the news.

Its not that he couldnt afford to pay for her studies at a university abroad.

In fact, if she got into a foreign university, he would enjoy the glory too!

On top of that, when she returned to China, she would be a highly educated young lady with an overseas education.

She would have no problem finding a wealthy family to marry into!

These thoughts made Yun Yuanfeng feel giddy with excitement, especially when he thought about the high-ranking, lucrative positions that would surely be lined up for him.

“Dad, you must have been busy lately,” Yun Xi said.

“And Ive been so busy with my exams that I havent had the chance to speak to you.

Since you want to reward me for my achievements, why not just give me some money.

The training camp is ten days long, and I still have to prepare for it…”

“That sounds good.

Tomorrow, Dad will come with you to buy some things for your camp, and Ill withdraw money for you along the way.

Will two thousand be enough Just let me know if you need more!”

“It should be enough.” If she got the chance to travel abroad to participate in the finals, she could still ask her dad for more money.

It would be better for her to spend her dads money than for him to give it to Chen Lixue and her daughter.

There was nothing else that she needed from her dad anyway.

She never expected affection from her family.

So in the absence of family affection, at least there was money.

But Liang Xiuqin burst out in fury when she heard that Yun Yuanfeng was willing to let go of so much money.

“Two thousand yuan! Youre going to training camp for ten days! What do you need so much money for”

Chen Lixue, who was sitting on the sofa, also looked upset when she heard this number.

She looked at Yun Xi with a mix of envy and resentment.

That wretched girl was so lucky.

Shes getting two thousand yuan just for getting first place!

If the two thousand yuan were given to Xinyi, she would be able to buy a lot of new clothes for the New Years celebration! This whole thing was so unfair!

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